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(MICHAEL) Here, I want you to take a card. Put it on your fore… don’t look at the card. I want you to take a card, and I want you to put it on your forehead and… Take a card. Take a card, any card. And I want you to treat other people like the race that is on their forehead. Okay, so everybody has a different race. Nobody knows what their race is. So I want you to really go for it, cuz this is real, you know. This isn’t just an exercise. This is real life and I… have a dream, that you will really let the sparks fly. Get er’ done! There’s this great Chris Rock bit about how streets named after Martin Luther King tend to be more violent. I’m not gonna do it, but it’s… Ooh, this is a good one. (PAM) Hi, how are you? (STANLEY) Fine. How are you? (PAM) Great. Um… (STANLEY) I admire your culture success in America. (PAM) Thank you. (MICHAEL) Good. Bom-bom-bom-bom, bom-bom-bom. (whispering) Come on! Olympics of Suffering right here! Slavey vs. the Holocaust! Come on. (STANLEY) Who am I supposed to be? (MICHAEL) No, no, well that… That was inadvertent. We didn’t actually plan that. (DWIGHT) Lots of cultures eat rice. Doesn’t help me. Shalom. I’d like to apply for a loan. (PAM) That’s nice, Dwight. (DWIGHT) Okay, do me. Something stereotypical so I can get it really quick. (PAM) Okay, I like your food. (DWIGHT) Outback Steakhouse! I’m Australian, mate! (MICHAEL) Pam, come on. “I like your food?” Come on, stir the pot. Stir the melting-pot, Pam. Let’s do it. Let’s get ugly. Let’s get real. (PAM) Okay. If I have to do this, based on stereotypes that are totally untrue that I do not agree with, you would maybe not be a very good driver. (DWIGHT) Oh, man! Am I a woman? (KEVIN) Hey. (ANGELA) Hey. (KEVIN) You want to go to the beach? (ANGELA) Sure. (KEVIN) You want to get high? (ANGELA) No. (KEVIN) I think you do, mon. (ANGELA) Stop it. (MICHAEL) Okay. All right. No, that’s good. It just.. You need to push it, you know, you could go a little bit further. All right, okay. (in stereotypical Indian accent) Kelly, how are you? (KELLY) I just had the longest meeting ever. (MICHAEL; still in accent) Oh! Welcome to my convenience store. Would you like some gookie cookie? Well, I have some very delicious gookie cookie! Only 99 cents, plus tax! Try my gookie cookie! Try my gookie cookie! Try my gookie cookie! Try my… All right, all right! Yes! That was great, she gets it! (in painful voice) Now she knows what it’s like to be a minority!

100 thoughts on “Michael Scotts School of Management – The Office US

  1. man watching this drunk, seems very logic, understandable and progressive.

  2. not sure why kelly is so offended, she literally uses her race to advance her own agenda

  3. i'm an Indian but i didn't understand what Michael was saying to Kelly. anyone can help?

  4. He's saying cookie cookie not gookie cookie. That's the closed captioning getting wrong.

  5. Is nobody gonna talk about how much Kelly changed throughout the show? Like she was just a normal girl in the first season and then becomes a talking idiotic shopping obsessed girl that just annoyed me

  6. These are one of the scenes where i wish I could erase from memory and see it again 😭

  7. Dwight with "Asian" on his forehead: "Lots of culture that eat rice. Doesn't help me."

  8. I saw this when it originally aired on network television in what was either 2002 or 2003. I had just started a corporate job two years earlier- (I'm still at the same company in 2019 :/) and this bit just killed me. I literally was rolling on my living room floor laughing and in tears.

  9. Pam : okay, I like your food
    Dwight: Outback Steakhouse! I'm Australian, mate!

    Lmfao 😂 hes Asian

  10. So Gru's accent is stereotypical Indian accent??? I've been wondering 'bout this since Despicable me 1!

  11. I saw this scene on Instagram and I decided that I wanted to watch this show. Thats how I ended up watching this show.

  12. Michael: welcome to my convenience store try my cookie cookie, Try my cookie cookie
    Gets slapped

  13. In this day and age this episode would never be aired or would have a ton of controversy from many offended people.

  14. I remember Steve Carrell was asked one time how he would feel about continuing The Office today and he said that he would love to do that but two things come into play: 1.) When shows continue years later it sucks and never gets the same recognition as it does originally and 2.) The jokes (like this) are considered too “problematic” now a days and people are WAY too sensitive now. Unfortunately, I’d have to agree. If a show made these same jokes now it would get tons of backlash.

  15. “Slavery vs the holocaust.”
    Even though the joke was funny, when you really think about it slavery in America lasted for over 200 years and during that time most slaves were treated worse than dogs. they were beaten for the smallest thing, both man, woman (and probably children) were sexually assaulted, and they were killed in cold blood if they tried to stand up for themselves. They didn’t have rights so just think about how easy it would be for a pedophile to buy some kid slaves and do whatever they liked with them.

    I’m not saying that the holocaust wasn’t a horrible event, I’m just saying that slavery was a lot worse when you think about how many people were killed, tortured (and maybe experimented on) for over 200 years.

  16. To be honest that was stupid as fuck.wrong in many levels.i understand tv shows rans out of im content but do you have to fall this low.i have never in my life seen something this stupid and so low.

  17. I don't get why people in America have to divide each other into minority and majors (whatever it should be ) why can't talk just judge people from their character and not what they were born as ?

  18. How the hell Jim managed not to be tortured by having admitted to certain group?

    Oh, by the way you can see through how genuinely offended was the Actress who play for Pam role at 01:22 given the fact she is actually Jewish


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