Michael Pillsbury predicts China trade deal will be ‘monumental’

100 thoughts on “Michael Pillsbury predicts China trade deal will be ‘monumental’

  1. Trump has never mention Hongkong for fear of infuriating china. And this expert thinks Trump is using Hongkong for a deal. Sir you see want you want to see. The great negotiator has yet to deal once in almost 3 years. He breaks deals not make them. Facts.

  2. CCP will take down the States just like termites taking down a dam! Chinese people have been its slaves for 70 years now.

  3. Many ppl say do not buy China, great but……….so many items are needed in daily life we cant get it US made or other countries made.

  4. The Bannon/Bolton argument is a Red Herring. Neither man has ever made any statement indicating they had any idea what President Trump's strategy is with China. Bannon and Bolton were crystal clear they were speaking for themselves. Other than that, Mr. Pillsbury's statements sound right on the mark. It is wonderful to hear President Trump is linking negotiations to Hong Kong.

  5. Maybe Trump will put it into the deal,,,swap hong kong for the dems,,,please Mr President ;O)

  6. How can you call it a peaceful protest when in the next sentence you said the protestors lit fire.

  7. Meanwhile, democrats like Jerry Nadler have done absolutely NOTHING for our country the past two and a half years except waste MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars, harass the President "investigating" him over and Over and OVER, and actively working to impeach him. Shows who and what the real problem is in this country. In the meantime President Trump is orchestrating groundbreaking deals that benefit us all… deals no other President ever thought of attempting. What's truly sick about it is democrats actually HOPE he fails, even to their own country's peril…

  8. Think about this, the Chinese have 15% of the world's debt. Debt per person in China is 3.03 per one dollar of GNP, the United States is $1.25. Now problems in Hong Kong.

  9. Most communists and socialists tend to believe that once “they” win they will get what they want because the “good guys” will finally be in charge. What they always fail to see is that those “good guys” don’t really have anything to offer and that the only thing they really wanted was power. Then they find out that they’ve been used and are now expendable. Of the hundred plus millions who were murdered by communist/socialist governments in the past century, most of them were “useful idiots”.

  10. Can you explain what do you mean by communism?Is your capitalism really market free ie the best form of government is to govern less!The Chinese have been treated like slave for hundred of years .Just Look at your Chinese exclusion law just to name a few!It is of great benefit for USA if China is collapsed.The USA will plunder everything and I bet you can live comfortably for another hundred years.China is facing another barbarian at the gate I hope they don’t build Great Wall any more just to protect themselves!

  11. No Bannon wants people to wake up and see that China is the real threat to our country. They are thief's plain and simple. If you don't willingly give them your technology they will take it forcefully. We have been robbed blind and it's not just China's fault it's people like Joe Biden who have kept everything hush hush while his son is taking in bribes from the Chinese communist party.

  12. trade always promoted as peace project…

    perhaps china should simply boycott the usa… before the usual suspects again delclare war on it… we know this very well…

    you simply cannot afford living without the chinese products – too much rationalisation… and the foods and chips and burgers grew too long into your mouthes… even if you follow kosher rules…

    try it..

    try to buy only products without plastic..

    hundrets of regulations stand against it… to protect a minimum of yor santiy… too…

  13. am i to believe hong kong didn't have a city government under the british? did they not have elections? how could they hand hong kong over to china? are we to trust the people's republic to set up such institutions? i goggles the mind. what brand of liberalism is this?

  14. Yes how is China going to feed its 400 Million middle class? with PIG / COW / CHICKEN disease ridden.. only the OCEAN is left.

    China is buying up LAND world wide for a decade! to the point where governments have had to step in.

  15. I'm listening to your book on China The Hundred-Year Marathon and its fascinating. I especially like how you intersperse with old history lessons from China and the Warring States.

  16. The citizens of Hong-Kong do not want a "Leader" because leaders are corruptible, unless they have nothing to lose.

  17. What Steve Bannon is saying is that the government of China is over-ruled by its own Bankster-Elite families. They are organized-crime thugs, who constantly change the rules for their own selfish interests (not unlike what we've been seeing here, over the last 2-1/2 years, with things like the illegal Special-Counsel's "prosecution in search of a crime") The only thing that can overthrow the Chinese Bankster-Elite Families are massive Chinese-Citizen protests. In all probability, the Chinese Elites' main concern is that these protests in Hong-Kong could indeed spark the same on the mainland; which could then spell the Elites' eventual demise.

  18. Of course peaceful demonstrations are ok, because the communists in China know they do absolutely nothing.

  19. I can't see the communist regime ever adhering to "fair" trade, the essence of communism is a central planned economy

  20. Hey, trade wars are easy to win! Yep, that’s what the stable genius says. US farmers have already lost huge chunks of their Asian markets and won’t get them back soon, if ever. And it certainly looks like we're in for another dose of trump style socialism with yet another (this will be #3 and counting) $16 billion bailout for farmers!!! Alas the Blue States are having to put out for Red States for the decisions of a president elected by the Red States.


  22. Mr Pillsbury seems pretty convincing and reasonable. I cringe every time he lobs Steven Bannon and John Bolton into the same basket to thump. I think what Bannon is doing is pure magic and I hope Bolton is gone as Bolton is a dinosaur, war-mongering Neocon. It truly hurts to have an intellect like Bannon mentioned in the same sentence with Bolton.

    I see Bannon as a clever sheepdog nipping at the heels of the Chicoms as their nickers keep falling down exposing their real rotten core from Bannon's very brash exposure of the corrupt, true nature of the Chicoms and their demented soul crushing system while Trump is the smiling sheppard standing at the open gate waiting and cajoling the Chicom sheep to behave and enter the gate. It's funny how one guy, Bannon, can keep the Chicoms so flustered that they are beginning to crumble IMHO. Personally I'll admit I've been wrong many times yet if I had to bet my own money ? I'll bet that the Chicoms fold at some point and Trump gets his trade deal changes. Reason why…if possible to say? For me its' easy enough. The USA/Trump have the USD and no one in the first world wants the yuan.

    if the Chicoms don't make a deal voluntarily they know that Trump will execute the nuclear option and let the dust fly. For those of you who don't know the nuclear option is the freeze out of the biggest banks if not all banks in China from access to USD and the USD markets because if the Chicoms wholesale violation of agreed UN sanctions on N. Korea. If Trump has to get rough then he has the goods and the backbone unlike his predecessors.

    A Chicom freezout of USD is not even remotely possible. The entire Chinese banking system would collapse in a few weeks and may very well cause a collapse of the Chinese Commie Party. Too many of the press have mistakenly discounted the Chicom's fragility with 70% of their bank loans non-performing.

  23. They'll call it monumental and the best deal that's ever been, then they will get basically nothing from the negotiations.

  24. Pilsbury is a China suck up. Why? He cannot get a security clearance from the US government. He's going to China next week, they'll welcome him.

  25. As a person who remembers the 1968 police riot in Chicago and now lives in Asia I am a little confused about the comments here. For most of my lifetime the US was governed by a single party, the so called "Deep State" . Trump is a hero here, he is like the many independent people who are in the Vietnamese legislature without being backed by the party. Something virtually impossible in the US congress, and he had the guts to run for the highest office in the US. Many Asians truly love your president because he is a business man who would rather do business than invade a country simply because he don't like their political system, as was done here by your president Johnson in the 1960s.

  26. Hong Kong teen losers are paid by CIA,they want fake democracy just like American losers,

  27. Load of stinking trash by both the guest and the moronic newscaster. Peaceful? Only idiots like you chose to ignore the truth and spin the real situation. No wonder US has unceasing violence every single day. Unsubscribed.

  28. The problem with any deal with China is them honouring it. I know a chinese man who says they cannot be trusted. Xi's own comments about fighting show he is bunkering down, not limbering up. Any deal he makes will likely be broken. It should be seen for what it is-a temporary measure by China until it gets what it wantd. The US and the rest of the democratic world should push for regime change and lovk China out of trade until it dismantles communism as its form of government.

  29. Michael Pillsbury is now the replacement for Gordon Chang who has probably outlived his purpose. Sad for Pillsbury.

  30. HKSX marketing itself to the UK is laughable. HK will no longer be the center of business in Asia, irrespective of what happens now. HK is now in decline and under the thumbs of the communists. Only a blithering idiot would invest in that. Two thirds stock that could collapse to near zero value? What a frigging joke.

  31. To change Chinese system and to put what in place ? Hahahaha. You have American dream guys. Awake to reality !

  32. China is heading to a currency war to replace US dollars with RMB. CCP wants to to further internationalize rmb through offering a combination plan for LSE. If successful China will have 18 continuous trading hours in a day for rmb trading, offering IPO for state owned companies, have its hands on global retirement funds to include China stocks. After being rejected by LSE's major stock holders on the combination offer, CCP has decided to proceed on hostile acquisition. Their next target is ofc the New York Exchange.

  33. The people in Hong Kong are waving American flags and singing the U.S. anthem. They're more American than the Democrats! Let's let them come here, and send the Democrats to China where they will be happier living in a totalitarian country.

  34. Bolton's gone. But, we still need to bring the Red Menace to its knees. Sanctions aren't enough. Our refusal to purchase Chinese-made goods will force industries to flee China and set up shop elsewhere.

  35. I love how many young people in the US protest against capitalism and democracy because they say it's an unfair system making very few rich and powerful, yet they can still protest and have a say. And they protest and want socialism/Communism where they can't have a say and which causes an elite few to control everything in a country. They don't seem to realise that the exact thing they are complaining about and protesting would be a hundred times worse in a socialist/Communist state. Shows the total ignorance of Antifa and other protesters in the US, completely ignorant of the facts. They need to be educated by the protestors in Hong Kong who are protesting for freedom and democracy, something I'm sure mainland people would also benefit from if they could see the real benefits of such a society. After everything the mainland people have been through and their perseverance surely the ruling party must realise that the main force behind the countries success, it's people, deserve respect and a reprieve from the controls they've had to endure for so many decades.

  36. The break neck speed of China's economic growth is the result of western money and jobs being extracted from the free world and planted in China's cheap labor pools. Add in trillions $ of stolen western technology + state funded "businesses" selling essential products, like aluminum, into western markets to hollow out free world economies, and national security, for a true picture of what the Communists are about. Those who have no problem with these deals have a lot of explaining to do. Congressional hearings are in order now.

  37. Well yeah almost every thing in the USA is bought in China the us hasn't been self self sufficient since 60s 70s

  38. Calm.. Thats Why Fox CNN are all reporting half truths and distorted news. Check YouTube and twitter to see the violence committed by Rioters aka protestors.

  39. We have anquefa who pride themselves on ATTACKING elderly men and women or ganging up on lone small reporters. But we also have corrupt Portland city officials and police who refuse to stand up to the basement dwellers


    Mexican government authorities reported a seizure of approximately 25.75 tons of powdered fentanyl in the port city of Lázaro Cárdenas, in the western Mexican state of Michoacán — and it came from China.

    The Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico intercepted the fentanyl shipment which originated from Shanghai, China and was bound for the Sinaloa Cartel home base of Culiacán, Sinaloa, as reported by local media outlet Tobasco Hoy on Saturday.

    Investigators discovered the fentanyl aboard a Danish vessel in a cargo container whose manifest indicated a shipment of calcium chloride.

    When the Mexican Customs laboratory tested a sample of the contents, investigators found the powdered substance tested positive for fentanyl. The customs investigators went on to seize 931 sacks of the same substance, amounting to a weight of 23,368 kilograms (about 25.75 tons). Initial reports on the total weight of seizure are still only an estimate as authorities are still determining the total amount of captured fentanyl powder.

    The seizure was the result of joint efforts by the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico and customs enforcement members from Lázaro Cárdenas.

    The most recent seizure comes just days after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration announced a cumulative seizure of over a million illicitly created fentanyl pills, by the DEA’s Phoenix Field Office and various Arizona law enforcement agencies over the course of the 2019 fiscal year. The 1,138,288 pills are nearly triple the 380,000 fentanyl pill seizures estimated in fiscal year 2018. The high yield of captured fentanyl is an even further increase over just 20,000 fentanyl pills seized within the state of Arizona in the 2016 fiscal year.

    Breitbart News’ Texas news bureau reported the dismantling of a Sinoloa Cartel lab fentanyl pill lab in Northwest Culiacán, Sinaloa last week. Some 2,500 fentanyl pills were discovered at the lab and authorities seized a pill press used to make “M-30s” or “Mexican Oxy” derived from the powdered fentanyl.

    Investigators also determined the lab to be a training site for other cartel drug manufacturers. Breitbart reports that fentanyl has become a favored drug of production, lucrative to the Sinoloa Cartel due to its easy production and accessible trafficking routes across the Mexican border into the U.S.

    In April, Mexican media outlet Excelsior reported significant fentanyl seizures related to the Sinoloa Cartel and discovered an active Sinoloa Cartel fentanyl lab, seizing 33,000 pills and 25 pounds of powdered fentanyl in the process. Mexican government authorities at the time also found 13 pounds of heroin and chemical precursors at the cartel lab.

    Fentanyl has been determined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to be between 50 and 100 times more potent than morphine and has been a major contributor to opioid deaths in the United States.

  41. Trump has no ideology, he doesn't know Chinese people are suffering from Communism. Communist use Soy bean alone have been played him lose his mind.

  42. Hmmmmm, I don't recall Fox News had the same attitude towards occupy wall street back in the day… …

  43. Concerned trump might be getting a deal just to get reelected? . Should you deal with CCP if they don't want to reform and be accountable and responsible partners let alone players!

  44. Don't underestimate the willingness of the Chinese to suffer to save face. There's much more at stake than just taxes and intellectual property protections, they're future for decades has been gambled in Xi's 2025 plan and they are boned if they don't start making progress fast. Trump will win because he understands the Chinese way of doing business. The process is simple, push as hard as possible to weaken the enemy and demonstrate how much leverage you have. Let them suffer, but not enough to get bitter. When CCP accepts that they need to make a deal or risk total collapse, give them one where they can claim some victory and save face, and they will take it.

  45. Wake up Americans! How do you think china went from being a bicycle country to going to the moon??… courtesy of all the corrupted globalists who would sell their mother for a profit…. we have to back our President…. show some backbone America!! Wake up!!

  46. Chinese still eat Dogs and Cats. In this day and age ? Their Country has not been at war for many years. Take away Chinas Develpoping Nation status and the trade advantages that go with it. They have been a bad actor and are spending on Miltary to bully their neighbours and challenge the US. Why help them ???????

  47. Take away China s Develpoping Nation status and the trade advantages that go with it.

  48. Who is funding those violent riots thugs all around the world? The whole world knows except Fox News viewers, lol

  49. GM sold more cars in China than in the US for years. Apple sold more iPhone in China than in the US at one time. One-third of Boeing's business comes from China. Boeing could be a small player if China decides to go with Airbus. All US business big enough to be in the stock market are in China because China is the largest market outside the US by a wide margin. That is why, with every negative tweet, the market goes down, with every tiny hope of a breakthrough, stocks went up. And American business is not just manufacturing, Starbucks, KFC, McDonald, Papa John, and even Hooters are all over China because they have no room t grow at home. China is a new frontier. As Trump pressure EU for the trade balance, Macron surfaces their trade imbalance of stuff not manufactured. They are going to Tax Google and other US-based internet-based company making money from France. And for every smartphone out there in the world, Google get licence fee from Android.

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