I love what I do because
the customer is always
at the core of everything
we think about.
Merchandising is
about connecting
our vendor community
with our customers. And we touch
everything in between. Our job is to build
fantastic relationships with the most innovative and exciting
suppliers in the industry to make sure that
we’re delivering the highest quality
products at the right prices to satisfy the needs
of our customers. To be successful
in merchandising, you have to put the customer at
the center of everything you do. Every day we wake up inspired
to deliver more value and better products
so they can build out their dreams around their homes. When you come into the
merchandising organization at Lowe’s, the opportunities
for career advancement are quite significant and they’re
not just in merchandising. There are endless opportunities
in other functions as you move through
the organization. One of the best parts about
building a career at Lowe’s; every day we get to wake up and help people love
where they live. What a meaningful purpose. As a matter of fact, we’re a
company driven by purpose. There’s no better place where
you can expand your skill set, grow your capabilities
and live your dreams.

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