Mini-Merch: Justice League activity pack

It’s time for another mini-merch and today I’ve got a fun and fruity activity pack: Justice League. And as you
can see Wonder Woman is not on it. Which happens a lot with these Justice League
branded things. I got this from a shop called “Kingdom of Sweets”, it’s one of those um,
big candy shops that sells like imported candies and sodas and stuff. Mostly from
America so, and everything’s really highly priced cuz it’s all imported, so it
costs like £5 for a single Twinkie. And they had a few of these bags, I
saw some with Superman on and I saw some with Batman on and just the Justice League with these three on, but no Wonder Womans. And that happens a lot with these
Justice League branded, um things. like the candies and stuff, they never have a
Wonder Woman one on her own because, it’s just sexism, pure sexism that’s all is.
*ahem* That’s the only reason I can think of because surely she’s just as important
as Superman and Batman Why The Flash? Why, why The Flash? It’s, it’s
Superman Batman and Wonder Woman everyone knows that, but anyway let’s,
let’s get this open, see what’s inside. It’s uh, toys puzzles and colouring fun.
Probably gonna be like those DC Superhero girls eggs I had that one time. Right, let’s have a look. Damn these shadows. Right what’s this? Ooh it looks like a poster, is Wonder Woman gonna be on it? Nope, they’ve put Green Lantern on instead of going for Wonder Woman they’ve gone with The Flash and
Green Lantern. Well isn’t that just spiffy? Right what else have we got? We’ve got, oh that’s the fruit snack, so I’ll eat that on my own time. These fucking shadows! There’s…Green
Lantern, Flash and Batman stickers. Here’s a Green Lantern spinning top, let’s see if that spins. Well at least it spins, here’s a pencil for
filling in all these, for the toys. Here’s a Justice League…Oh it’s a snakes and ladders
game, or as they call it in America chutes and ladders, okay. There’s a dice you can
make and there’s the boys… and…this is, must be the colouring in thing.
Justice League, a Justice League colouring in page with Green Lantern, Superman and Batman No Wonder Woman anywhere on this entire thing. The only, I can spot Wonder Woman a little bit
peeking out…there. But I didn’t get that… in this bag. Shame, shame on you! She doesn’t, is there anything really to colour? There’s not, well yeah that’s the colouring in but
they don’t, they only give you a red pencil. So you can only do The Flash and
he’s not even on it. Oh God what a disappointment! Alright, this has been another Mini-Merch. Thanks for watching, bye

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