Miami’s Spring Break Problem | The Daily Show

Let’s talk about spring break. It’s when college students
go on vacation and get drunk, you know, to take a break from going to school
and getting drunk. But now one
of have the most popular spring break destinations
is feeling a little hungover. REPORTER: It’s spring break
in Miami Beach, where the party
goes all night long. But mayhem is putting a blemish
on this year’s festivities. This all-out melee
on famed Ocean Drive, one of several brawls
across Miami Beach in the days
since spring break kicked off. Even the roads to the beach
overcome by bad behavior, these cars inching close enough
for one driver to pour a drink for the passenger
in the other vehicle. Okay, no. No, no, no. No. I love a good party, but that is just wrong,
all right? Also, what kind of people
fight at the beach? Like, the… It’s the most
relaxing place on Earth. Yeah. Even when I try to start a fight
on the beach, it ends up being fun. Like, one time, right,
there’s some guy on the beach, and I bumped into him. And then he was like,
“What the hell?” So I splashed water on him, and then he splashed water
on me, and then I threw
a beach ball at him, and then he bounced it back, and we’ve been married
for ten years. It’s, uh… Meet-cute! (laughter and applause) But it turns out
Miami really does have a beach violence problem, and luckily,
their police are on top of it. REPORTER: Miami Beach Police
bringing the beats to the beach. They’re literally
joining the party, refurbishing an old
Miami Beach lifeguard tower and turning it
into deejay central with a Miami Beach
police officer as deejay. Police hoping
this party-friendly approach will help make the crowds
more mindful and keep things under control. Things were going
relatively smoothly as cop deejay
Christopher Mitchell gave out warnings while also working
his turntables for the beach crowd. He gave out warnings
while deejaying? “Who’s having a good time?
Too much good time!” What are you d… Like, police deejay has to be the worst
emotional roller coaster. ‘Cause everywhere else in the
world, when the cops show up, it’s like, “Aw, party’s over.” But in Miami’s, it’s like,
“Dude, dude, the cops are here. Party time!” (mimicking
electronic dance music) (mimicking song building) ♪ Every song is like this. ♪ (mimicking bass) (cheering and applause) You know,
when you think about it, police actually, uh, being
deejays makes the most sense. ‘Cause cops are already
the deejays of the road, right? Think about it. They just drive
around with flashing lights. They wear reflective gear.
Giving out commands on the mic. “Put your hands in the air.
Put your hands in the air. “Now, come on. Get down.
I said drop the beat. Drop the beat!” (siren whoops) Now, we laugh at this, but the poor citizens of Miami
are so upset, so upset that they held
an emergency meeting on how to handle the chaos. And I know
that they’re being serious here, but it’s kind of hard
not to laugh even more. I think what we need to do
is we may need to make it a lot less fun to be here,
unfortunately. People are smoking pot. You smell it up and down
the street. There’s motorcycles. There’s half-naked and fully naked women running around the streets. You know,
I know they’re all complaining, but it sounds like they’re
advertising how fun Miami is. “Everywhere I look,
there’s motorcycles “and naked women, “and the cocaine here
is the good shit. “It’s so wild. “When I moved here a week ago, I was 20 years old.” -(applause)
-But, look, but, look, if… if Miami wants to reduce
spring break tourism, it’s easy. They don’t even have to lie. They just need
to pick different things to emphasize about their city. So, here at The Daily Show,
we decided to help them by making their new tourism ad. -♪ ♪
-ANNOUNCER: Hey, kids. Think Miami Beach
is all about fun and partying? Well, there’s a whole other
side of Miami you haven’t seen. Like mosquitoes, sunburn, jellyfish, and so many douchebags
in Ed Hardy you’ll wish those jellyfish
stung your eyes. Miami is in the center
of it all, including climate change. So bring an umbrella. You want to see skin? We’ve got hotties. Ever see a guy’s balls dip
below his bathing suit? You will here. Miami Beach. You’ll have more fun at home!

100 thoughts on “Miami’s Spring Break Problem | The Daily Show

  1. Um, this is Miami, Ed Hardy hasn't been a thing for a decade. I think that you're thinking about New Jersey or Las Vegas.

  2. I just want to point out that when that elderly woman was mentioning naked women, the guy behind her looked at his wife like "That was you, yesterday. Lol."

  3. That's hilarious! Someone take that old councilwoman up to Sturgis! That oughtta shut her right up 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Come on now! don't ruin spring break for the rest of us! it's the only time of the year where you can find young, fun people at the beach. The rest of the year is mostly whither-than-sour-cream retired people/european tourists.

  5. What the people of Miami fail to realize is all this tourism pays their state income taxes so the people of Florida don’t have to.

  6. Lived on Miami Beach for 20 years. I cannot stand Spring Breakers. I hated them when I was 20, 30, 40… I flew to back NYC to escape them.

  7. what old Noah doesn't mention is…its not Spring Break week its Black spring break week that is the issue and not just Miami. Every well known spring break location is trying to cancel BLACK spring break week. Just do a bit of looking online you will see the difference. But good ole Noah will not mention that because its his culture….hummmm

  8. TREVOR!!!! how could you miss this????
    EVERYONE! Go back to 3:09 and look at the guy in the back!!!

  9. Miami Beach Police is extremely corrupt though. They may put a front that they are party friendly, but they usually end harassing locals, with all these new nanny laws that their corrupt city council quietly passes without any public vote. They spend more money police and brutality lawsuits, rather then figuring out how to bring back the all the creativity and class that their police scared away after a decade of harassment of peaceful people, gay people, just endless attacks and harassment by police, using a plethora of new nanny laws that makes everything illegal. They got what they deserve. When police acts like thugs, only thugs and crazy people will go back there…

  10. But granny you can't even see them naked people. U sure they was naked?😒😒😉

  11. Why are most of these bad behavior from black poeple and latinos?

  12. 0:36 they clearly edited the joke. I'm pretty sure he said something that's not on their agenda.

  13. it's not really funny to be making fun of that woman's opinion on naked women, I'm sure if you were a woman you wouldn't really be talking shit like that and feeling that way. Especially if you had a boyfriend or a husband or something and you know you're not trying to have him be around her looking at naked or half-naked bitches… But you know apparently women are stupid if they're not okay with their husbands doing that. It's just the kind of world we live in where we can just make jokes about this and think it's okay…

  14. The daily show he feels sorry for himself because hes getting but flocked every day by his enemies , You people need to go fuck your an die, The American people won't rest until you f***** after over in prison major media f***** take it i* t** a** f** and I hope you don't like it because that's what you been doing to the American people, You're no different than your father Lucifer the loser.

  15. Oprah was on your show…you gave her a platform. I’m thru with your foreign sense of right and wrong. Gfy

  16. I live near Titusville. Our claim to fame (besides NASA) is Playalinda beach. No showers, portapotties and a nude beach, full of people you don’t want to see nude. Our big problem is old people driving likes cars were just invented.

  17. And then they wonder why asians get all the good jobs. Quit partying till you get the job you want.

  18. "Cool-Headed Cops"

    That's gonna be the name of the new Electronica group signed to Ed Banger Records

  19. You ever see a guy's balls dip below his bathing suit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. I used to live in Miami and this is spot on. The worst of it was during Ultra music festival. Hated my life every year during this time.

  21. Even the German police plays music at the end of Oktoberfest. They play emotional songs so the drunk guests hug instead of fighting

  22. Trevor Noah is jealous that he spent most of his spring break like the other glee club liberal weirdos, doing nothing.

  23. Brett Kavanaugh did this and Trevor said it was criminal what gives?

  24. Someone please hire Noah for voice actor role for an old woman.

  25. To be honest, I appreciate the effort of the police department. They are really doing a great job.

  26. Ok Trevor, you starting to get on my nerves now, clowning my EDM! 😒 lol! 😂

  27. I know this is completely irrelevant, but when the old woman was describing miami, I could see the look on Chandler and Joey's face and them planning a trip instantly 🤣🤣🤣

  28. I searched for "Trevor Noah sucks" and instead i get this fucking asshole talking shit about where I'm from? I used to watch the Daily show every day it was on, now nothing makes me run for the remote faster than hearing this pompous posh assholes voice

  29. The editors missed the hilarious-est part – check out the guy behind her on our left @3:07!!!!!!!

  30. Dj . I feared for my life like a lil bitch so I shoot ya in your head like a lil bitch with a trigger itch . Ill be sendong your friend to jail and dare him to snitch and watch his asshole twitch .

  31. Our kids just DO NOT behave like this! Very low class. They party, but it never gets like this.

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