What’s going on guys I’m back over here
and I hope you’re having a great day and yeah I’ve been riding my bike for the
last week with this thing, and I don’t really know its name but it’s freezing over here
and at least it keeps me warm I apologize for wearing that but today
I’m going to learn footjamwhip drops I can do them with the back foot but with
the right food which is there BMX way it’s really harder so that’s what I’m
gonna do today and yeah let’s go to the W Square and do
it let’s go okay so first I will practice the technique on the floor here
and then I’ll insert the drop let’s go okay guys so I got nothing from my mom and dad but I
don’t think they really understood when I said that I wanted to deal in
Hollywood I’m not fucking lying guys that was
first try oh my god guys I still can’t believe that was first rate

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