-So just do…
-Guys, guys, good news. -Hey.
-Multilaser’s got a strong campaign. Tons of new products. They asked for product placement
in our soap opera. -Let’s brainstorm!
-Sure thing. Isn’t it a period drama? Yes, about early colonization.
I watched an episode. I noticed some annatto
product placement. We just need to think how to place
Multilaser in this setting. It might be hard, since Multilaser
is a tech company. Well, Décio, in my agency
we don’t refuse challenges. Right? C’mon, you guys! It’s just that…
All due respect, Boss, The soap opera is set
in the year 1500. They didn’t even have
typewriters back then. Let alone laptops! It’s not just laptops! It’s phones,
hair dryers, pressure cookers… Let’s discuss how to include
them in the plot. But that’s just it.
Wouldn’t it be a bit forced? You know what’s not forced,
Elaine? Those two Cannes Lions
glaring at me over there! I’ve advertised razors
in kids’ shows! -Think outside the box! C’mon.
-I had an idea! Out of the blue.
Maybe Pero Vaz de Caminha’s letter could help
place this product. I thought of the line “In this land,
everything you plant, grows.” People here
are very creative. Maybe they could create
the super fast, full HD screens that Multilaser sells
for so cheap. This just came to me.
I think it could work. You got something there. -Let’s keep it in mind.
-Guys… Please, that doesn’t even
make sense. There was no Brazil,
it was just a jungle! -You always make such a fuss.
-But it’s true! This ain’t your Facebook page!
You wanna proselytize now? This is artistic license! I thought of something else!
Before we move on. I’m a quick thinker. I thought about their god…
What’s his name, Tupã? -Tupã, yeah.
-He shows up on the forest, in front of the indians,
and says, “Hey, I’ve come to give away
flash drives and sandwich makers!” And then poof,
all those sandwich makers! And the indians start making
paninis and grilled cheese. Lima Duarte could play Tupã. -Sure!
-Let’s go with Lima. Sorry,
but that makes no sense. Fine, fine. He’s a god, hon,
let me just explain. He could pull tablets
out of a jaguar’s ass and give it away. I like asses, I like jaguars,
and I like jaguar asses even more! Keep this jaguar ass and tie it up
with some Luisa Mell merch. -Can you do this, Décio?
-Sure. You work with Décio. Next request
is a gin brand on a kids’ show. We could even
bring Yudi back. Peri? Peri, is that you? Ceci, my love! Ceci! Ceci, my love! My love, I would love to bring
your smile with me. Don’t worry. Wow, this camera makes you
so manly and beautiful! Did your tribe invent
this tool? No, this smartphone
was made by Multilaser. They have excellent products,
like laptops, full HD screens, drones, and much more. Always the best deals. Wow, so much better
than Brazilwood! That’s going too far,
darling! Ceci! I had a strange dream
about things that don’t exist, but when they do, they’ll be
produced by Multilaser.

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