Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales – Overview

In today’s hypercompetitive
sales landscape, buyers are more informed and have higher
expectations than ever. For your company to succeed
in the digital transformation journey, your sellers must
engage customers in new, meaningful ways.>>In today’s world, we talk
about all the challenges, and how it’s harder to sell today, but one of the the benefits
is our access to information. So now, a seller can come into a
conversation and be able to have information at their fingertips
that allows us to dive deeper and talk about things that
mean a lot to the buyer. If you juxtapose that to before
we come in, with no information, and all we do is go talk about
our solution or ourselves. I once listened to
a conversation with a seller who said, I’m gonna go in there, and I will only name my
company’s name at the end. And in the start, he said, well,
I’ve done some research, and I understand that you guys
are trying to achieve this. They spent the whole
time talking about what that buyer
was going through. It wasn’t until the end,
he said, well, I work for company X, and I’d love to have a conversation
about how we might help. That is the ultimate in personal engagement in
the selling process.>>Dynamics 365 for Sales provides your sellers
with actionable insights to nurture existing customer
relationships with relevant and valuable interactions, target
new customers with the highest likelihood to buy, based
on predictive intelligence. Modernize your sales
with social selling and LinkedIn Sales Navigator,
see lead recommendations, secure a warm introduction from
a colleague, and stay informed about customers you care about,
all within Dynamics 365. This solution empowers your
sellers to work anytime, anywhere, with mobile
apps that work with or without connectivity. They can collaborate to tap
into the collective wisdom of the organization. Intuitive, familiar tools from
Office 365 enable your business to decrease sales cycles, boost
productivity, and reduce cost. Accelerate your sales
performance with real-time analytics based on historical
data and predictive information. Inspire your sellers to achieve
more, onboard, coach, and motivate through fun team
competitions that energize and engage everyone. Dynamics 365 enables your sales
teams to grow your business, stay focused, and sell faster.>>In the end, we expect a major
efficiency gain throughout the entire organization,
putting all the information into one source, and
make it easily accessible. This enables us to be
one step ahead, acting, instead of reacting,
no matter where we are.>>Learn more today. [MUSIC]

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