My 3 Favorite Stock Trading Patterns

– A lot of people ask
me how do you actually get rich in the stock market? Well I have three favorite patterns I’m gonna teach you right here. (fast tempo techno music) What’s up, Tim Sykes here. A lot of people ask me how
do you get rich, obviously, You know, you’ve taken 12,000 turned it into nearly five million. Your top student started with just 1,500, he’s over seven million. First of all, you know,
it’s very difficult to make millions of
dollars with penny stocks, I’ll be straight up with you. 90% of traders lose, if you look at academic study after study. So how do you avoid being
just another statistic? Number one, preparation. I have a lot of DVD’s,
video lessons, webinars, I have mentoring, click the
link just below this video, if you want to be mentored. I highly suggest it,
because studying on your own might get you there, but
it’ll take you a lot longer. It helps when you have a mentor. It helps when you have a guide. It’s not just me, it’s most
of my top millionaire students also mentoring other students. We have a great community. But if you wanna break it down, none of my millionaire students or I trade thousands and thousands
of different patterns. This isn’t rocket science. I have three favorite patterns. Number one, my most favorite pattern for pretty much all of 2017, 2018, I don’t know how long it’s gonna last, but it’s dip buying morning panics on recent multi-day,
multi-week, multi-month runners. When you get these 20, 30, 40% drops inside of a half an hour,
often times it bounces. The first drop is usually
the biggest bounce. It’s kinda like a bouncing ball, and then it starts to peter out. If you’ve seen my penny
stocking framework guide, this is pattern number five. And this is my single favorite pattern because you can make 10,
20, 30, 40% on your money inside of an hour or two. It’s not easy always
finding the exact bottom, it’s not an exact science,
there are some warning signs. I have 600 plus video lessons on dip buys, so I suggest you study the past, then you’re better
prepared for the future. But that’s my number one,
most favorite pattern. Number two, first green day, on a stock that maybe
has been down-trending, maybe has multiple red days in a row, and then it puts up one solid green day with big volume, a nice catalyst, hopefully it’s been a former runner. I like buying that overnight, especially if it’s in the OTC’s. A lot of my top students,
Tim Grittani likes this, Heidi, my newest 200,000
dollar plus profit student, Roland, who’s closing in on
a million dollars in profits, he started with 4,000. A lot of my top students and
I like the first green day. Because you have that
one day of momentum shift on a former runner, and it
kinda lets the whole world and a community of traders
know that this stock might be back in play, it might re-spike. And if it was a recent runner,
if it was a former runner, traders remember it. Short sellers are less likely to short it because they know it can
run for multiple days. Momentum buyers are more likely
to buy it and just hold it ’cause they know it can
run for multiple days. So, stocks kinda have memory, you know, like if you work out, your
trainer says muscles have memory like if you were jacked once
you can get jacked again. Stocks have memory too. First green day is great,
but you need big volume, you need a big percent gain, and ideally, you have a catalyst too. My third favorite pattern, which used to be my favorite pattern, but we just haven’t seen that much of it, shorting the first red
day on pump and dumps. Pump and dumps are very easy to spot. You can see them run for several days, several weeks, several months, sometimes. I have tons of DVD’s and video lessons on blatant pump and dumps
and the price action and the patterns that you’ll see. You wait for that first red day and you look for shares that short, that’s usually the beginning of the end. The one nasty thing about that is that often times when
you have that first red day, because everyone knows that’s
the beginning of the end, you have to anticipate that
first red day ahead of time, because when there is a first red day, there’s usually no, or very
little, shares to short. So you might have to start to anticipate a first red day coming
up in two or three days and you’re trying to withstand the losses before you get to that
optimal price action. So it’s not as easy,
short selling is not fun. If you have a small account, I don’t recommend short selling. There’s a reason why I’m mainly
using my first two patterns. Buying the first green
day with a strong catalyst and strong volume and strong price action. Or dip buying a morning
panic, the bigger the panic, the better, ideally no
news and ideally the stock is a multi-week or multi-month runner. That way, you get other
dip buyers interested and short sellers who have
been losing on the way up and they finally cover their shorts, so you have two groups of buying that dip. So, buying dips, buying first green days, shorting first red days, those are my three favorite patterns. Again, this isn’t rocket science, most of my top students and I just have one, two, or three patterns that we play again and again and again. And when you start to
learn to love a pattern, you have experience with it,
you know the ins and the outs, you get very comfortable,
you get very good at that. So, these are my three favorite patterns. Leave a comment just below this video. Let me know what you think. Hey, Tim Sykes, millionaire,
mentor, and trader. Thank you for watching my videos, I hope that they help you. I wanna share everything that
I have learned over the years. You can check out more
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