Morgan Freeman on race…and his birthday

35 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman on race…and his birthday

  1. Worst Journalist of the Year Don Lemon, Worst Journalist of the year….whee fredo???

  2. there is a lot of racism in America, but maybe the cure is to start seeing the world as mr. Freeman does.

  3. 1:07 til the end… phenomenal. This is how interviews should be conducted. On a deep level with mad respect

  4. Only Morgan Freeman can stop Don Lemon's bullshit racism rants…Only Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman, Morgan Freeman….

  5. What BS. Don Lemon LOVES race baiting. He is STILL doing it. A successful black man with more money than most white people whining on about white privilege <eyeroll>

  6. People that want to be their own person don't see race as a relevant issue. It's people that want to control other people, or choose to be controlled, that see it as relevant. In that sense race is indeed a religion.

    That's why on the left I see a black man, and on the right Mr. Freeman.

  7. Race is not a factor in wealth distribution… LOL okay professor Freeman

  8. Don Lemon, the biggest racist of them all showed a side I havent seen before….He spoke the truth for almost 5 seconds "Im so tired of talking about race"
    To bad you sell your soul to the devil every night Don…
    Morgan Freeman is a Free Man – Don Lemon is a Rotten Fruit

  9. Morgan Freeman is That Wise Grandfather that we ALL used to have but have passed on.

    To me the biggest thing missing from society today is A Strong Family Unit with Rules and Values AND The other thing missing from society today is Wise Grandparents.

    Most Parents today are either Dumb, Pushovers or just dont care about being REAL parents.

    Most Parents today want to be their child's friend.
    Parents should NEVER be a child's friend, They should be parents.
    That's the difference between the old school grandparents and Modern Day Parents.
    My Grandfather AND Grandmother had MANY rules and they played ZERO games.
    The Reason Millennials are out of control is the FAULT OF THEIR parents!
    They put the kids on Ritalin and Antidepressants then give them video games and leave them alone…
    That's NOT how you raise a child.
    You MUST teach your child rules with consequences if they don't follow them.

    I ALWAYS HATED rules as a kid and a teen….
    Then once i didn't have rules anymore i quickly realized why rules EXIST in society, And most importantly…. Why WE NEED rules.

    Race isn't stopping ANYBODY from ANYTHING.
    The ONLY person stopping YOU from Being successful in life is YOU.
    Man up and Take responsibility for your own failures instead of blaming everybody else and using excuses.

    Children use excuses.
    REAL adults NEVER USE EXCUSES OR Complain when we don't get our way.

    Toughen up America and PLEASE STOP being SO SOFT!!!


  10. Only Lemonhead Don and his CNN masters would give the Great Morgan Freeman a cupcake with 1 candle…

    Morgan Freeman DESERVES SO MUCH MORE than that ladies and gentlemen


  11. I get and appreciate the mindset for myself but some racism is blatant, obvious and unavoidable.

  12. And the middle class that build everything. make sure everything is working. all those cites didn’t build them selfs. rich didn’t build it tradesman did the middle class did. Without those skills what would there be.

  13. I have to respect Don Lemon for saying hes tired of talking about race. They keep wanting him to talk about it because hes black. Hes only doing his job. Give him a break for the things he has to say.

    He even says "this will probably get me in trouble.." and that's the sad part. It probably did… come out Don. Just come out and say you want to talk about the real issues. Please. We will love and respect you

  14. Lemon tried to stoke up race AGAIN. Gets schooled. Then says he gets tired of stoking up race. Come on mate you’re all over the shop

  15. Only reason CNN hasn't taken this video down is because of the like/dislike ratio.

  16. "helps him celebrate his Birthday"? WHAT? Respect where it's due. He's not disabled. Nor is he under the age of 7.

  17. Most black celebs are sell out anyways…who need his word…we never hear of him unless he's getting a ✔

  18. I know this is old, but here's the full interview so you can see they rest of Don Lemon's attempts to bait Morgan Freeman into the left's race war.

  19. Morgan Freeman is a wise man; he can also wear two gold hooped earrings and not look like a dick

  20. Don Lemon is a liar. He loves talking about race. That's why years after this interview he still agrees to talking about it. Don said hes tired of talking about race with coworkers and the network and yet he has Morgan freeman on and asks him about race? Don is a race baiter

  21. The look on Don Lemon's face when Morgan didn't give him the answer he wanted……priceless.

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