Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter,” CSP, Sales Kick-Off Speaker

The greatest challenge we have in sales, I don’t think is the process. It’s our mindset. Sales is not what we sell, it’s not HOW we sell, it’s WHY we sell. …to help other people. If your objective is not to positively impact other people, then why are you in sales? Because it’s not the product. It’s not the product. It’s the outcome, the outcome that the customer is going to get. You can’t take a Walmart shopper and make them a Nordstrom customer. If you’re Nordstrom, why are you messing around with Walmart Shoppers? I’m not knocking Walmart. They have a great business model, but it’s for that customer base. You see the challenge you’ve got to do is you’ve got to go back to the prospecting phase. Who are you prospecting? Who are you dealing with? There’s no such thing as a price that’s too high. It’s really only the value that’s too low. If I increase the value, I increase the price. It’s not for you to determine what your value proposition is. Don’t. I work with a lot of companies who say, “Wow our prices are so high. I can’t believe we charge this much money!” I go, “Look you village idiot, that’s why your kids don’t have shoes!” [audience laughter] It’s not what you think is value. It’s what the customer thinks is value. This is why the confidence is so critical. If you don’t prospect with integrity, you don’t get clients who have integrity. Low prices attract low-level customers. You see, we have to know who is our target audience. And what happens is, we’re spending way too much time trying to come up with leads that, if you have a heartbeat – – if you have a heartbeat, you are a lead. Well, let me tell you something, my dog has got a heartbeat! My dog ain’t buying anything from me! Sales is about positively impacting other people, and if you truly believe that you can help somebody, don’t you want to get in touch with them? Don’t you want to interact with them? What’s the outcome the customer is looking to receive? It’s totally irrelevant what I sell. When I uncover the outcome, then I have an understanding with the customer, and I can deliver profit. The customers you get are a reflection of who you are.

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  1. Many thanks Mark for some great snippets of gold! Really enjoyed it. Best regards Barry.

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