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Okay, yes, okay Two questions, what’s my opinion on the alt-right and what’s my opinion on cultural appropriation. The idea of cultural appropriation is absolutely nonsense. So that’s that. There’s no difference between cultural appropriation and learning from one another. They’re the same thing. Now that doesn’t mean that there’s no theft between people, there is You know and it doesn’t mean that just because you encounter someone Else’s ideas you have an immediate right to those ideas as if they were your own but the idea that Manifesting in your own behavior some element of another culture, the idea that that’s somehow immoral is insane It’s actually one of the basis of peace You know one of the things that the various groups of human beings that exist have to offer each other is the tremendous value of their culture. You know it’s been really interesting to me for example to watch the response of everyone, but for this argument for young Caucasian males to hip-hop You know there’s an aggressiveness about hip-hop. That’s really attractive to young Caucasian males, and there’s something absurd that. the spectacle of the young Caucasian males taking on the persona of inner-city black gang members, you know But I’m sympathetic to it because there’s an aggressiveness to that art form, that’s a necessary corrective to the Insistence that the highest moral virtue for a modern man is harmlessness, which is absurd Women don’t even like harmless men. They hate them. They like to claw them apart.

15 thoughts on “My Opinion on Cultural Appropriation | Jordan B Peterson

  1. Thank you JP, for eloquently putting into words the violent, negative gut reaction every decent guy has to every ridiculous new age Marxist talking point

  2. I do not know if JBP or whoever runs his YouTube checks these comments often, but the the link to the full video of this clip mistakenly leads to his October Q&A instead of the original talk this clip is from.

  3. Absolutely right on the nonsensical idea of 'cultural appropriation'.
    I was first introduced to curry as a boy by my mother who learnt how to make it properly when she was a girl in India before WW1!

  4. A Christian writer named John Eldredge wrote a book in the early 2000’s called Wild at Heart that dealt in great detail that idea about men and “harmlessness.” From the Christian perspective, of course. It changed the way I️ think more than anything else ever has: men are and should be dangerous. A man desires to be a force to be reckoned with. Harnessing and carefully aiming those realities of masculinity is more beneficial to society than any charity or social program you can conjure up.

  5. Appropriation is a deliberate misnomer since it insists that the original culture can not longer use something after an outsider has started using it.

  6. just go to Japan, where it's pretty ethnically and "culturally" homogenously Japanese over there, and eat "Japanese" curry and listen to "Japanese" hip hop. totally disproves this western "cultural appropriation" thing.

  7. I'm a bit disappointed, because I feel the same as Dr Peterson on this matter, but I thought this was a poor rebuttal that had more to do with entertainment than with the high-level intellectuality that we have come to expect and appreciate form Dr Peterson. Nothing I can use to hone my arguments when debating my liberal friends.

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