My Best Trading Platform for Beginners

Hey, Tim Sykes millionaire
mentor and trader, here in LA loving life,
traveling all over the world. In case you’re wondered
I’m all over the place and the way that the
way I’m able to do this is Stocks To Trade. This software I use every single day it helps me find the hottest stocks it has so many different tools and scans. We built in over 40 scans
so that you can find the absolute best stocks
because the problem is there are thousands of stocks. And you don’t know which ones are good or bad to trade. In fact most of them are
bad so we have these scans we have these tools that we have refined over the years and we have Oracle which is artificial intelligence it’s only getting smarter and smarter there to help you. And artificial intelligence
will likely kill off humans in the future but right now we can utilize it to enrich us. So, we can enjoy it for the time being before it mass murders all of us. It’s very cool, I have to joke about it but I’m actually kind of serious too. Check out Stocks To Trade
please, please, please use this tool. There’s so many different
websites out there that frankly just are not designed for low priced stocks,
and that’s a problem. You miss out on one or two great plays because the scanners
aren’t designed for this and some people are like Tim
why did I not see this stock. Because you’re not using
the right resources. We’ve developed this tool
specifically for you. It’s in my own best interest to create the most successful students. So I’m trying to teach
you through video lessons and webinars and DVDs and commentary and watch lists and tweets
and blog posts and software. And this is my official
software that I have chosen for you, I have helped design it because it basically
entails and encompasses everything that I have ever learned in the stock market. It’s only getting better every single day. Tim Bowen who’s one of my students who’s a part time trader uses it and now he helps teach how to optimize it so I encourage you to check out Tim Bowen. I don’t know, I don’t know what I can say because this software is something that you should use every single day. This is software that can help you become a better trader. It can help you more importantly then becoming a better
trader can save you time. I use to use like 20 different websites now I just use this software because it combines so many different data sources and we put it all in one. If you’ve ever seen the
movie Lord of the Rings, you know there’s one ring
that rules everything. This is that ring and it’s a software and it’s for you, it works anywhere, please, please, please
check out Stocks To Trade. I don’t know how to get through to you except just to beg, I
will get down on my knees, can you lower this,
hold on, can you see me, I am begging to you,
please, please, please, please, please, please
use Stocks To Trade. It will make your life easier and it will make my life easier teaching you. I have not gotten down on my knees begging for a very long time okay. So I am begging you to
use Stocks To Trade. Test it out, see how it is. And understand there’s more and more features coming out. You know we have paper trading already, we have broker integration coming, there’s so much more stuff I don’t want to tease too much but it’s better that you get used to it now
before all the new tools get added, so that you can be ready for those new tools. I use this every single
day, my top students use this every day. Steven Dux who’s one of my
newest millionaire students can’t stop taking about it. And now he’s made over
two million dollars. He was actually my fastest millionaire and he used Stocks To
Trade from the beginning. So, that’s it. I can’t help you if you
don’t follow instructions. These are your instructions for today, I’m gonna post a link
just below this video, check out . You’re welcome in advance. (light music) Hey Tim Sykes millionaire
mentor and trader. Thank you for watching my videos, I hope that they help you. I want to share everything
that I’ve learned over the years. You can check out more
videos right over there and also click subscribe so that you can watch all of theses videos, get that knowledge and become
my next millionaire student.

63 thoughts on “My Best Trading Platform for Beginners

  1. A millionaire on his knees. How humble of you Tim! Can I connect my Dutch subsidiary of Interactive Brokers TradersOnly broker?

  2. getting stocks to trade very soon and im super excited about it!!!! nice video Tim!!

  3. haahah you are crazy beautiful Tim, you knelt down.


    Day of hard study in STT

  4. Tim cud u talk about why the markets are doing so terrible right now. Canada just legalized weed and there has been literally shit to play for two weeks. I thought right now is when the market is supposed to be heating up?

  5. Lmfao! I love the way you said mass murder all of us…. it's TRUE….its true .

  6. The only issue with stocks to trade is the server always down at the opening and closing which is essential. Fi your server and I'll be back otherwise it's useless. Cheers

  7. STT user and it's clean to use HOWEVER, it falls down on step by step click by click on how to setup the scans!

  8. Beginners best platform>my humble opinion,Brokers Scanner(Free)Pro noobs dont need to be trading that much, Also if it showing in your broker scanner ges who else is watching?yep the pro's,.Stocks to trade is fenominal but at 179.95 a moth Way to much fore the Avr Jo, That money could go to Silver $149.95PER
    MONTH , have looked fore almost a year at trade ideas Premarket watchlist also Recaps of Inplays?Findings?most pro plays where also my broker scanner play, Sure not al but a hole junk brother.

  9. Keep em coming Tim! Love the vids and your style of teaching, I’ve been studying all day, almost every day for months. Keep it up 👍🏻

  10. Guys plz let's combine together from today any one interested let's begin from tomorrow , let me tell you I don't now any thing guys any one like me I like to have any one with me we will help each other, also when we are like this we will generate it!

  11. Stocks To Trade (STT) is awesome, between the multiple and custom scans that you can do plus Oracle that suggests the best stocks to play tailor to your preferences is amazing. Thanks to STT today I made 62% profit on PTI that showed on Oracle and my scanners and didn't show on my scanners from TD Ameritrade. Don't blame the software if you have losses is your duty to study and if things are not your way cut losses quickly.

  12. Is this guy a con artists – he looks like one and definitely talks like one? Please advise

  13. Hey Tim, can Canadians use stock to trade as well? I'm currently in Canada and I would like to try it. Please advise. Thank you in advance

  14. I use STT and generally love it (I'm a part time novice). Just wondering though, why do you hardly ever use it when doing video lessons going through charts? You usually have Etrade up.

  15. Tim I know your probably going to blow this off. I'm only 16 years old but I really want to start investigating. So how can I? is it even possible?

  16. Damm Tim, Ive been wanting this platform but it is just expensive to pay over 150 a month. I would love to get it. For a small account that I have now I won't be able to afford it.

  17. Oracle will kill us all…………. do not tell Jimmy Swaggart he will start speaking in tongues……………..LOL.

  18. Hey guys. I'm from Australia but would love to get involved. How can I do so, and can I still utilise what Tim is saying? Cheers

  19. hello Tim, am Daniel, a beginner in the stocks trading and improving through your videos. Do you do trades for individuals with your share of the percentage of the deals you do for them. although am still learning stocks trading, just asking if these deals are possible.

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  21. The likelihood of AI wiping out humanity is well less than 0.01%

    That's a huge risk, but it's overblown.

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    pitfalls like dealing desk, reqoutes and slippage. That’s why judgment before
    selection of a broker should be set up indeed. Trade12 is a well judged broker
    which is also highly regulated to the traders indeed offers a decent trading
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