McGay: McDonald’s Gay Commercial

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100 thoughts on “McGay: McDonald’s Gay Commercial

  1. My milkshake brings… boys and girls to my yard…? Idk how to make this a weird bisexual thing like I planned.

  2. I think you're comments in the video made by Anna and Cenk are bordering on homophobic. Who are you to make any judgement on coming out, one way or the other? Who cares if the Dad isn't having his fantasized fulfilled by his son Cenk!

  3. What kind of idiots are these two commentators? They actually did not get that dad and son  at McDonald's was the opening to the conversation? All they saw was smugness where I saw the same opening I had with my dad when I came out… It was over a friggin game of cards…..

  4. Not that I'm against being gay or anything, but what does being gay have to do with McDonald's?

  5. The only thing I took from this is who TF just carries around a class photo?!?!?

  6. How To Come Out 101:
    -Go to McDonalds
    -Act like you want a burger
    -Tell them, "I want a McSausage"
    -Make sure that your secret boyfriend is with you
    -Smile innocently

    Or for lesbians:
    -Go to McDonalds when they sell some shit cat toys or whatever
    -Show your family them
    -Tell them, "I like McPussy"

  7. Nice pulp fiction plug there.

    That commercial was fuckin weird not from a homophobic prospective but like a agenda or somethin – I’m creeped out; I’m havin a shitty day but atleast I’m not in France

  8. Dream don't come true being gay is a terrible sin what you going to do who's dieding now can I have a knife cuz they need to die

  9. when your gay and your father points out the ladies , I feel bad for those people it must be the most awkward thing E.V.E.R

  10. He committed suicide because the fear that by him 'coming out ' his parents wouldn't accept him or his lifestyle.

  11. lool maybe bcoz father and son moments about sleeping around a lot aren't appropriate at places where there's an indoor kids playground vs a bar or alcohol commercial

  12. I'm only just about a decade late, but I actually kind of liked the ad. I read it as the dad just playfully teasing his son, it seemed really sweet to me. 😛

  13. I thought it was funny. It was sorta like an ironic joke, punchline and all. The only thing missing is the kid turning to the camera at the close and cracking a smirk or shrug…

  14. Heh Jean-Claude is my dads middle name. Don’t know why that was important but ok.

  15. Dad: Too bad your class is all boys… you could get all the girls
    Son: ya I could but… the all boys are better

  16. When my dad found out that I'm gay, he found my "Prince worthy" Disney Princess magnet and changed it to "Princess worthy."

  17. You people naking these terrible comments are rude and nasty people.

  18. So sick if I were his dad he would be dead smiled like sure girrls in a man's body dead gay
    Tell me how do you say
    Dead sodomite in French

  19. What did the end screen say dont speak what that language is

  20. That's really surprising cause in France the homosexuality is not as accepted as in America . I'm French so I know it and I didn't saw this ad before.

  21. My dad always asks me if I have a boyfriend…..little does he know I'm panromantic and trans so…I guess I would have the ladies and guys and non-binaries???

  22. My stepdad found out I was gay and sent me to an all boys school.

    He actually thought this was a sound decision and a great way to make me straight.

  23. Yes it is difficult to tell your parents because it’s awkward but that’s not the only reason… There are still a lot of people against the lgbt+ community and some of us aren’t blessed with parents that will accept us. They might think we’re going through a phase, just trying to get attention, they might hate us for our orientation, etc. etc.

  24. There was a american heart assosiation ad before this 😂

  25. Typical footage of TYT's hypocrisy. Cenk just telling gay people to have a 'heart to heart' with people that will either beat them, kill them, or force them into homelessness.


  27. EW gay people are LITTERALLY just doing their acts for internet fame

  28. It made me sad, and I eat when I'm sad.

    Well played, McDonalds. Well played.

  29. Cenk, it is not getting easier for these kids, it is getting harder. Conservatives around the world are looking for a new chance to get a stronger foothold. Human rights include gay rights and are taking a major hit. Yes we are continuing to work for equality for all, but it feels a lot less the late 60's and I was there. Imagine that we took hard to faught equality for granted.

  30. McDonald's triggering the extreme right!!! LOVE IT! Yes, that will make a difference in where I eat my hopelessly unhealthy dose of junk food until the other fast food chains do the same — whichever chain makes a gay ad LAST or WEAKEST will get all the extreme-right customers, try not to be that company!!!

  31. I read into this a double standard. Heres a father telling his son he could get all the girls. What would he say to his daughter? All the guys will be after you while the father smiles? Its ok for teen male to pursue so many teen girls? What about the parents of girls having goodlooking teen boys after their daughter/s? The other standard if the son said hes after guys in his school. Bet he wouldnt say all the boys will be after you son, while smiling.

  32. So hell tell his son you look like me in when I was in school ya know I was quite the man's man

  33. All the closet cases thinking that if they get really rude about gay people, wish us dead, call us sick, and all that, then no one will figure out their dirty little secret. Lol. Guys, if you were really straight, you wouldn’t be so threatened by us, so either come out or get better at hiding it, cuz you’re just making people doubt your sexuality.

  34. That kids stomach contents consist of a big Mac and fries, and the DNA of a dozen random men.

  35. It made me sad and therefore want to eat at McDonalds for slow suicide.

  36. We could all learn to be more tolerant but no one has the right to force acceptance having a gay agenda foist upon us and we have the right not to expose our children if we so choose to what we deem as inapproptiate for children abhorent behavior.

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