Most Ridiculous Commercial with Violin We’ve Ever Seen

Oh no. Oh wait, that doesn’t work. Is that better guys? No no no no no… A little bit more, little bit more… Little bit more… – The perfect balance.
– There you go. Everything in balance, as the universe should be. Music theory creates order. Welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin. – Mmm!
– Today, we have a new special episode. It’s always a special episode. – Guys, it’s gonna be a fun episode.
– Thank you. We’re gonna be reviewing some of… *tsk tsk* …that good classical music portrayal and representation. Let’s get into it. Oh my god, that bow hold. That pinky, yo! I can’t…how do you—how do you— That is the most curled pinky ever. It must be so tense! Yes, you can lift it if you’re at the tip, but lift it does not mean… *shriek* *snickers* Oh, dude… It hurts, it hurts. I’m getting tension. And why is it always Canon in D? Why? *sigh* We love Canon in D. Yes. Love it. Best piece of music in the world. – “Please play it at my wedding,” said every person ever.
– Yeah. Of course the bowing is always off, again! Just random, like… That’s a bit aggressive. Holy moly. Alright, so much is happening right now. So this girl’s deaf, but she’s trying to play the violin. Do you think that’s possible? I mean, anything’s possible. – You can’t hear the notes, that the problem…yeah.
– But you can’t hear what you’re playing anyway, so… If you can hear inside your head, but you just can’t hear what the sound is like from the violin, so… [it] doesn’t work. – Beethoven was deaf, but it was clear. He can hear the notes of
– He can hear the music. music in his head without any like, instruments. Yeah. So…I don’t think it’s possible. But, don’t let us…stop you from your dreams. – Do it!
– Just do it! – Yeah, but that’s not an excuse to be a total…”biatch”…about it.
– Yeah. – That’s not cool, yo.
– Yeah I know, it’s like…just… Why’re you even shouting, she can’t hear you. Come on, like, are you that stupid? – Yeah…
– *snickers* Why? What…? “Music is a vis…visual thing.” – “Close your eyes, and you will see.”
– “Close your eyes, you can see.” I don’t know if that was just, like… extremely deep, – Or just really…
– or just… – Doesn’t make sense.
– Plain…doesn’t make sense. Yes, it’s visible, but you should close your eyes. – So what, you see inside you mind…?
– You see inside your mind, but then how do you hear? ‘Cause that’s music. It’s not just seeing, it’s also hearing. ‘Cause I thought they were gonna make a comment like, “You can see, at least.” “There’s a visual element to performing music.” – But then he closed his eyes.
– But then he [said] “close your eyes”. But then if you can’t hear then what’s the point? She can’t hear it anyway. *sigh* I don’t know guys. What do you think? Yo! – Really?!
– Does this actually happen at school? Oh yeah! – Oh yeah! Oh…!
– Make you trip! – Does this stuff happen?
– I’m sure some nine-year-olds do it. – Oh, man.
– Just for the sake of it. She can’t hear you, why are you… ? Oh, yeah. Why is she talking to her…? *snickers* Oh my god, just stop. – That…I know…!
– Wait…where’s the thug punching coming to this? – So aggressive!
– This is so dramatic! It’s like a freaking movie. Whoa!!! Whoa…! Broke an instrument… That hurt. – Yo, that hurt.
– That really hurt, that was kind of scary to look at. She hired the thugs to… Yeah, yeah, yeah. Why are you so threatened by a deaf violinist anyway, you know? And why is this even on a commercial? *scoffs* Yeah, I don’t… – I don’t know. Good question.
– *chuckles* – These are the questions that should be answered.
– Yeah, there’s so many questions. – Which marketing department decided that this was a good idea?
– I know. Oh dude, the violin’s literally taped together! You don’t…tape… You just don’t…! *groans* I’m pretty sure the tape stops the sound box – from vibrating even more.
– Yeah. The sound will just disappear! Dude, there’s really even tape over there! *laughs* Let’s just…block the sound. *laughs* Can they just change the piece for once? – Oh is that the busking dude?
– Yeah. Oh, no! He’s in hospital now, like wow! What a tragic and confusing commercial. You know, this…this lady’s scenario is actually perfect for America’s Got— America’s Got Talent. – It is!
– She’s got the perfect sell! She’s struggling with her… She’s bullied… …medical issue, she was bullied, – her only father figure or his…
– Or friend, closest person got bashed… Yeah, got bashed, now in hospital and this is her one chance. One chance! Oh my god She needs to go on America’s Got Talent right now. – Talent show time!
– Right now. – *chuckles*
– Yes. Golden buzzer! Bam! Close your eyes. That’s right. – Let the music speak through you.
– Yes. Even though you can’t hear…or see it. – Oh, no…
– Like… (both) Whoa! Yo, that pinkie double-jointed! – *chuckles* Yeah, dude…! The old guy’s pinkie was like curled to the max, and hers is like… Tensed to the max. Yeah extended that back… But she got it, she got the bow in the right position. – That is true.
– That’s impressive, that’s very impressive. Good job. – Oh that accelerando….
– Oh she… *laughs* If she can’t hear, how does she accelerate perfectly in time with the backing track? *snickers* We’re not making fun of deaf people, I’m just saying I don’t understand how it works. *laughs* *laughs* It’s like a Naruto running scene…! – Dude, my head’s dizzy from that…
– *chuckles* – This is so funny too because she’s so tense, the way she moves.
– I know. – Wow.
– There’s grass. – She’s just putting all the emotions, all the years of torment,
– Yeah. – into that performance,
– Yeah, into the hair! Waiting for the golden buzzer! – Yes, the hair’s just like, “Come on, give me that golden buzzer!”
– Come on…! *groans* Was that a cocoon? I think it was a cocoon. She became a butterfly…! (both) Whoa!!! – The analogy behind this commercial!
– So deep! I know! Fly, girl! You spread those wings, girl! Spread them! *shriek* Why’s… Yeah that’s… That’s right, bully! That’s what you get for bullying, girl. America’s Got Talent! *cheering* Where’s the golden buzzer! “You can shine!!!” “Pantene: You can shine!” You wash your hair with Pantene, it’s gonna fly, fly to the winds. You’re gonna become a butterfly…! I didn’t get any, like… Where’s the correlation between “you can shine” versus… Like… – *snickers*
– …eyes. You know what I’m saying? But hey, at least it’s a funny ad. Yeah… Dude they put in the effort. It’s just, the correlation is very out there, from deaf, fatherless, being bullied, to haircare, like that was a whole… – …movie. In 4 minutes! *chuckles*
– Yes. – I don’t even know what to say.
– *chuckles* As a musician, I think… Especially a string instrument like the violin, that’s reality. – You need to be able to hear.
– It’s…it’s…yeah. It’s an essential part of playing an instrument, to be able to hear it. Hearing the music is an active thing, actually. Most people don’t realise, as a musician we practice; to improve we have to actively listen. – Yeah.
– We have to… …focus and listen, we don’t just listen to it. For example, playing in tune. People assume that if you just memorise the perfect muscle memory, but actually, no. A lot of play in tune is knowing very closely where the note is. But then being able to adapt very quickly upon hearing… …to make it in tune. – It’s about adapting from what you hear.
– Yeah. Maybe on the day your strings… …one of the A string went a bit flatter. – We’re gonna have to…
– Which happens…yeah. Which happens a lot and your… – You have to adapt on the spot through training.
– Mm-hmm. – And the only way to adapt is by hearing.
– Yes. But maybe they can feel frequency vibrations in the body… – Like, maybe her jaw’s like…
– Yeah. “The vibration [is] at 441 hertz.” – But hey, if you use Pantene, then none of that matters.
– Yeah. ‘Cause you can shine. You can shine! You can shine. America’s Got Talent. Yeah.

100 thoughts on “Most Ridiculous Commercial with Violin We’ve Ever Seen

  1. I never realised that the girl from the commercial is the lead actor for A Little Thing Called Love!! Arggggh! How can I missed that! Mind blown…

  2. My parents always let me watch this ad when i was a little kid. Bcz they want me to play this pieces. 🤣🤣

  3. This is the perfect real life scenario of Bakugo and Deku xD

  4. Yes, you can't learn an instrument if you're deaf. But I know of one deaf pianist (i can't remember his name) and he plays very well! I think he became deaf. He is old so I think he can still hear piece's melody somewhere in head and he still can enjoy playing. I don't know with violin if it could work. I mean if you guys became deaf if you could continue playing. Violin is harder than piano I think

  5. "you're wasting everyone's time" said the girl screaming to a deaf girl hmmm

  6. Deaf peI'll people have heighten senses and are able to sense the vibrations better than other people thats why music doesnt always have to rely on hearing. Me personally i do rely on hearing but i just feel the music in my body some how more and im not just trying to say that but music shouldn't just be known for being able to hear it.

  7. Shouting at a deaf individual makes it more dramatic for the watcher. Dramatic stuff means more money. My guess. It is always the same, so extreme… Almost cringe which is easy to remember. MONEY

  8. You know what I saw in London?.

    2 sacrilegious bois

    Playing sacrilegious violins (electric 5 strings)

    Playing this video’s sacrilegious piece

    Playing the piece WRONG.

  9. On the first commercial the language is Thai and I’m from Thailand! 😀 Thailand makes a lot of like sad movies and things ;-;

  10. Someone who is deaf can learn thungs from muscle memory but they can also feel the vibrations especially while holding an instrument. Its kind of like someone deaf singing

  11. My cousin actually just requested me to play Canon in D at her wedding in a month 😂

  12. The message I got from this advert is that I will be able to play the violin if I wash my hair with Pantene shampoo, but at the loss of my hearing.

  13. I don't want to be complaining about anything, but alot of the commercial is kind of real. This is coming from someone who used to be deaf, whilst playing the piano. Many instructers got extremely annoyed at the fact that I was deaf and unable to hear the notes, which led to multiple instructers quitting mid-term because of this. Of course, I do realize that my learning curve wasn't impressive whatsoever. Love your videos, don't stop what you do ;*

    On the other hand, a commercial for hair products – deafuq?

  14. They say some people that are deaf can feel the sound vibrations if they take off there shoes.

  15. The moment she started playing I knew it was a shampoo ad. Like, no one has hair that shiny. Anyway, onto the more serious stuff. Thai commercials are pretty infamous for being completely irrelevant, funny and/or looking like a movie. I saw an ad once that was also for hair products (conditioner I think) and for the most part it was a modern rendition of Cinderella, so. As for the idea of playing music as a deaf, they can still feel the music (literally, in vibrations), so it's just a different way of experiencing it. Obviously, I can't say as I'm not impaired but I think I somewhat understand the "Music is a visual thing; close your eyes and you will see." It's like the quote from The Little Prince about how real things are seen with the heart, not with the eyes. I hope this is somewhat helpful.

  16. 1:25 NO WAY I'VE SEEN THAT BEFORE ITS THAI OMG!!!!! (press F to respect my country)
    p.s.nobody practices except me
    also 4:05 yeah…it does like all the time in Thailand
    5:16 cuz its Thailand

  17. Eh… lots of people overcome barriers like that. I'm aware of a few deaf violinists and flautists, though all whom I know became deaf after getting a few years of training. Things like keeping in time with orchestras means they have to keep an eye on the conductor and accommodations are made to give them very detailed scores that count the number of bars leading up to their cues and so on. Also, every deaf person I've ever met (musician or otherwise) has stated that they can feel vibrations through their skeletons as well (so many deaf musicians do play barefoot for this reason). Bone conduction (e.g. bone conduction headphones) is pretty well known, and the formal invention of it as a listening technology is generally credited to Beethoven. My dad is also a singer and former violinist, but is mostly deaf at this point… however, he only reached that point in his 70s, and he can still hear well enough that I can raise my voice and he can hear me. I had an aunt whose right arm is crippled by polio, so she plays left-handed and props the violin up on a stand (so it is upright like a cello) and played using only one finger. So… people find ways to work around handicaps like that if they are really dedicated enough to do so.

    I'm not sure what the ad was getting at with the whole "music is a visual thing"… I assume he was just trying to say that she could visualize the music in her head rather than trying to worry so much about hearing it. If anything, I know far more blind musicians than deaf ones, and there's surely a reason for that.

  18. I think the deaf girl might have had a hearing aid in the scene where she was getting yelled at.

  19. Playing without hearing can be done if you've first learned a piece WITH your hearing.

    I've played in performances where all the other instruments were so loud (was stationed between two bands, a few feet from the one drummer), and there was no monitor or earbuds to hear myself. I just had to play the notes from memory and hope I was ok.

    Also, I played in an orchestra for a play, and the guitar bassist informed the conductor that his sound system ear-feed wasn't working, so he couldn't hear himself or the click. The conductor told him he'd be ok. (???) No, not really. You have to be able to hear your electric instrument. He had to play 'deaf' through that whole performance.

  20. During this video I got an ad of simply piano with the song canon in c and I’m like whyyyyyyyyy 😂

  21. I love how they are professional violinists and they still drop references to Naruto

  22. A boy in my sisters school is blind and can still play violin awesomely

  23. The girl violinist who was deaf. It made me cRY.
    My sister is deaf, and I play the violin for her.
    Life is misunderstood.
    Play it as you want. Not how others want.
    Edit: my story is actually true, for the fact that TwoSet watched this.

  24. violin playing somehow sounds like an entire orchestra
    Hmmmm… 🤔🤔

  25. Just throwing it out there, some deaf people are very musical. Deaf ballet dancers do it, apparently, by turning the speakers to the ground and feeling the vibrations, I have read the same about deaf people feeling the vibrations of songs in headphones of friends and feeling like they "hear" music. Now, I am not deaf, but I think the same can be somewhat applied to violin, although you may feel the vibrations differently than with bass. Not in your whole body, but in your hands and where it's touching maybe? (Also Imma be real, it's how I sing. I don't care for hearing notes correctly bc my hearing is shit, I remember how it feels in my throat and that works fine for me)

  26. If you can hear the notes in your head you would have to know what they sound like first. Beethoven had years of experience before he went deaf but how does that girl know exactly what the notes sound like?

  27. I know Evelyn Glennie is a percussionist but…"Glennie contends that deafness is largely misunderstood by the public. She claims to have taught herself to hear with parts of her body other than her ears. In response to what she described as mostly inaccurate reporting by the media, Glennie published "Hearing Essay" in which she discusses her condition.[7]Glennie also discusses how she feels music in different parts of her body in her"

  28. oh my goshhhhhhh i just realized that the girl in this video is actually a really popular actress in Thailand wtf…
    lol she's Baifern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul if ur wondering..

  29. sorry I'm deaf but I can play the violin I've been playing the violin for 1 year 3 months but I'm learning

  30. I have long dreamed of playing the violin; My dream has come true
    I like to listen to the violin, someone plays the violin

  31. Wow at the first minutes of the commercial I imagined that was pantene commercial ajajaja because her hair is long ajjaja idk :v i am so lucky

  32. The painful-lest scene was when the violin broke at 4:53 rip, it’s like a knife stabbing my heart

  33. hair ad 10% music 70% bully 20%

    music & bully outmatched the hair ad so shouldve anti-bully ad lol.

  34. I’m Deaf and I play violin and clarinet, and a little bit of flute. Deafness is a spectrum y’all, I play some octaves better than others. Picking up on note vibrations and frequency really helps too. Because the violin is a soundboard you can legit feel it.

  35. Did anyone notice that the girl doesn't even have a shoulder rest when she is performing?

  36. at the beginning of her performance i actually said "wow her hair is shiny" so the commercial did work!

  37. Why are you guys so funny lol… 🙏👏🏾👏🏾😭😂😂😂

  38. Music is a visible thing, close your eyes and you will see.
    It’s word play. “You will see” signifies “you will understand”, but the pun remains for the word choice of “visible”, which would simply mean “easy to be noticed.”
    So close your eyes, cover yourself from vanity, and don’t focus on the comparison. Music is visible, all you do is listen and you will see.

  39. Sad/isparational Commercial
    Two cent roasting hilarious af
    Debating whether to cry or laugh
    cries and laughs in CONFUSED

  40. I have had a few deaf violin students. In most cases they fell in love with violin before they lost their hearing. Some of them had 10-20% of natural hearing left.

    They had to rely on my feedback regarding tone. "Use more bow, more pressure on this finger" etc. As there was some layers of tone quality that they couldn't hear themselves. And similarly for finger placement. I never could say "can you hear that that is flat". I would have to tell them it was flat so they could memorise the feeling of the in tune placement. They would use electronic tuners to get the strings in tune.

    Maybe they feel the vibrations of the violin, a sensation that keyboards and woodwinds wouldn't give them. maybe the fact the sound post is so close to the ear means that it engages some of their natural hearing that is left.

    A few of my deaf students have completed grade 6 violin. None of them would ever win americas got talent though. But they have been able to have joy in music.

    But of course, now I know that all they need is Pantene to exceed all expectations in their playing.

  41. This commercial destroys one violin. Johannes Kreidler destroys 100 violins in his musical theatre piece, Audioguide (2013) (there is also a violin orgy in this work….)
    3 hours 20
    and 3 hours 38
    1 hour 51

  42. A shampoo commercial!? WTF!!? LOL! that was so deep & touchy and it was about a shampoo! So shocked.

  43. “Pantene”
    dies laughing
    My mind went from funeral services with the guy in the hospital, to hair care, I can’t believe it hahahahahahha

  44. Pantene: Thank you TwoSetViolin and fanbase, for free publicity. This saved us a ton of money.

  45. I think what people are forgetting is that deafness is in gradients, for lack of better term, where some Deaf people can hear in certain ranges and not. It is possible to be a musician as a Deaf person (speaking as one), just, our techniques for sound may be different than those who are Hearing.

  46. I remember our high school teacher showing this to us. Around 7 or 8 years ago I think. He showed this with the intention of providing some sort of enlightening lesson, I think.
    I was just shocked seeing the violin was taped. Besides, it was a shampoo commercial. I don't see any connection.

  47. But.. Asian commercials are so good.. they could be funny, sad or even thriller ad.. I especially loved to watch Thai ads, you can search them on YouTube.. it's not as straight forward as ours here in Aussie, ours is kinda boring.. haha😂😂

  48. I am way too old to use this expression, but WHY are Thai commercials always so damn extra???

  49. Deaf people can actually play a violin! There's a group that does that in my country, I didn't see them live but I saw them on tv. Given, they are worse than your average musician and somewhat out of tune, but the sheer effort is apparently amazing enough. They say they enjoy the music through the vibrations they feel, but doesn't seem like they use it for tuning😅 (the teacher tunes them before practice/performance obviously)

  50. I cannot believe my guess was right at 7:22 I thought it must be Pantene commercial. Totally hilarious for such a fussy intense stories just for a shampoo commercial 🤣🤣🤣.You Can Shine

  51. I think it is possible for a deaf person to become a violinist, especially if they only become deaf later in life, or they have partial hearing loss and can only hear lower or higher tones. However, they would probably need a really talented teacher who could teach them exactly how to play in tune and would always have to have someone listen to them when they play so that they would know they're playing in tune. I think it's possible though.

  52. I will say, depending on what sort of deafness one has, there are ways to position your instrument to where you can “hear” it, so to speak. I was deaf in my left side from 10-16, and I began learning the cello at 11. If I positioned my cello normally, I couldn’t hear anything. My left side was useless, and the rest of the orchestra came in through my right. If I positioned my C peg to my mastoid, it vibrated enough, so that I could essentially “hear” each pitch to tune and work on intonation……I sucked at dynamics for years tho. 😅

  53. This ad was the first time I'd heard Canon in D, so whenever I hear it, I think of this fucking ad.

  54. Eddy and Bret is those parents that gives you life lessons when u tryna joke

  55. I did take note of how fabulous her hair looked, but the plot of the commercial took over and kept me distracted but THEN it drops the bomb on you

    Pantene: Think her hair was lovely? Of course it is, thanks to us

  56. Music is visual, close your eyes to see.

    How do you even put that figuratively?

  57. So explain how Canon in D gets a standing ovation yet if I would be able to play Paganini PERFECTLY I would only get a few claps…



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