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>>JOSH PALER LIN: We’re back!>>INANNA SARKIS: And we’re here on the 25th annual Miss Latina pageant awards.>>JOSH PALER LIN: Finally, we come down to 5 finalists.>>INANNA SARKIS: Five! They have showed us their wonderful gowns.>>JOSH PALER LIN: Their beautiful swim wear.>>INANNA SARKIS: And their talents.
>>JOSH PALER LIN: And their talents!>>INANNA SARKIS: And their talents.
>>JOSH PALER LIN: Very talented.
>>INANNA SARKIS: Great talent.>>MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: My talent is karate.>>MISS CUBA: I’m a photographer.>>INANNA SARKIS: Okay, well now that we’ve seen them terribly perform…>>JOSH PALER LIN: Let’s see their confessionals.>>MISS VENEZUELA: Hi. I’m Miss Venezuela. And I am 22 years old and, you know, since I was little, I love animals. I really like horses. Yeah, I really like horses. I love him… I love feeding the horses most of all. Um, I like chickens. I like, you know, ducks. Ducks are so funny. I love them so much. I love running with my dog because I have a dog. I think animals are one of the things that make the world a beautiful place.>>MISS COLOMBIA: Hola y’all. I’m Jillian. I’m Miss Portugal… I mean, uh, Colombia. I’m a doctor, you know, because I am very very smart. Never distracted. Never. I’m so good at it.>>RAY DIAZ: His heart rate is dropping. We’re losing him, we’re losing him! Heart pressure is dropping!>>BRADFORD HUNTER WRAY: He’s going into cardiac arrest.>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA: Heart rate’s dropping!>>RAY DIAZ: Clear!>>BRADFORD HUNTER WRAY: Stay with us!>>RAY DIAZ: Miss Moore, we need you!>>MISS COLOMBIA: Uh, don’t you see me doing my makeup? Rude.>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA: It’s your boyfriend.>>MISS COLOMBIA: Ugh, fine. You [BLEEP] need me all the time. Okay, so what do I do?>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA: Well, if you actually went to medical school, you’d know what you’re doing.>>MISS COLOMBIA: [BLEEP], I will scalpel your [BLEEP].>>FIAMMETTA CAVATORTA: That’s not even a scalpel.>>RAY DIAZ: We need to revive him!>>MISS COLOMBIA: And how do I use these?>>RAY DIAZ: Just put it on the chest.>>MISS COLOMBIA: Easy.>>RAY DIAZ: Clear!>>MISS COLOMBIA: So like I was saying, I love my job. Being a dentist is the most… Wait…what did I say I was?>>MISS CUBA: Hola. I am Miss Cuba. Um, I’m not going to tell you guys my age. I think it’s kind of rude, so… I grew up in a poor household in a poor environment. Hey guys. Uh…come in. This is my home. It’s all that I can afford right now. It only has like 5 bedrooms. So these teddy bears are like 2,000 dollars each, um, I’m saving right now. I got this gift from Prince Phillip. It’s a piece of crap. I asked for a theater, but I got a T.V. instead. So since I come from a poor family. I really care about the homeless.>>HOMELESS: Hello. I’m starving do you have any food?>>MISS CUBA: Um, no. We don’t have anything, sorry. So if you vote for me, you vote for the poor people. I basically represent them.>>MISS MEXICO: Hi my name is Brittney Elena and I am for Guadalajara Mexico. I’m all about team work. I play basketball. Alright! Listen up. This is my court. Whatever I say, goes. Don’t speak. Nothing. Do you hear me?>>GUYS: Yes.>>MISS MEXICO: Didn’t I just say don’t speak? You Prince crop-top over here. You. MC Hammer leather pants. I don’t know why you wearing them. Let’s go. Let’s go. And y’all the losing team and we’re the winning team, but we’re still going to give you a chance anyways, so.>>GUYS: Come on bro, we got this. Hoops baby! That’s a foul! Wide open!>>MISS MEXICO: Hey! Pass me the ball. Team work.>>MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Hola. My name is Leli Hernandez and I’m 26 years old and I’m married. Happily married.>>OSCAR MIRANDA: God! Babe what are you doing?>>MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: What took you so long?>>OSCAR MIRANDA: I was in the bathroom!>>MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: I’m not crazy!>>OSCAR MIRANDA: I was talking a [BLEEP].>>MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: You’re calling me a piece of [BLEEP]?>>OSCAR MIRANDA: No,no, no, no.>>MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: I’m a piece of [BLEEP]? Is that what you’re saying? Oh, so you’re calling me a piece of [BLEEP]? Because you were in there for 5 minutes!>>OSCAR MIRANDA: No, no. I was taking a [BLEEP].>>MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Cook for me!>>OSCAR MIRANDA: Okay. Eggs, steak, mac and cheese? What do you want? Cereal?>>MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: We never fight. [FIGHTING] I don’t think that we have any problems actually. Our relationship is the best. Who are you talking to? Who is mamacita?>>OSCAR MIRANDA: My mom!>>MISS DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: [BLEEP]!>>MAMACITA: Hello? I’m such a family person, you know. I’m so family orientated. Like in a couple of years, I want to have kids. I want 5.>>OSCAR MIRANDA: Baby, can we have kids?>>INANNA SARKIS: They don’t get a long very well, do they?>>JOSH PALER LIN: No.>>INANNA SARKIS: Well, now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Let’s crown the winner.>>ANNOUNCER: Thank you. Now. The moment that we’ve all been waiting for. And the winner is… Miss Colombia!>>MISS COLOMBIA: Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Where the [BLEEP] is my crown?>>ANNOUNCER: I must apologize, I made a mistake.>>MISS MEXICO: I knew it!>>ANNOUNCER: Uh…the winner is Miss Venezuela.>>MISS VENEZUELA: Yes! Oh my God!>>ANNOUNCER: Wait, I messed up again. I’m so sorry about that. Miss Dominican Republic! It’s not you. Sike. My bad. Miss Cuba. You need to put a bra on. The winner is Miss Mexico!

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  2. “Miss Dominican Republic…”
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  3. Yay Mexico won! I didn’t really care about who won but I kinda wanted her to win the most. But yeah…❤️🧡💛

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