Meetings with Thierry 5 – Sales process in aerospace

Hi welcome in this new video of Meetings with Thierry. Today we have a new topic, The sales process and why is it so long in aerospace first question: How long is it approximetely in aerospace to win a contract ? With no cristal ball it’s difficult to tell. But for sure it’s long. We probably have for the Shorter commodity part we can say parts that have no special let’s say high technologies six to twelve months and after it could be years… And how do you explain it ? The main driver for explain this long process is.. because when you qualify a part all of this process to requalify a new part meaning going throughout all of the testing qualification and showing that the system will perform typically several months to go throughout this process. And can you give us every step that are including in the sales process. So I will speak about the sales but also side activities sales process will be for typically
getting of course to the customer contact, answering to request, do multiple meetings to sustain these proposal go to the contract negociation up to the final selection which will be the start of
the activities the second step which is not the minor one, is also executing the agreements or when you receive the PO it’s the start of the story to develop and deliver.
And here at Surfeo, how do you manage these steps ? We have developped our own CRM, we hacve customized our CRM to fit exactly on this process
management long cycles into the aerospace. So we have of course the procedures but we also have our own tool that support the team And help to report and manage all this sales process. And finally, how do you explain the short time to market of Surfeo, when you work with Surfeo? Here again, there is no magic behind its really the results of our work our connectivity to the market, having the right contact, qualified In our data base, created for any new clients an immediate exposure qualify guys and raise opportunity of course quickly this is the essence of Surfeo. Thank your very much Thierry. Thank you

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