My Problem With Mansplaining: Jonathan Pie

Next up… BELL DINGS Mansplaining. OK, kill me now. OK, um… Actually, just before I get going,
to those gentlemen who have brought their female partners
with them, whose female partners were unaware of this word
up until this moment… To those gentlemen, I apologise, because…because you’re about to
never win an argument again, OK? So, I’m sorry about that. Mansplaining. Mansplaining
is an attempt to curtail the phenomenon
of men interrupting women and explaining things to them
in a rude and patronising manner. Mansplaining, OK? OK? OK, now here’s the thing.
Here’s the thing. And I can only speak personally.
I can only speak personally. But, if you’re a woman
and I’m explaining something to you in a rude and patronising manner it won’t ever be
because you’re a woman. It will most likely be
because you’re a fucking cretin. OK? If I… If I’m shouting over you, or if I’m explaining something to
you as if you’re a fucking toddler, right, your gender will have
nothing to do with it. I’m a big believer in equal rights. I’m a rude, arrogant prick
to everyone I meet. But if you expect
special treatment from me because you’re a woman,
might I suggest you fuck off back to the 1950s where
you’ll feel more comfortable? I’m not mansplaining,
I’m EX-plaining in a rude, patronising manner. By…by throwing the word
mansplaining at me, you’re not accusing me of rudeness, you know, you’re accusing me
of bigotry. Wholesale. It fuckin’ stinks. It doesn’t work and it does nothing
to forward the feminist agenda. Rather, it buys into this idea
that women are weak and that they need protection
from the real world. “That man spoke rudely to you. “You are a victim. “That man spoke rudely to you.
You are a victim of prejudice! “He was being prejudiced! You were
a victim! Women are victims. “Women are victims. They’re all
victims. Women are victims. “Women are victims…” No, you’re not! You’re fucking hardcore!
You’re hard as fucking nails, right? You bleed out of your vagina, right? You bleed out of your vagina
and manage to hold down a job. I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t
fucking… Quite often, you bleed
out of your vagina, during a meeting, if need be. “I’ll plug it up
with some cotton wool. “Come on, there’s work to be done!” You’re fucking hardcore!
You’re hard as fucking nails. So bizarre to me, that phrase – “He’s got balls. He’s got balls!” You can use it for women, too –
“She’s got balls, that one.” I’m sorry, you come anywhere
near my balls, I’m fucked! You so much as flick ’em,
I’m on the fucking floor. “He’s got balls.” Yeah, they’re on the outside, they’re fucking sensitive,
so back off! “She’s got balls.”
She hasn’t got balls – she’s got a bleeding vagina, she’s about to chair
the PTA committee meeting. She’s a fucking warrior! You’re fucking warriors! You’re not weak, you’re not victims. Isn’t that what feminism
used to be about? I don’t know, maybe I missed a memo.
I don’t know. Look, look, I think we can all agree
that we’re equal, all right? But if I’m honest, women are
better by a country mile, all right? But come on, sugar tits, enough with the mansplaining
bollocks, yeah? AUDIENCE MEMBER: Whoo! There’s a woman in the third row
whose face is going, “I don’t know where the irony
starts and where it stops! “Aaaargh!” That’s half the fun! You dissect it
in the pub afterwards. That’s the point, innit?

100 thoughts on “My Problem With Mansplaining: Jonathan Pie

  1. I am searching mansplaining to find a feminist video so I can argue I can't find them

  2. I am a feminist, and I love this video! I think explaining something in such a simple manner to someone just because of their sex happens on both sides, although I do live under a rock and do not experience it much…

  3. For now, we're all safe in Africa. We barely understand English.
    You can all come here when the whole of west have gone bunkers.
    I will mansplain it better when you come.

  4. New culture forum is worth a watch Jonathan Pie writer is interviewed; Can be seen here

  5. Personally I see the term mansplaning completely overused by the wrong groups which is a shame because it does describe a very real phenomena which occurs often with women in professional situations. Not all biases are conscious, and giving certain actions terms helps us be more aware of our actions and just be more respectful to eachother lmao

  6. The video manager who allowed this video to be put up, has since been shot by the BBC political correctness division.

  7. You can't have problem with something if that something doesn't exist.

  8. Women are girls who never grow with all their I need problems

  9. Men also "mansplain" to other men. Some men are just condescending jerks to everyone. No one is allowed to be smarter than them.

  10. No, Jonathan, the feminist agenda was never intended to strengthen women – quite the opposite. In fact, this insidious movement hurts both sexes in variety of ways. Notice how the comedian belittles men, and holds women to an unrealistically high standard of strength (thereby setting them up to fail)? The same tried and trusted ingredients for sustaining unhealthy competition between the sexes, and the illusion of female superiority. Ask yourself: From where did this movement spring? Whose brainchild was it? What have its fruits been? Was equality really the driving force?

  11. Wasn't it betty white who said something like "don't say someone has balls as a compliment, say they have a vagina, those things can take a pounding"

  12. Mansplaining is a term women came up with, as to make themselves feel less stupid for not understanding what a man is talking about.
    Women are great at changing the subject, getting men to defend themselves, all the while in their own eyes making themselves appear cleverer than men.

  13. Hes been married. Hes learnt how to put women down, being honest, but at the same time giving them what they want. Making them feel better about themselves while letting them think they are better than men.
    Women need to feel special. We ALL need to feel wanted, special, loved, unique

  14. Feminists: A man explained something to you? "He's mansplaining. He's a bigot."
    Also feminists: "That man accused me of femsplaining! He's a bigot."

    Cue the latest Guardian article about "where have all the men gone?"

  15. Why the need to make an extra label when a man is condescending? Is the word condescending not enough to explain the situation of when a man condescends to a woman? I've been accused of mansplaining simply because I disagreed with a women. The women did not have a counter argument and said I was mansplaining. Now imagine if men used a term to stereotype the way women speak to men. I saw a term "ovary-acting." Women tend to be more emotional and less rational when arguing. But its offensive and therefore not something that many people are being told to use. But when something is offensive towards men, femnazis and beta males who think they will get laid by being a femnazi have to defend it.

  16. Maybe I missed it but mansplaining = man making up an explanation, because heaven forbid we keep quiet or admit ignorance?

    Ergo anything factual is NOT mansplaining?

  17. Just dont explain anything to women. Its a waste of time. Leave them ignorant

  18. Why is he funny? He's just stating things that a true, thats not comedy thats being a spokesperson

  19. Whaaaaat is this , this is from bbc ? When did they finally start listening to the right

  20. All very good except the ridiculous bit he slipped in about women being BETTER than men. Why did he say that? Spoilt the rest of it.

  21. The problem with logic is that it doesn't care about feels.
    "That's not the answer I was looking for, I feel offended. Do you think it's ok to offend?" Changes nothing about the truth of the matter.

  22. Mansplaining…….another invented trigger word, used to shut down rational debate !

  23. yes i believe, women are strong than a men, can't do that

  24. My only problem with liking this video is that im going to start getting "feminist owned" videos in my recommendations feed and i dont want to associate with that shit, lol

  25. Women are so strong and independent they need to be reinforced that they are strong and independent all the time.

  26. Who taught men how to explain everything in a patronising fashion? – Their mothers.

  27. If I need to man-splain something to you, it is because you keep miss-understanding.

  28. And then he begins to lay out why women are superior to men… what do you call it when some broad yammers on and on and on about some pointless, subjective ," walk in my own truth" bullshit? Tit-talk perhaps? PS: TOXIC MASCULINITY IS THAT MASCULINITY WHICH IS FORCED TO EXIST IN A FEMININITY

  29. A lot of older women find that their newly retired husband is an expert on how to use the washing machine/dishwasher/vacuum cleaner. It is real problem.

  30. Can a woman mansplain or does she have to be trans male (female to male) to do that?

    Does a trans male no longer have a right to say anything about abortion?

  31. Rather than having specific terms for such things why don't we call it 'being dick to other people'.

  32. The term mansplaining is usually used by feminists to insult men who say that the rules of a gyno-centric world don't give them a bloody chance to succeed in life.

  33. A TRUE liberal! God, I wish my fellow liberals would wake up. And, I appreciate this lesson. Thank you for opening my eyes. BUT… there are men who do so because they think women aren't savy enough to comprehend. However, I would say that most do not do it for this purpose.

  34. Feminazis just don't understand anything, you could say they just miss-understand.

  35. Pretty much everything he said was complete bullshit.
    He misrepresented the concept (straw man fallacy), used unjustified generalization and went wildly off topic.

    First, interrupting and explaining in a rude and patronizing manner is not what is commonly understood as mansplaining. Mansplaining is when a man explains something under false false presumption or as if he had more knowledge than the one (especially a woman) he explains it to. It's about men misjudging their own and the woman's knowledge and not simply about rudeness.
    Pie goes on by claiming that he doesn't do it and in the end that therefore the whole concept is invalid, which is obviously a non sequitur.

    In between there are some weird comments where he asserts, that if you a woman and he explains something in a rude and patronizing manner it's most likely because you are cretin.
    Later he claims that he is rude to everyone he meets. Hence it follows that most women Pie meet's are cretins, which seems quite offensive.
    He continues talking about mansplaining victimizing women. I think the underlying argument is that accusing someone of mansplaining implies that the woman chose not to say to say "I know, you don't have to explain." and while this is true, it's besides the point. A meaningful discussion about mansplaining is not about the individual offender and the woman's ability call him out, it's about the underlying gender roles.
    This leads to an off topic rant about women's strength and symbols of strength's that adds nothing to his claim that mansplaining is bollocks.

  36. According to feminists. Mansplaining = Sexplaining!!!
    So what about when feminists call men out for MAN S P R E A D I N G? ? ? ? ?
    Look a the women after a shopping spree spreading their bags over seats either side of them!
    I'd rather them spread their legs so I could get a good peep at them spreading their pussy lips 😀

  37. Don't we have decades of TV, film, literary and social evidence that for a long, long, long, long time women were coerced into shutting up and listening, playing the role of quiet and submissive inferior to any bloke with a hat and monocle? And that only very recently, they've been able to fight back against it?

    I get that he's aiming to delight the anti-progressive market with this stuff, but I think he's over-egged it.

  38. I thought feminist mean equality between the sexes. NOT A BUNCH OF WHALES SAYING THIS SEX IS BETTER

  39. Man-splaining: "You don't have the most basic idea of what you are talking about! If you are not too lazy, and actually want to know, spend 15 minutes on the internet and learn. Until then STFU, and quit killing brain cells of people who pretend you are worth listening to."

  40. Hmm. My understanding of 'mansplaining' is that is applies to men explaining something that they know less about than women … typically, a male boss telling a woman how to deal with her period pain. Yeah, it's rude and wrong … but it's about appropriation of gender as well.

  41. It's about stopping your partner or wife from spreading gossip and putting their foot in there big mouths. It's about telling you, that you will not be seeing your mates again. Only because, behind your back they made fun of her. Let's take a programme about a island of women and one of a island of men. And within hours the women who was bragging about what they were going to do and how women would work together. The Alpha women set off into the jungle without water looking for food and fresh water but failed, the beta women back on the beach who didn't make camp or made no fire. Started to arguing and moan with each other, then one of them said let's find fresh water, when it was almost dark and after this. It just went downhill and then the programme got more depression more and more as they nagged each other and cried and wanted to leave the island. This is the problem they don't understand they are the weaker sex for twenty years girls have been told they are better as they had no authoritative men in their lives of male teachers. Mainly because their fathers have been emasculated by their wives, because most schools are made up of 90% of women staff and they belittle boys and praise girl that they are better than boys not the same it's called equally. That's why you don't hear about female lesbian teachers paedophilin your daughter's. They are just aloud to move to a new school after having sex with your girls where they start again. In Britain lesbianism was never seen as a crime and teachers and schools hush this up and pay off parents from Council coffers. Be more demanding Free Melanie Shaw and Tommy Robinson same crime exposing paedophiles..

  42. I so love this, man, woman, child, dog… Jon is propelling you back to 1950's…

  43. Perfect.
    I'd never heard of this rubbish term. Thank God.
    Sounds like a snowflake special. Screw you.

  44. A minister for modern times, no wonder the same people using words like “mansplaining”(which is apparently now in autocorrect) are trying to get rid of comedy…

  45. Mansplaining is when a man explains something, to a women, she already knows, in a condescending manner. Or repeats an explanation, a women has already given to an audience. It is not when a man simply explains something to a female, or is rudely explaining something regardless of the female's gender.

  46. Wrong definition of mansplaining. I love Johnathan's rants but this time he's straw dogging it. Mansplaining is NOT a man explaining something rudely to a woman, but rather he's explaining something she knows more about than he does. Men who do this are generally know-it-all loudmouths who always want the last word on every topic.

  47. Lifes like a game in sports, either one sides ahead and the others losing or vice versa. Its competition. Dont give them an inch or theyll take everything

  48. I've noticed every single anti-woke vid from him, youtube has the anti-donald trump vid on the up next slot. every one of em. are you suggesting something YT?

  49. I like how even when he is talking about it the only way he can not get absolutely destroy by mainstream media if he didn't do a bit of male self deprecation to save face and win favour

  50. Lets face it women don’t (can’t) do politics they just keep the house clean and are somewhere to put your spunk when you can’t be bothered to find a sock.

  51. I'll tell you my problem with it. If I'm a man sharing any kind of information or knowledge I have. I'm mansplaining. Most women I've dated or known, don't really know about much or have any other interests than their jobs or college or their exes

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