all right k cultural appropriation month
is going on and being a brown guy here is my take on this whole fiasco with
this cultural appropriation thing but before that let’s just just understand
what the heck is cultural appropriation so according to the our very beautiful
Wikipedia which is obviously 100 percent right because it is Wikipedia ladies and
gentlemen the definition of cultural appropriation as I read cultural
appropriation is a concept dealing with the adaptation of elements of a minority
culture by the members of the dominated culture it is distinguished for equal
culture exchange due to the presence of a colonial elements and imbalance of
power so this was a definition of cultural appropriation which has
completely lost its meaning coming into the 21st century obviously now in 21st
century cultural appropriation does not mean you can adopt or you can share each
other’s culture no no no no no if you are white you are obviously not allowed
to do that you will be called a racist cultural appropriation has become more
like you are white why don’t you go and fuck yourself you are inherited a racist
you don’t deserve to exist in this fucking world and also yeah whites do
not have culture so whites cannot wear saris whites can or wear Chinese dress
whites cannot wear it Mexican dressed whites cannot wear Hawaiian dress and if
they do they are exploiting you no other culture with their white privilege but
the fun fact here is that when an Indian or a Chinese or a Japanese or any other
race wears jacket or jeans which were by the way invented in the West that is
completely fine they are not exploiting white culture now this is the point when
I call left hypocrite left if you are so concerned about white stealing culture
of other races they stop playing holi stop using buttons stop using the number
zero because they were all invented in india and it is part of our culture so
stop using that shed as well no I get it we should respect each other’s culture
but how we are going to respect each other’s culture without me dancing that
culture no sense to me now I also heard some
people calling whites have no culture by the way for your kind information modern
civilization was built by the whites but Chris they built the civilization by
slaving blacks colonizing India and enslaving other races they have Bloods
in their hand well that’s true but Mughals who were by the way Muslims also
conquered and ruled India and they used to torture Hindus and there was a time
when Arabs used to make whites as their slave so what is the point you’re trying
to make him see that was a norm of that time that people with more power will
rule over people with less power or the war inferior right democracy freedom of
expression does not really exist back then and bad shade used to happen back
then okay there’s no denial of the fact now again I’m not defending slavery or
killings of other races at the hands of whites but I’m just saying that it was a
norm of that time everybody who should does it and the blood is not only on the
hands of whites it is at the hands of every other races and at the conclusion
I just want to say one thing where of what you want okay make jokes about
other cultures obviously within the limit if you should obviously know what
to draw a line but do jokes about other cultures right I have no issue if you
make jokes on India or Indian culture I have no fucking issue I do jokes on your
culture just be happy we try to be happy share each other’s culture and just be
happy okay don’t be like left progressively left who are ready to take
offense at literally anything and everything that they hear that was my
whole point so I guess that was pretty much it guys
and I will see you in the next video till then my friends go fuck yourself by
the way my next video on Belgium I hope Belgium or Austria is coming what the
hell is going on in Europe that will be coming very soon I guess yeah


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