Mnuchin breaks down where US-China trade talks stand today

100 thoughts on “Mnuchin breaks down where US-China trade talks stand today

  1. China needs to keep the pressure up and increase there tariffs on agricultural and strangle hold the farms trumps a child playing at trade on in the school yard where chinas been making trade deals for centuries

  2. Farmers and Fisherman are the backbone of this country that makes it possible for all to do the really important tasks beginning with eating. China lost its pork herds to disease, and soy is a mainstay. They began buying again out of personal necessity not some grand gesture.

  3. The bottom line is that US team don't understand Chinese's culture and don't even try to understand Chinese culture. 5000 vs 200.

  4. The young techs will get a new direction to hold them over until they over-ride the old systems to match language. Good thing your position is not as pending, 🙂 Some genius will plug in a viral patch and migrate in the new update. Than WE can understand the confusions. 🙂

  5. Fox "news", the original and only fake news has Lou Dobbs, a fascist enabler, put a fascist oligarch spewing his lies and BS.

  6. How about addressing the 70+ militarized islands China built in international waters to hijack shipping lanes.
    Or the incessant theft of global IP and financial futures via piracy and forgery.
    The Chinese government is a bunch of dishonorable thieves.
    Lets not forget their cyberattacks on Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin.

  7. Trump is the only POTUS that has the balls to even attempt to fix this mess previous administrations let us get into. I say get the hell out of China. It will hurt for a while. But in the end we and the world will benefit from it.

  8. So we've bankrupted our farmers and we've gotten nowhere? Oh boy, this coming global recession is gonna be a struggle.

  9. This rich privileged swamp creature got even richer by foreclosing on poor people during the great recession at rates far higher than any other banker.

  10. He's been too soft during negotiations. Their actions in the South China Sea, Hong Kong, and many other issues are a concern. And Mnuchin is talking about soy beans. Those on the US side appear to have been pushed around during these negotiations with delays and broken promises. We need to have standards, if a country has a history of failing to met those standards then we can't do business together until one proves they're trust worthy again and that takes time. I rather have no deal than a bad deal and we need to focus on the long run as well and not just what sounds good today or what wall street wants today.

  11. Another hard hitting fireside chat between Lou Dobbs and Steve Mnuchin . Fox fake news at its very best .

  12. Federal Reserve is printing 75 billion a day for 23 days and handing it to the banksters again like in 2008. By Oct 10th the grand total will be at least 1.75 trillion. In 2008 it was 16 trillion and the following 10 years they printed another 20 trillion to keep the interest rates low in order to bloat the stock market. It's all fake but yes keep calling china a currency manipulator but what do you call what the Federal Reserve is doing? Full manipulation of the markets and 100% not free markets lol

  13. Fox News is THE epitome of "head in the sand", ignorant, conspiracy theories, wrapped up in an OLD WHITE MAN in a stuffed shirt & tie. Pathetic! Lou Dobbs is the most disgusting, brown-nosing fool (next to Trump). Listen to him at your own peril (same goes for this dumbass, Mnunchin). Think for yourselves. Try a different news source. Any other news source.

  14. Yes they started buying agriculture again but at an extreme discount, always getting over.

  15. Is that supposed to be an altered American flag where LOU DOBBS name is written. Why don't Republicans read the flag code.

  16. Dobbs hit the proverbial "nail" on the head with his comment about our agribusiness silo we're living in… We need to be aggressive in 5G and other tech (Bio, Fintech etc), if we're not approaching 5G like we approached the Cold War we're going to regret it…

  17. we're all SOY Bean consumers… what choice do we have: soy-lichen

    some one who has ever collected soy-lichen should learn how it's made.
    it's sort like –> spice rum <- another story that will make you sick.

  18. You are never going to get a "fair trade agreement" from China. The only thing that will bring them to the table is a complete sever of trade. Tariffs will do nothing. All that does is tax the consumer.

  19. Mnuchin and queen trump are both full of crap, both smell and need to change diapers. Where are the grain trains if they (China ) have agreed to buy agriculture product, another delusion of these fools.

  20. Steve "My trophy wife cost me 2 million" Mnuchin is a sniveling weasel that cannot be trusted.

  21. Trump start a trade war and China took there business to other country like African vietnaw latin American it common sense they are on the up raise for cheap labor and there leader isn't idiot.

  22. If the corporations don't want their "intellectual property stolen" move your operations back to the U.S.A. you tax dodging traitors. How about we strip your corporate board members of U.S. citizenship

  23. This interview content is totally deceptive. The fact is China has sold goods that the US can't afford to pay. The US government had been buying chinese goods funded by US debt in billions if not trillion of dollars. This is what the US government says unfair???. The Chinese had been trying to buy US equipments for many many years to minimise trade, but ironically the US government never allows them to. Why blame them if the US only allows them to buy soyabean?????.

  24. Load of trash by both jokers. Intellectual property theft? Then you guys are the MOST stupid people on earth to continue doing business with a thief. What a bunch of idiots. C'mon be real, don;t just talk trash.

  25. So, Fox Business, are you not going to upload the next part of this interview? I'd like to see it.

  26. Soy mimics "plant estrogen" so well it actually functions symptomatically in a similar way to female estrogen (increasing feminine bodily characteristics) which creates imbalances that I myself have experienced as serious and painful. ALL negative symptoms disappeared INSTANTLY when I took ALL soy out of my diet. Soybeans carry dangers people just don't want to believe. I wish soybean farmers would choose to grow a different crop that doesn't have to be exported to China for equivalent fiscal success.

  27. Trumps socialist handout to the farmers is TWICE as much as the Obama auto bailout….WHAT THE FLIP????

  28. china will do any agriculture food deal with the usa. in effect china will use USA farmland to feed their population. the chines don't think like the WEST (the best).

  29. Steve Mnuchin hides the tariff disaster very well. Trump is killing the US economy. China is sourcing other business, why do you think they rolling out their belt road initiative, they for-sore the future with the US and prepared for it. the world does not revolve around the US. Life goes on..with you or without you.

  30. Meanwhile, the new trade agreement between Mexico, Canada and the US sits on Nancy's desk.  I would pass and be signed by weeks end.  Dems prove over and over that they hate this country.  The USMCA would put more pressure on China.

  31. It's a one way street. That's USA street and tariff's on China.

    China buying it's sowed soya bean agriculture farming with sprouted seed's and sprouted seed's salad's with lemon squeeze.

    USA has a good frame work against China.

    Intellectual property theft is a serious crime. And deal's will not be made with thieves. Must abide in law per law. And deal the thieves per and according to the law which prosecutes the thieves of USA intellectual property and theft of USA proprietary information.

  32. This guy Dobbs is about as smart as a post. He should know that China has been doing USA a favour over the years buy making quality low priced products then lending the USA the money to purchase them.

  33. Truth be told, the United States has been exploiting the rest of the world with its indiscriminate borrowings. This is largely made possible because the US dollar is the dominant currency in international trade transactions and settlements. In other words, the United States can continue to print the greenbacks to finance its insatiable appetite for consumption; and to augment the exploit and hegemony of capital.

    Effectively, the cost of capital and labour of other producing countries – to the United States – is no more than the cost of printing of the greenbacks.

  34. Soy Bean salesman……😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 I like that….I love Soy milk too….thanks Treasury Secretary….you are one in millions…..talented Statesman.

  35. Xi established a dictatorship which can never be trusted as a "partner or just doing the right thing" for ANYTHING as Xi promises. Wall Street has sold America, don't let it happen again, 45 POTUS!!!

  36. If this creeps S. Mnuchin neck is jerking he's lying. There's one lie. Keep watching.

  37. 75% of cheap imported stuff from China is rubbish and not required and a complete waste of hard earned money. The products barely last 6 months before developing some kind of fault and that's if you are lucky. A new awakening is coming.

  38. Why China still come to nigotiate with thia idiot? leave him along, he just waste your time.

  39. Fool me once and thousands of times 😂, haha, I still hold trust in you. How wonderful.

  40. Vote for Trump in 2020 as he’s negotiating for jobs for US citizens. If trade deficits aren’t important than why are countries like China and Germany working so hard at keeping their trade surplus intact?

  41. China has been cheating and stealing for a long time. Not only is it exposed as a currency manipilator but also a brazen thief.

  42. Why is our national debt ballooning when Trump promised to bring it down as quickly as possible… We are now buying more from abroad than we ever did… The tax cuts have failed…. The damage done by Trump is unfathomable….. You guys should stop and take a reality check… The economy is doing poor

  43. We do not need China………..India is the new China………By the time China comes to the table we will be in India which is a democracy……..We should do no business with Communist China

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  45. Trump overplayed his hands. China basically moves on and diversifies around the globe. Whatever trade deals comes up, it will be a white wash.

  46. Here is what Trump actually did:
    1) Using some narrative on "China steals my tech" to waged an all out "easy to win" trade war with China, TAXING AMERICAN PEOPLE (read the definition of tarriff on who is paying the tax)
    2) Caused US farmers to lose a lucrative and dominating agricultural market in China. That is a golden ticket never comes back.
    3) Using some narrative on "Chinese spying on me" to block the sales of highly lucrative computers chips and software to China. In essence losing a lot of high paying tech jobs in US

    So tell me exactly why you think Trump is doing things right?

  47. China has not touched the America Affiliated Foreign Assets in China yet. That is yet another hugely lucrative Americans business. That brings in over $300B each year. But that number is never in the "Trade Imbalance" sheet. Is Trump going to mess that up too?


  48. Shadow banking, a huge housing bubble and 6.6% GDP is just crap numbers, far closer to 1.6% is real…   Trump is going for it!!!  He really is going to try and crash the economy of China!

  49. Munchkin is Wall Street CRIMINAL. He and Trump are Stealing Treasury Department MONEY…that belongs to The AmericanTaxpayers and U.S. Government.

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