Merchandising Opto Tube Channel [ Sub – ENG ]

Welcome to Opto Tube Channel, the first Italian Youtube channel dedicated to Optometry Today let’s see how works my merchandising ; it’s very simple to get. Infact, you need just to write on the website bar ”” And we arrive quickly on the online shop where you can see the aveliable items. From T-Shirt to cover, sweatshirt, and many other tool. But this is only the first wave of items, because each two weeks will arrive new items Items are subdivided in classes that you can see by the left corner menù and there are items for men, women, there are cover and other tools To by an item you need just to click over it and will open a page with specific information The name of the item, a little description of the item and the relative price IVA included. You can choose different colors for each item, like this… and also different size If you wanna buy an item is always important to take the right size and here there are some indications When you are sure of your choice, put the item in the cart, and clickking above it we see the item and we could increse the number of item or decrease it ; this screen shows also the spedition price So go to cash and fill the schedule and epay the items. There are some other different ways to get opto tube channel merchandising like write on the web ” ” that is my personal website in which you can find the merchandising session. There is a link that you can follow to get the online shop and you will arrive to this page, so my online shop. Well, also for this video is all, I hope you will like this iniziative. For all question ask me by mail, FB, comments on this video or on my website. The most important thing: make your part in optometry spreading on the world and to do it maybe you can buy some of these items Let’s see on the next video, if you wanna some custom item write me freely OPTO-STYLE!!!

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