Motaur: Wishes | Progressive Insurance Commercial

You ever wish you weren’t a Motaur? Sure. Sometimes I wish I had legs like you Yeah, like a regular person?
No still have bike half man, just the opposite. So…the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top. Yeah… yeah I could see that For those who were born to ride there’s Progressive

25 thoughts on “Motaur: Wishes | Progressive Insurance Commercial

  1. Nice. The guys is trying to rationalize it. "Yeah, yeah. I could see that" hahahahaa

  2. That's the brilliant Tom Ayers, stand-up comedian and actor. He's fantastic in Season One of IMPRESS ME on Amazon Prime.

  3. tom ayers thanks for the laugh.just saw this commercial on tv and had to search youtube.ima fan now lol.

  4. Tom Ayers! He's in a film I directed called Fetish Factory. Very talented guy!

  5. After this one Geico went into the lab and turn that Gecko into a Gectaur wait for it…

  6. I find this commercial extremely inappropriate in that the "as like a regular person" comment alienates disabled members of the community. I'm by no means a stickler for political correctness but that comment is just outright mean-spirited and offensive to people who do not have legs. Although the fact of not having legs may be irregular, a person is not defined by his or her disability, and is no less a "regular person" because of it. I'm a motorcyclist and this makes the moto community seem uneducated and backwards. I have had Progressive motorcycle insurance in the past and will need a policy within a year. I certainly won't be choosing Progressive unless they address the issue with this commercial. Thanks for reading and keep the rubber side down but the respect for others up.

  7. Progressive Born-to-be-Snide, MoTaur dude wishes, contemplating the opposite.

    Gas Station Biker mulling over Motaur’s answer:

    “Ahh so, legs on the bottom motorcycle on the top? Ya, ya, I can see that,”… it will sure cut WAY down on stupid roadside parking lot conversations, I can tell you that.

  8. Check out the 2019 Indian chieftain dark 🐎 horse with the Scout on the left.

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