Medische Detectiehond | commercial 2017 KNGF Geleidehonden

Today, Mr. De Vries will be tested for colon cancer. This is an intensive test many people do not look forward to. But Mr. De Vries doesn’t mind, because Mintha will be doing the test She is trained to identify early-stage colon cancer. So Mr. De Vries can be helped in time. Because we are not only helping people who are unable to see, but also people who have no visible signs yet.

1 thought on “Medische Detectiehond | commercial 2017 KNGF Geleidehonden

  1. En dan die blik van die hond op 0:27. Alsof die wil zeggen: 'Hier bespeur ik iets vreemds. Zouden jullie hier naar willen kijken?'.

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