Na Maloom Afraad 2 | 2017 | Fahad Mustafa | Javed Sheikh | Pakistani Full HD Movie

Stop! – Stop the bus! ‘That’s Mehmood and Aiyaaz.’ ‘They run to make
a living.’ – Oh, come on! ‘He’s Karim Seth,
he ate a little too much.’ ‘And hence, he is running now.’ ‘Gulkhan doesn’t even have
enough money to buy a vest.’ Hurry up! ‘And that’s Sweety.’ ‘She has a lot of money.’ ‘Yet, she only buys vests.’ ‘Amjad has been standing in
line for admission since morning.’ ‘And the line begins
from where Sherry stands.’ ‘Shakeena is very happy today.’ ‘She got a ration slip.’ Have you lost it? ‘We too had got a slip.’ ‘But an extortion slip.’ ‘We thought in this city, not
having money is the biggest problem.’ ‘But we had no idea about the problems
which begin after you get money.’ Farhan! I had told you not
to flaunt like this. This is the second slip this month. I too told you let’s sell everything
and go to some other country. No, no, no! I won’t sell this factory. It’s the last thing we have of Shama. The last one. That’s her pickles, Shakeel Bhai. We can sell them in any country. But… Phone… Hello. As soon as money changes hands.. kiss here and one kiss there.
– Okay, Puppy Bhai. Not a kiss. What… what are you doing,
Shakeel Bhai? I say let’s sell everything
and get out of here. You are more scared
of a kiss than a slip? What do I do? I am a decent man. Hello. Hello? Fire! Fire! Shakeel Bhai! Shama’s factory… Did you find a job? No. There’s no vacant position
worthy of my caliber. I met the building’s
contractor in the morning. He needed workers. I enlisted myself. What? What are you saying, Shakeel Bhai? Have you lost it? This is not possible
as long as I am alive. What will people? Shama Pickle’s CEO’s brother-in-law
is working as a daily wager? If you were the CEO, I was the MD. Wake up already, Farhan. We are in this condition
because of your deeds. My deeds? My deeds? And what about you? Look at this. She is wearing branded
joggers even in such a situation. Have you noticed
how dirty this place is? Will you pay for another
pedicure if my feet get ruined? You didn’t leave me
with any money, Naina. You didn’t leave me with any. You used to buy branded
bags worth millions. Now we don’t have a
penny to keep in those bags. Oh really? And you forgot what you did? You changed cars
one changes his phone. And you changed phones
like one changes clothes. Don’t even mention clothes! Don’t you dare mention them! We have gone bankrupt
because of your fashion. And where are your friends? Girlie gang? The ones because of whom you
used to buy out the lawn exhibitions? You have more Whatsapp groups on your
phone than there are stars in the sky. Look Farhan… – Hey! Stop it. Stop it. Perhaps, it was destined for us. Destined for us? Not for us, for you, Shakeel Bhai. Have you won anything
from cricket to horseracing? Your brother lost 250 million. 250 million! He wanted to be Shah Rukh Khan! “I’ll buy a cricket team!” Who asked you to buy Karachi Prince? Who asked you? Forgive me. Forgive me. It’s all my fault. What happened? What happened? I’ve got a kidney stone because
of having adulterated legumes. Shakeel Bhai, under such
circumstances people starve. Which idiot asked
you to consume legumes? Hey you! Prince of Dreamland, from
tomorrow you won’t even get legumes. What is wrong with us? We were poor earlier as well. But we used to not fight like this. That didn’t last for long,
so this won’t last either. You dengue carrier! Why didn’t you tell me you
had a problem with my shopping habits? Forget it. Look how beautiful the moon is. Yes. It’s full moon today, right? Where’s Moon? Up there, in the sky. Not this one. Our Moon. What made you think of
him after all these years? You don’t miss anyone
when you are doing good. You miss your friends
when you are in trouble. I have got Moon’s friend request. He is calling me. How are you! Moon! Where are you? – I am fine. Move aside! Site? – Yes. Which site? Yes, I am on a site. I have started a
construction business. We are making a building. A building. At night? We don’t get the time during the day. Clients, meetings, showrooms… And Naina. There’s Naina as well. I have to spend time with her as well. It is not so easy to lead
a married life, my friend. Then take this, I too am
about to make my life difficult. What? I am getting married! What are you saying? All of you have to come. – Where? South Africa. South Africa? No Moon… – Why no? It will be quite difficult. I have a lot of work. Stop with your excuses. I have booked your tickets. All of you are coming. See you in Cape Town! Moon! – Bye!
TC! TC! – You are coming! Bye! Shakeel Bhai… Congratulations, Shakeel Bhai! Congratulations, Shakeel Bhai! We are going to South Africa!
– Awesome! We are going to South Africa,
Shakeel Bhai! We are going to South Africa! We are going to South Africa! Yeah! “We have come to attend
a friend’s wedding!” “We will make sure we rock it!” “Her attitude is like
that of a super star!” “Even the DJ has accepted
his defeat against you.” “You just don’t get tired of dancing!” “Even the DJ has accepted
his defeat against you.” “You just don’t get tired of dancing!” “You upload your photos on Insta daily.” “You stuff your wall with hashtags!” “Your pouts make everyone jealous.” “Boys are tired of running after you!” “You just don’t get tired of dancing!” “Even the DJ has accepted his defeat against
you. You just don’t get tired of dancing!” Shakeel Bhai, they are… Smoking… I thought we should have
one to celebrate the joy. Shakeel Bhai, you have it. No, you go first. Come on, Shakeel Bhai! Take it. Take it. Cheers, guys! Here is it. Sit. Not chairs, Shakeel Bhai, cheers. Cheers. Cheers. Good that you guys came here. You guys are the only family I have. What is he saying? He is saying… – I am
saying that you are my family. Tell me,
how did you end up here? – Yes. I thought of going on a world tour,
after I got the money. I had never gone beyond Pakistan. So I first went to Dubai. Then I came to South Africa. – Okay. Then I couldn’t go beyond this place. Did you lose your passport? No. I saw Pari (angel) here at a party. Farhan, I told you
he has an angel with him. That’s why he has so much money. No, Shakeel Bhai. My fiancée. What? His would-be-wife. – Yes. Then I decided that
I won’t be going anywhere. But what do you do here? – Yes? What did I know other than music? So who is the most
renowned DJ out here now? Who is? – Your brother. I have a disco over here. Amazing. Cheers on that. – Yes. Cheers, Shakeel Bhai. – Cheers. Come on, let’s drink to that. That’s enough, Shakeel Bhai.
– Well done, Shakeel Bhai. Stop it, Shakeel Bhai. – Bottoms up. Stop, Shakeel Bhai. – Stop it. You are ruining your reputation,
Shakeel Bhai. – Wonderful. You are ruining everything,
Shakeel Bhai. – Awesome. Stop it, Shakeel Bhai,
for sister-in-law Shama’s stop it. Enough about me. Now tell me,
what did you do with all the money? Our money… We have put them in stocks. Yes. – Oh. In one night… – Double. Double. – Double! We got them out of there and… And then invested them in property. In one month, it tripled.
– it tripled! It tripled? – Yes. We have multiple businesses. Amazing. From water to… – Petrol. To petrol.
We are selling everything. – Awesome. Shakeel Bhai, we have even started
the construction business, right? Yes. We are making that tall thing… Clock tower? Not that. We are building a Burj
Khalifa in Karachi. – Oh. Where? The sliced mountain. Right in the middle. Amazing. What a location. Good choice. It will be amazing. Flat! We got… Lucky. Shakeel Bhai… Shakeel Bhai, don’t… Why are you crying? You won’t understand. We are making a lot of progress. These are tears of joy. Amazing. Give me a hug. Come here. Shakeel Bhai, no… Moon got lucky. It’s such a nice house. And Pari is so nice too. Did you find out what he is doing? He is a famous DJ. Yes, he has his own disco over here. Amazing. Work and party together. We could have partied too. If only your brother had agreed. I told him to sell everything
and go to another country. But no, he wanted to
sell pickles in Pakistan. Now everything is ruined. Your country is always your own. I agree. But no one keeps ones
money in his own country. All rich Pakistanis keep
their money of the country. And we kept an extortion
slip garland around our neck. Which garland are you talking about? Good morning. The groom is over here. – Morning. Shakeel Bhai suggested putting a garland of money around
your neck during your wedding. Yes. Amazing, Shakeel Bhai. You are such a big business tycoon. And yet you want to
give me a garland of money? I will wear a garland made
of diamonds, let me tell you. Sure. The famous prince Sheikh Sultan
Al Baklawa has graced Cape Town. His Highness’s presence is not
just a proud moment for a country.. brings in a lot
of opportunity as well. Ladies and gentlemen, as all
of you can see it on your screens… Sheikh Sultan Al Baklawa
has reached Cape Town. He has brought a priceless
and unique golden commode with him. Yes, this is not just golden in color. It is made of 24-carat pure gold. It is not just difficult
but impossible to quote its price. The specialty of this pot is that has
traveled the world with him. – Amazing, people of our country
don’t have enough to eat. And he is shitting on gold. Sheikh Sultan Al Baklawa has never
used any other pot other than this. People are born with a
golden spoon in their mouth.. ..and he is been born with
a golden commode on his bottoms. Welcome, Your Highness. Call me Baklawa. It’s sweet. Yes, sir. Please come. It’s a privilege to have
you at the Grand Heritage Hotel. This hotel is known for being the most
famous amongst all royalties in the world. This way. Please Your Highness, we are so glad that you’ve
chosen our hotel over all the others. Our hotel staff will
be at your service 24/7. And if Your Highness would like us to
plan anything particularly special.. ..we will be honored and privileged. Hope you enjoy your
stay at Grand Heritage. Please, this way, sir. Very pretty. Your Highness,
this is our royal suite. It is specially designed
according to your wish list. ?? Arabic?? I am happy to be here. It’s a pleasure sir. Gentlemen, the pink diamonds are
extremely rare and extremely valuable. Their worth alone makes this the
biggest heist South Africa has ever seen. Which is why our government wants
to keep this absolutely confidential. According to our files, these are the men most capable
of pulling off a job like this. This is Paul Henrick. He’s the man behind the drug mafia,
the Americans. And this is… this is Carlos. And we all know what he is good at. Weapons smuggling. But to me,
this doesn’t feel like a one-man job. Which is why we are
looking at these two. None other than Iqbal Fakri. One of them comes from Mumbai,
the other from Karachi. Now these cities have
a common political mafia. These two have been involved
with him in the past. And probably still are. They like to do unique jobs. And trust me,
this one is quite unique. Pick one. “Love is a strange thing.” “Changes everything.” “You stay unaware.” “What is about to happen.” “I’ll let you in on a
secret, I desire you.” “Let our breaths do all the talking.” “I’ll let you in on a
secret, I desire you.” “Let our breaths do all the talking.” “Precious moments are slipping away,
and there is no solution in sight.” “What do I tell you, what is
about to happen tomorrow?” “Attractive, heart warming…” “Beyond the sky, beyond the ground.” “Every sign, every shore.” “Everything is unbelievable.” ?? Arabic ?? Arabic ?? Arabic ?? Arabic ?? Arabic Yeah. Okay. “You are unaware, oh naïve one.” “These eyes are deceptive.” “You are unaware, oh naïve one.” “These eyes are deceptive.” “It entraps, it lays traps.” “Why does it question your intentions?” “Attractive, heart warming…” “Beyond the sky, beyond the ground.” “Every sign, every shore.” “Everything is unbelievable.” ?? Arabic ?? Arabic ?? Arabic ?? Arabic Hello baby, I’m outside.
Send the parcel. Okay, I’m sending it. ?? Arabic ?? Arabic ?? Arabic Where the hell is my pot! We really need to cover that story! ?? Arabic?? What do you think? ?? Arabic?? ?? Arabic?? Sir, the… the police is here. I will not talk to police. Your government must speak to them. If your police were of any use,
the pot would have not been stolen. ?? Arabic?? I gave you the honor
of staying in your hotel. ?? Arabic?? You stole my pot. ?? Arabic?? It’s worth more than
your hotel and everyone here. ?? Arabic?? You people are responsible for it. ?? Arabic?? You don’t know the consequences of it. ?? Arabic?? I will stop all the
trade with your country. ?? Arabic?? You will have no oil. ?? Arabic?? I will make sure that no
royalty for Arabia ever comes here. ?? Arabic?? Not just this hotel,
this city, this country. ?? Arabic?? He’s saying, if he doesn’t
get his pot back he will not poop. ?? Arabic?? It’s over. I need to see CCTV footage
from the hotel on my desk.. soon as humanly possible. Alright, over and out. This is so alarming. Seems like Cape Town is on fire. It’s the second biggest
theft in a month’s time. We have to get to the
bottom of this quickly. I’m convinced there is a connection
with the pink diamonds. Hello? I have job for you. You find my pot. I will reward you. I’ll pay whatever you ask for. Okay. Before we could look for a customer.. ..a customer found us. That’s good, isn’t it? It saves the unnecessary
hide and seek. Now we will sell his pot to him. I will pee on it at least once. Hey, you don’t pee
on your source of income. Singhare, keep it back inside. We will have to
unnecessarily repack it. Oh no. Hello, baby. I have brought your dress home. You can try it on over here. So that the groom is the
first one to see the bride. Moon, listen to me. Hi. There has been a situation. Sheikh’s pot got stolen. They are investigating
all the staff members. That golden commode? Yes. My phone will
remain switched off. Inform my family
if I get late, please. Sure, I’ll inform them. Listen… Farhan, listen! Sheikh Al Baklawa’s
golden pot got stolen. Naina said she wanted
to see the dress. – NO! When we opened the parcel.
We found this. What is this, Moon? Pari had given me her dress. From where did this come? There is some confusion. Gold… – Gold… She told me over the
phone that the pot got stolen. Police must be there.
Her phone is switched off. How will we know what is going on? I’ll check the news,
perhaps there’s something on it. Good idea. – Yes. Put it on. Put in on quickly. ‘This is being said to be the fifth
grandest theft in terms of money.’ ‘It’s being said that there is a very
big and dangerous behind this theft.’ ‘This incident took place
in South Africa’s Cape Town city..’ ‘..where Sultan Sheikh
Al Baklawa has declared that..’ ‘..he won’t go to the bathroom
till his pot isn’t found.’ ‘Ladies and gentlemen,
let me tell you once again…’ Thakre, call up the poor guy quickly. Or he might blow
up because of pressure. ‘Police have surrounded
the hotel from all sides.’ We have made arrangements
for you to poop. What? I mean we found your pot. Good job. Come to Nelson Boulevard in one hour. ?? With the money. ‘For those who have just joined us…’ ‘Let me inform you that Sheikh Al Baklawa’s golden
commode has been stolen.’ Did you get through? No, her phone is still switched off. I hope she doesn’t get into trouble. Listen… I am about to call the police. We will have to tell them everything.. to how this pot came to us. You will get us killed. Have you lost it? Why? You will tell police the
truth and they will believe you? They will take us along with the pot. This isn’t Pakistani Police. Right. Police isn’t Pakistani
but we are Pakistanis. And we are Muslims. We will be accused of
theft as well as terrorism. Who has the slimmest throat
in this world, Shakeel Bhai? All the nooses fit us. They pick us whenever anything
bad happens in the world. Look, all of us are worried. Let’s come up with
a solution together. Okay? – Yes. He is right. He is absolutely right. Let’s throw it in the sea. Like Osama Bin Laden. Commode? – No, no, no.
No one will leave the house. Yes. – We will bury it in the garden. This is what they do in the movies. They bury the dead body, Naina. This is a commode. What are you guys saying? How will that help? Police will still manage to find it. They will come searching
for it with dogs. Look, we will have to send
this pot to the police somehow. I have an idea. I have an idea to send
this pot to the police. What? Police will find the pot, right? Yes. Let’s go. – Let’s go. Shakeel Bhai… – Yes? Over there. – Yes, over there. Over there. Get it out. Come on. Yes. It’s heavy. Damn… Coin. Give me a coin. – Yes. Give me a coin. – Here. Here five… – I don’t want
a Pakistani coin. – Here you go. Hello. Hello? – Pot is at Nelson Boulevard. Come and take it. What? Say it in English! Oh sorry! Golden pot is at Nelson Boulevard. Come… Come… – Hurry up. Get it! – Come get it. Who is this? A well-wisher. – What? Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Sheikh. ‘Even this one is
good enough to do it.’ ‘Then why does the Sheikh
need a golden pot to do it?’ ‘So many people’s life
can be made with all that gold.’ ‘It could make our life as well.’ Shakeel Bhai! Shakeel Bhai, wake up! Shakeel Bhai! – Who is it? Come on, get up. Let’s go. Wake up. Where are you taking me? Hold it, buddy. Not so fast. I wanna see what’s inside. Does he want to poop here? What the f**k is this? Where’s the pot? The pot was in it. Something is fishy.
– Are you guys serious? Sheikh, listen to us. – What the f**k! You even called the cops!
– Police! – You bloody… Run! Run! Run! You called the police!
– They called the cops! B**tard… Let’s go! What are we doing here? Police will come. Fate won’t give us another
opportunity, Shakeel Bhai. It can bring about a lot of changes. Our life could change. We will have to take
a little risk, right? Let’s go. Be courage. Let’s go. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. I understand and appreciate that you all
have been extremely anxious about this case. So it’s my pleasure to announce
that after a grueling investigation.. ..we have managed to recover the pot. After a day or two, with our
forensic team gathering evidence.. will be returned to
Prince Al Baklawa immediately. I will also like to
take this opportunity.. mention about the detectives
in our special crimes unit.. Thank God!
– ..whose hard work and dedication.. ..have in my option..
– The police found the pot. Thank you very much. Your idea worked, brother!
– No further questions. My darling! Congratulations, Shakeel Bhai! Hugs and kisses! Wonderful! Let’s go out to celebrate. No, no, no. First have your breakfast. Yes, yes. Let’s go out for breakfast! Let’s go to MacDonald’s. That’s great. Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? Wonderful! Awesome Amazing!
– How did that happen? Keep quiet, Shakeel Bhai. You heard the news?
They found the pot! What do you think? I am so happy because
I am getting married? Yes, you are more happy than I am.
How cute! Shakeel Bhai, we had taken it back.
How did the police get it? Hi, guys. Hi! – Hi! Hi! – Hi! Pari is here. Let me wear the jacket! Naina! How are you? Tell me, if your jetlag is gone
then you come with me to my house. We are having a lot of fun. What are you doing here? What are you doing? Helping you. But we are going for breakfast. Oh. – Yes. Then why didn’t you tell me? I am also sorry. Let’s go. – Let’s go. Let’s go. Here’s an apple. Come on. Come, baby. Can’t wait. Let’s go. – Let’s go. Let’s go, Shakeel Bhai. Let’s go, Farhan. – Let’s go. Yes, let’s go. Farhan, this… Naina, you come with me. – Yes. We will go home from there. Okay. See you there. Take care. How did the police get the pot? Boss, I swear, I don’t know anything. You know. And you will tell us. No, boss. No. No, boss. No. ?? Arabic What are you saying, Sheikh? You bloody scoundrels. Don’t cuss, Sheikh. Something is fishy. Let us settle it. You settled it by giving
the pot to the police. Sheikh, we didn’t give
the pot to the police. Anyway, you wanted the pot, right? Whether we give it
to you or the police does… What difference does it make? It makes a difference. There were diamonds in the pot. Diamonds? Which diamonds? Pink diamonds. The ones I purchased from
you and kept them in the pot. Don’t fool us, Sheikh! First your pot got stolen
and now there are diamonds in it. After some time you will also say
that 150 wives and 500 children in it. Are we fools to believe that? Is that your pot or a
well that everything is in it. Police will get into it
if the pot has diamonds in it. If they aren’t it then I will
put it in you in such a way that.. will come up with the diamonds. Got it? The diamonds were in the pot. And we didn’t even know. You… Call up the Sheikh and say thank you. What? Call up the Sheikh and say thank you. Because he told us that
there are diamonds in the pot. Now he will get neither
the diamonds nor the pot. Then we will get who gets inside whom. You talk to him. – You tell him. What happened? Moon… We have hidden something from you. What have you hidden? Why are you increasing the suspense? We are no longer rich. We lied to you. Yes. What we did with the
bank happened with us as well. Our factory got burnt down, Moon. The factory got burnt down? What? Yes. We have gone bankrupt. We lost everything after
the factory got burnt. We lost everything overnight. We lost everything.
– We got hand to mouth. We ate a proper meal in the flight
for the first time in three days. It was worst for me. We didn’t have any other option left. And then suddenly
we got your phone call. Then why didn’t you
tell me about this? What would we tell you, man? What would we tell you? We thought you were very happy. We didn’t want to ruin
it for you with our sorrows. We don’t have enough
words to thank you. You aren’t a human being. An angel. – Yes. You are an angel. Don’t worry. We are friends. We are like a family. Right? – Yes. You guys can stay here
with me for as long as you want. I am here for you.
We will handle everything. Right? Right, Shakeel Bhai? Well said. We were so worried because of the pot. Yes. We too saw it in the news.
– I am so tired. Shakeel Bhai… – Yes? What… Come on. Moon? – Yes? We have hidden something else as well. What have you hidden now?
– Tell me that as well. Well, that… that pot… Yeah? It was made of gold. Yes. The whole of South
Africa knows that, Farhan. Come on, let’s go. We had brought that
pot back at night. – Yes. But the police have taken it. From where? I think from the car. From the car? Yes. – Yes. F**k. You bloody traitors! What did you say? What did you say? An angel! An angel! You were sc**wing with me in the car! You unthankful beings! You stutterer! What are you doing?
That’s Shakeel Bhai! Damn Shakeel Bhai! Let me go! You have already gone bankrupt! Now do you want me to go bankrupt? What… You are joking right? Tell me. Tell me that you are joking. Right? At what infusions hour
did I bring you guys here? Even the witch spares her family! You were jealous. Right? You were jealous of my happiness! You have done it on purpose. You have done it on purpose. – No! No, no, no! What were you saying? – What? What were you saying? You didn’t want to ruin it for you. You have ruined it! You have ruined it for me! May you two get infested with worms. May you die a dreadful
death in Karachi! What are you saying? Shakeel Bhai! Shakeel Bhai! Stop! Stop it! Stop your acting! Hello? Hello? What are you doing? Come here. We are coming. Let’s go. It’s a very nice place,
isn’t it? – Yes. Yes? – The place. It’s nice. You okay? – Yeah. Thank you. – Congrats. – For what? They found the pot. I can see,
you work at the Grand Heritage Hotel. Oh! Yeah. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. – You are welcome. Enjoy your breakfast. The whole Cape Town knows. Hotel has lost its reputation. You know how many cops had come there? Really? They had held back
all the staff members. They investigated
throughout the night. It felt as if we have stolen it. Idiots. But you guys have no
idea about the police here. They are very fast. Can you imagine,
they found the pot in just one night! Wow. I am telling you, they will catch
the thief too in the next 24 hours. Then they will juice the thief. Please help us, we are Pakistanis! Currently the most wanted
criminals by the police. What are you doing, Farhan! Sorry. – Are you okay? Sorry. Hope you are enjoying your breakfast. I’m lovin’ it! – I’m lovin’ it! Moon, bye. – Okay. He is leaving. He is leaving
without us. Hurry up, Shakeel Bhai! Wait! Wait! Wait, brother! – Hey! Hey! Moon, take his age into
consideration at least. Yes. – Brother… – Hey! Moon! Moon! – Hey! Hey! Listen to me! What are you doing, man! I would have lost it. We made a mistake. Please forgive us. We will go back to Pakistan. – Yes. We will go back today itself. Yes, that is right. Very good. You cause trouble. You make the police come after me. And now you want to disappear? I won’t let you move
even an inch from here. Okay, I am following. Till this issue isn’t resolved,
both of you… Stop the car. I repeat, stop the car.
– Oh guys, police! Police! Don’t stop the car, Moon! Don’t stop the car, Moon! Stop the car! Police is coming after us, Shakeel
Bhai! – I repeat, stop the car! Bend down, Shakeel Bhai.
– I won’t stop the car. He will kill me. Tell them the truth.
I have nothing to do with this. I am not involved.
– What are you doing, man? I was leaving such a decent life. From where did you two show up! We just came to share your joy. Yes, yes, yes. You came to share
my joy or destroy it? Shakeel Bhai… hide yourself.
– Phone call. – Yes. Shakeel Bhai, hide yourself. Hello Moon, I forgot to take my dress. Which dress? My wedding dress. Yes, the wedding dress. – Yes. Pari, I will call you back, okay?
– Can you please drop it to my house? He looks like a hero
of some bad movie. Your tyre is flat. Huh? Your tyre is flat. Oh, thank God. – What? Thank you. Thank you. – Yes. Have a nice day. – You too. Yes. I’ll help you change the tyre moon. Don’t touch my car. I am having a very bad day. Farhan! Yeah? Shakeel Bhai? Yes? The pot is still here. Then what does the police have? Sir. Excuse me, sir. So why did tell them
that we have the pot? To confuse the thieves. Get them relaxed. Get them complacent. And then we go after them hard. They think they are so smart. They don’t know who
they are dealing with. Hello? The pot police has belongs to us,
Shakeel. Tell us where it is. I think someone has
outsmarted you guys. Police doesn’t have any pot. It’s a trap. If both police and we don’t
have the pot, then where is the pot? Boss… Give me one chance, boss. I will find out where the pot is. Pot is over here. Whatever police has got… – Doomed. We have got another chance. Think about it, Moon. All this gold will
just collect crap forever. But if we act courageous then
it would change many lives for good. What? If we keep this pot and sell it,
we can buy another factory. It will employ thousands of people. It will help them make a living. It will help their
children go to school. People don’t have enough to eat. Forget food, people even
have to buy water to drink. And these sheikhs
need millions to shit on? If they have to do it, they
won’t care if it’s a bed or a jungle.. ..they will pee wherever they can. Look, these rich people
start living like normal people.. ..then there will be no
poverty in this world, Moon. Think about it. Moon… Farhan is right. Say something, man. Where will we keep it? This looks like Cape Town’s junkyard,
Shakeel Bhai. Yes. Listen, you go over there.
And you go over there. – Yes. Come on, go. Go on. Very good. Follow him! This doesn’t look
like it is made of gold. Right? Yes. Shakeel Bhai, how about a hug. He doesn’t mean the
‘hug’ (poop) in Urdu. He means the English hug. – Yes. Okay! “Come, dance on the beech.” “Come, finance your happiness.” “Enhance your life a little.” “Party at Cape Town a little.” “My wife is dead.” “The pickle turned sour.” “What do I tell you, man?” “My business went bust.” “My wife is dead.” “The pickle turned sour.” “What do I tell you, man?” “My business went bust.” “I tried everything but
the situation didn’t change.” “Now don’t make me cry, you idiot.” “Come on, take a hug.” “Come on, take a hug.” “And thug the world.” “Come on, take a hug.” “And thug the world.” “Come on, take a hug.” “And thug the world.” “And thug the world.” “Three mice went out to hunt.” “One mouse got extorted,
he got scared to death.” “One mouse went out and
fell in love with an angel.” “For that reason we
crossed the seven seas.” “Now we will get through everything.” “Now we will get through everything.” “From time my life into trouble,
my heart used to cry all night long.” “From time my life is good,
I cannot sleep all night long.” “So bounce a little.” “Announce this.” “Get your English
pronunciations right first.” “So bounce a little.” “Announce this.” “Get your English
pronunciations right first.” “When in a foreign country why
shouldn’t we change ourselves a little?” “Now don’t make me cry, you idiot.” “Come on, take a hug.” “Come on, take a hug.” “And thug the world.” “Come on, take a hug.” “And thug the world.” “And thug the world.” “Come on, take a hug.” “And thug the world.” “Come on, take a hug.” “And thug the world.” “And thug the world.” Who are they? Three people, boss. I haven’t seen them before. They are Asians, I think. Do one thing. Get them here. We should also know who
are these unknown personnel.. ..we are yet not aware about? Okay. The stone… The stone… When will it leave me alone? Farhan! Farhan! Farhan! Wake up, Farhan! Moon! Wake up.
I don’t have stones in my kidney. ?? No, I am telling the truth. I don’t have stones, I have diamonds. Diamonds! Yes! Real diamonds! – Shakeel Bhai,
joking early in the morning? Come with me and have a look. What nonsense! Come along. Wake up! Come along.
Come on. – Shakeel Bhai, what is this? Moon, tell him something.
This is a limit. Look at this. – What is it? Look at this. Have a look. – Moon, take a look. Oh damn! Shakeel Bhai, what did you have? You had taken me to the buffet. I had eaten everything. I didn’t leave out anything. They look real. Yes. – Yes. You remove them. I’ll go get a plastic bag. Yes. – I’ll go get a plastic bag. Wait here. – A plastic bag. Good. A plastic bag?
A plastic bag? A plastic bag? Where can I find a plastic bag?
Where can I find a plastic bag? Where is it? Let me check here. Over here? – Oh no. It’s not here. Where? – Shakeel Bhai,
did you find it? You don’t find plastic
bags in a bachelor’s house. It’s mothers who keep them hidden. Stop talking and look for one,
Shakeel Bhai. Okay. Find it. If it were Karachi,
we would find one on the road. Let me check here. – Keep it back. This? No. Where do I look for it? – Bless you! Found something! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Yes. Remove it. I had heard about a
hen which laid golden eggs. This is the first time I am looking
at an old man who excretes diamonds. Thank God, I didn’t get operated. Otherwise, the doctor would
have taken all the diamonds. Shakeel Bhai,
do you think there will be more? It will come out only if you feed me. It will come in full force. It is not a big problem. This is not rocket science. I’ll cook. I’ll cook. Shakeel Bhai, come and sit over here.
– I’ll cook for you. You will have rice, right? – Yes. Hurry up. Hey! Hey! Get me more stuff! – Feed me! What… what will you have? Shakeel Bhai,
would you like to eat a banana? One will lead to constipation.
Give me two of them. No, no, no. It shouldn’t stop. It shouldn’t stop. Here, have two of them.
Have two of them. Hey… Made some stuff radish flatbreads too. Shakeel Bhai,
is your stomach a politician? You have guttled so much
without any consequences. Hey! It is coming! – Yes? It is coming! – It is coming! It is coming, Shakeel Bhai!
– Yes, yes. No, it was a missed call. Damn you. Do you have kidney beans? Do you have Bengal grams? Shakeel Bhai,
why don’t you have laxative instead? All the diamonds
will come out in one go. It is coming! It is coming! It is coming! Thank God! It came. It came. It came! Are you done, Shakeel Bhai. Still doing it. Still doing it. Do it. Take your time. No pressure. Moon, you have worked
hard to get these diamonds out. You can keep them. I will keep whatever comes out next. Do you think I am crazy? Yeah? He has eaten so much food. He will excrete a lot of diamonds. He finished off all the grocery I had. Are you done, Shakeel Bhai? What happened, Shakeel Bhai? Are you done? Are you done, Shakeel Bhai?! Are you done?! I think all of them came
out in the first go itself. Okay! You are lying! This old man is lying.
– Yes, yes, yes. He must have hidden it.
– Right. – Open the door. Open it! I want to check! Open it! What are you waiting for?
Come on! That door too is open! Open the door! You cannot hide it, Shakeel Bhai! What is this, Shakeel Bhai? What had you said? Whatever is excreted
this time will be yours? Take it! Take it! Take it! Diamonds! Diamonds! They went away. In the pipe! Let’s go. Their gutters are so clean. Yes, this is the first
time I have entered one. How will we find out
which one of them is our pipe? Shakeel Bhai, why don’t
you take a sniff and tell us? You must know how yours smells like. I am not a dog that
I can sniff and find out? Or am I a Ninja Turtle
who stays in the gutter? Okay, don’t fight. Don’t fight. Look for the diamonds. Let’s find the pipe, Moon. That’s what I am doing. Let’s go. There’s nobody. But I found the pot, boss. Forget them and get the pot. A scorpion! So cute! I found P1! What? What did you find? I found our pipe! He found it. Shakeel Bhai, we found the pipe! Remove it! Remove it! Remove it! Hurry up and remove it! Be careful, okay? Be careful. Open up. Shakeel Bhai! What the… What happened? – Can you see them? Can you see them? What happened? Shakeel Bhai! I think the diamonds
have got flushed further away. How can they? Look carefully. Why don’t you have a look? Put your nose in it. It stinks. Move aside! “It stinks!” I cannot see them. There’s nothing in here. Diamonds! Diamonds! Diamonds! They are falling down. Diamonds are falling down.
– Found them! Get them! – Diamonds! Congratulations! Congratulations, Shakeel Bhai! We found the diamonds! We found the diamonds, Shakeel Bhai! Shakeel Bhai, we found the diamonds! Listen up! Listen up! Listen up! Where will we keep them? Here. Keep them here. – In this. Open it! Open it! Open it! – Okay. Keep it! Keep it! You too keep them. Moon… Moon… – Yes? You stay here.
I’ll go back and flush again. Okay. – You stay here. Let’s go. Let’s go. Shakeel Bhai. Let’s go. Keep quiet, Shakeel Bhai! Let’s go. Let’s go.
Be careful. Watch your step. Come on. Shakeel Bhai? Oh no! Oh damn! If the pot belonged to the Sheikh.. ..then the diamonds too
must have belonged to the Sheikh. And when he won’t find the diamonds, he will come back here. He is right. We should get out of here. But where will we go? You can go now. It’s okay. Oh shit. F**k.
– Can you open your window, please? Reverse it!
Reverse it! – ?? African okay? Just reverse it! ?? African – Do something, Paul. Yes. – Boss will kill us.
So something. I don’t want to die. – ?? African Okay, Owens? – Load your guns. Load your guns. He’s coming to us. – Okay, okay. Be ready. Good afternoon, officer. Good afternoon. Just wanna flip that trunk for me? Here. Oh shit, man! Someone help me! Tea. You didn’t have to
take so much effort, son. You brought so many gifts! Say it. They brought them willingly. They must have brought
gifts for everyone, right? It isn’t just for the bride, right? Give it. We have only brought these
jewelries as gifts, auntie. Uncle, please hold them. – Okay. And you forgot this one. Who will give this? This one as well. This one is quite expensive, auntie. So keep it with care, please? – Okay. It’s very beautiful. – Isn’t it? Don’t worry, son. I’ll put it in my safe. Oh. – Very good. – Yes. Very good. Her safe is so safe that
even I don’t know its code. Tell me about it. Amazing. Shakeel Bhai, say it. Tell them. This… Where are you guys going? What? We are coming. What? Yes. From where? He means we are coming here. – Yes. But you are already here. That’s what we are
telling you, auntie. We are already here. I didn’t get you. Actually, we have a ritual
wherein two days before the wedding.. ..the groom’s family goes
to the bride’s house to stay. – Yes. Yes. Moon? – Yes? You didn’t inform us
anything about this ritual. Auntie, what happens is that the groom…
– It is a ritual. This too is a ritual. We aren’t supposed to inform. We aren’t supposed to inform, auntie. If we inform then either
the bride or the groom falls ill. And sometimes… God forbid… No, no, no. No, son. Tell me. Auntie, sometimes what
you say also comes true. Auntie, I used to not
believe in these things before. Not at all. But you remember when
I didn’t believe in it… Naina got chickenpox right
before the send off ceremony. Good that you informed us. You all must stay here. Must. Yeah. I insist. What are you saying, auntie?
– Great going. You believe in what they said? Them? I don’t believe all this. No, no, no, no. What? Moon, you should
listen to your elders. And then you must stay
here if auntie is insisting. Yes. – Exactly. – Exactly, Moon. Otherwise, you know chickenpox… Auntie, you make wonderful tea. It is great.
– Have some biscuits with them. Yes, one biscuit. One only. – No, thank you. So chickenpox, yeah? – Yes. What happened, Thakre? Boss! Boss! Police has taken the pot. You Singhare! Where are the diamonds? Where are the diamonds? Boss, the diamonds must be in the pot. Damn you! Diamonds are not in the pot. Where are the f**king diamonds? First you said the
diamonds are in the pot. Now you say that
they aren’t in the pot. Are you playing with us? You know that we
don’t have the diamonds. Then find them. I’ll take either the
diamonds or your life. You have 24 hours. Otherwise, you are dead. Let’s go. Where are you taking me, Naina? Listen to me, first. Look everyone is… – No. Come here. What happened? Listen to me. What is going on? What new stories are you making up? When did I get chickenpox? What’s going on, Farhan? Naina, you don’t know
but there is a big problem. What problem? Moon’s condition is quite bad. He is in a worse financial
condition than even we are. What? Yes! You know why he gave
us tickets and called us here? Why? Because he thought, we have money. That we will pay off his loans. What? – Yes. He has taken loan from
very dangerous people. They had come home. We got out of there
with great difficulty. Where else could we go? We don’t have the
money to go to a hotel. So we will spend two days here. We will leave once
the wedding takes place. Then it’s between Moon and them. Poor Pari. Why poor Pari? We are in trouble here
and you are worried about Pari? Don’t tell anyone. Let’s go. Let’s go.
Everyone is watching us. – Farhan! But tell me… – Look in front.
Everyone is watching us. Yes, a lot. We are coming. Dance, dance. If the diamonds were in the pot then the
police wouldn’t have spared the Sheikh. This means… The one who whisked off the
pot from us has all the diamonds. Moon… Moon… You? What are you doing here? I wanted to discuss
something very important. Tell me, baby. Don’t get too cozy. Are you refusing to get married to me? What is it called?
Last minute anxiety. Are you having that, baby? – No! It’s important. Sheikh Al Baklawa… – Yes? I heard him talking over the phone. What was he saying? He was telling someone
that the pot… – Yes? It had diamonds in it. – Yes. And the diamonds are no longer in it. Did you tell the police about this,
baby? – No. But I think that I should. What? You shouldn’t tell the police. You shouldn’t tell
such things to the police. Baby, these Sheikhs are
very dangerous kind of people. So. So, you didn’t tell
anyone about it, right? No. – Then forget it.
Completely forget about it. We are getting married in two days. So, why should we unnecessarily
worry about the diamonds? But I was thinking about
informing… – No, don’t think! Don’t think about it. You go and take that,
your beauty sleep. You will get dark circles otherwise. Go. Be a good girl. Go to sleep. Good night. Bye. Are you sure that I shouldn’t
inform the police? – Baby… I will do something
about the diamonds, okay? Go to sleep now. Okay? – Okay. Okay. I suggest that we sell the diamonds. We can sell them only
if they are with us. We kept the diamonds with auntie. You are saying as if you
are getting married after 10 years. You are getting married tomorrow.
– You will get the diamonds tomorrow. We can sell them day after tomorrow. Let’s go one thing. We will go there,
stand at the crossroad and shout. “Buy diamonds! Buy diamonds from us!” These aren’t normal diamonds
that will sell so easily. Sheikh’s pot was worth billions. So how much will
these diamonds be worth? We won’t get a customer so easily. Heed my advice. Let’s quietly give the
diamonds back to the Sheikh. We will manage to save
our lives as well as our honor. We will lead a peaceful life. We have had enough of this adventure. Enough of it now. Moon is right, Farhan. Enough of adventure. Okay. We will give the
diamonds back to Sheikh. Yes. – Yes. But not for free. Since when do you know Moon? It seems like I’ve known him forever. So you know everything about Moon? Of course. And he too knows everything about me. But he doesn’t know one thing. And what’s that? What is this? His house keys. Oh. He keeps forgetting things. I keep telling him
to get me my wedding dress. Bring my dress over.
But he isn’t getting it. Now will I wear my wedding
dress after my wedding? Pari… We cannot go to Moon’s house. We have already reached Moon’s house. What! – We have reached. It’s just a matter of two minutes.
– Pari, what I am saying is… It will take just two minutes.
– Pari, listen to me. Pari… – We will pick
up my dress and leave. Pari… – Just two minutes, dear.
Just two minutes! Pari! – Let’s go!
Let’s go! Let’s go inside. Please listen to me, Pari! Please listen to me, Pari! We will leave immediately.
– Please listen to me, Pari! I am not feeling well.
– Just two minutes. Pari, we can do it later…
– Wait for just minutes… Shit. I told you, we should come here later. Both the gold and
diamonds were together. Women obviously had
to take their share. Damn! Looks like they had a
plan to make jewelry, lifelong. Shall we go? Yes. – Yes. Get your clothes and jewelry right. What’s the plan? I don’t know. What? I haven’t thought about it. We came here without a plan? Have you lost it? We have to go to the reception and
somehow find out Sheikh’s room number. You use femininity. Okay? Let’s go. Wait here. Hi, how can I help you, ma’am? Hello, beautiful. Hello, beautiful. You are looking beautiful, sister. – Can
you tell me where the prince is staying? Sultan is here.
Come on. – What? Where? Selfie! Sheikh Baklawa! Sheikh… Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot, please! I’m just a big fan. You are so gorgeous. Can I take a selfie with you please? Just one. Just one. Please make a pout. Make a pout. Oh, you are so lovely,
I can’t believe this! Mr. Baklawa, you are so handsome! And so big! Oh Sheikh, you are too hot! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Why don’t you come to my room? Okay. I’ll treat you with some… Baklawa. It will make your life more favorable. I love all kind of flavor. I love Baklawa. You are so sweet! Okay. Come, come with me. Let’s go. – Yes, let’s go. Stay out. – Stay out. He’s so sweet. Don’t do it. Oh come on. – You come on. Don’t be shy. Hey, it’s poison. Keep quiet. We will push it inside
if you make any noise. If you want your diamonds,
call on this phone. Okay? He loves kissing us. Bye, Baklawa. His phone too is made of gold. Let’s go. We have been kidnapped, Pari. Yes. And we have to save
ourselves from being raped. You have seen self-defense
videos on Youtube? No. Okay, then just follow me. Run, Naina! – Run, Pari! Catch them! Go! – Not there! This way! Pari! What are you doing? Let’s go, Pari! Pari! Pari! Bloody thief! Don’t you have any shame? Who steals anyone’s wedding dress? Let me go. You know Nomi Ansari
took a year to make it! And you have thrown it like this,
in the dirt! I haven’t worn it even once. Pari… – Keep quiet. Moon makes a new excuse every day. Now I know that you were
seeking ransom for my dress. So cheap! You are such filthy thieves. You cheap… – Shut up! Are you blind? Can’t you see that I am holding gun? You just keep on blabbering. Shut up! She is just a kid. She is a little stupid, isn’t she? You know,
you look like very decent people. You don’t look like
those who will hurt a girl. Right? You know what? You should let us go. We will return all your money. Right? Moon will return all your money. Easy. Simple. No problem. No tension. Hey tangy beach snack… We don’t want the money, lizard. Where are the diamonds? His name is Baklawa
yet he tastes so bitter! I feel like gargling with acid. Do one thing,
drink Harpic (toilet cleaner). I say, we should charge it. It’s switched off, if Baklawa calls… We have switched it off on purpose,
Shakeel Bhai. We have switched it off on purpose. Let him squirm a little. Let us increase the rate a little. How much money should we ask for? 10… – No. I say, forget the money.
Let’s ask for an oil well or two. How about a few airplanes too? Yes! And a few palaces too! Yes! ?? UNCLEAR ?? UNCLEAR We have only the option of cash. We have no other
option other than cash. Am I right, Moon? You tell me. Look, I feel that we should
quietly accept whatever he gives. We anyway don’t have much time left. Are you selling diamonds
or flowers at the signal.. ..that you will take
whatever anyone will give you? You let it be. I will handle it. You don’t get involved in this deal. I’ll give you your share in the end. Yes, the poor people
will do just that. Yes. Hello? Tomorrow morning at 10. Come to the Atlantis Factory. Who are you?
– Why do I need to come there? Because you have the diamonds. Moon! – Farhan! Naina! – Moon! – Farhan! Naina! – Pari! Farhan! – The girls are with us. Let me go. Now quickly open Google and come here.
– Moon! Let me go. Get the girls here. The phone is powered off. Find the location. Shit. Shit. Diamonds are with auntie! Now how will we get them out of there? You must know where
she keeps her locker. I was thinking… James Bond, stop your planning. Thank you very much. You got the girls kidnapped. Moon, you…you think of something. I too will think of something. “We feel defeated.
Promises have been broken too.” “You are great, oh fate.” “We are ruined. We are doomed.” “We have been left with only tatters.” “You have overshadowed
everything, fate.” “Nooses have tightened and
our girls are trapped inside.” “Nooses have tightened and
our girls are trapped inside.” “It was just a small game
and suddenly went out of control.” “Happiness has disappeared,
there is no solution available.” “Leave me alone, forget me, oh fate.” “Nooses have tightened and
our girls are trapped inside.” “Nooses have tightened and
our girls are trapped inside.” Have you seen auntie anywhere? Auntie, I have been looking for you. And I have been looking for Pari. Pari! Pari! Yes, Pari has sent this for you. It’s a diamond ring. Keep it safe. Inside the safe. But where are they? Her phone is switched off. Girls love last minute shopping,
you know. She is coming. She will be here soon.
In just a while… Ask her to call me. Okay. ‘I will have to bring Pari
back home before auntie finds out.’ Yes. Wait. Close this. She is here. Okay. Make a video. I am. – Auntie! What is he doing?
– Did you keep the ring? Give me just two minutes. Okay, take your time. Take your time. Move… move! How will we be able to see the code? Damn… Her lungs will burn. I didn’t get a single
chance to smoke since morning. She is getting married tomorrow. Then Pari will go away. You bring them up
with great difficulty. And then some idiot comes, says I
love you and takes your daughter away. Look at him and look at her. Like an angel marrying a monkey. I don’t know what Pari saw in him. Who knows, he might have a good heart. Allah, take God care of Pari. Please. We didn’t get the code.
– You didn’t make the video. What do we do now? I think we should
take the locker with us. What will we do about the code? Let’s take the locker with us. We will think about the code later. Someone is coming. Get in! Get in! Hurry up! Hurry up! Get in! Hurry up! Hurry up! Shakeel Bhai, hurry up and close it. Cover up. He is stripping. He has a tattoo!
Take a look. It’s a sun. Tattoo. He is so hairy. Go away! Oh damn! He left. Come out, Shakeel Bhai. Come out. He left. Close the cupboard. – Let’s go. Let’s go. Hurry up, Farhan.
We have to keep it back too. How should I hurry up? I don’t know the code. Didn’t you make a video? Who asked you to call out to her? Auntie stood right in front of it.
I couldn’t see a thing. Try 000. I have tried 111, 000, 999.
I have tried all triples. It is not opening. Yes, we tried all
the triple combination. Stop the car. Stop the car, Moon. Yes. – I will break it open. Shakeel Bhai, ask him to stop the car. Yes, yes. – Stop it quickly. Stop it. – Stop it. Stop the car, already. – Alright. Stone? Stone? Stone? Stone? Stone? Where do I find a stone? Moon, find me a stone. Shakeel Bhai, look for a stone. Here. This one. You’ll break it?
– Keep quiet, Sahkeel Bhai. You… Sahkeel Bhai!
Sahkeel Bhai! Sahkeel Bhai, sorry. Have you lost it? – Sahkeel Bhai!
Sahkeel Bhai, are you hurt? Sahkeel Bhai, I am sorry.
Sahkeel Bhai, I hit you by mistake. Please forgive me.
Please forgive me, Sahkeel Bhai. Sahkeel Bhai? It’s okay, Sahkeel Bhai. It’s okay.
It’s all good, Sahkeel Bhai. Now auntie will tell us its code. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s all good. Sorry, Sahkeel Bhai.
Sorry, Sahkeel Bhai, sorry. Sister, come here.
We are having so much fun. Everyone is enjoying.
Come here, everyone is dancing. Sister-in-law,
why are you sitting over there? Go there.
The kids are dancing so well. I’ll just come. You go ahead. Hey Moon, how are you?
– I am fine. Have a seat, please. Auntie… Pari wanted the ring back. She liked some other design. This girl is so confused. And ask her, will she be
home before her wedding begins? Sonia? Sonia, relax.
– What happened, sister-in-law Sonia? Listen… listen… – Someone
get water for her. The locker is protected with a code. And only you know the code. Right? The thief will get into trouble
when he will try to get it open. Here, drink some water. – Relax. And there is an alarm on it. You will see,
police will call us up any moment now. Brother is right.
– Tell me, what was in it? Just jewelry, right? Jewelry. You should be happy that life is safe. Relax, Sonia. Relax. We will be getting a phone
call from police any moment now. Yes. – Please. Relax. Phone. – Phone.
There, it came. – Answer it quickly. Answer it. Hello? Your daughter and
your locker are with us. Tell us the code
and take your daughter. Tell us the code. – Hey! Tell us the code.
– Hey! What is he saying? Tell us. – Hey! – What? – What? Sister-in-law! – She fainted. What happened, sister-in-law? – Hello?
Who is it? – Someone call for an ambulance. Hello, Moon? Give the phone to auntie. Give the phone
to auntie, Moon. – Sister-in-law Sonia? Sonia? Sonia? What are you doing? Moon? You scoundrel,
give the phone to auntie! Hello? What have we gotten ourselves into,
Shakeel Bhai! What nonsense! Sister-in-law Sonia? – Uncle? You look after auntie. – Okay. I will bring Pari back. Okay? Why do mothers have such a weak heart? She could have fainted
after telling us the code. Old woman. I suggest we forget about the code. We will give it as it is. They are very famous goons. They have kidnapped the girls. They will manage to open this as well.
– Shakeel Bhai is right. He is right, right Moon? It would have been
better if it had opened up. They only wanted the diamonds. We could have at
least saved the jewelry. We’ll have to give
more than we bargained for. You are so cheap, Moon. We don’t know in what state
Naina and Pari are over there. And you are worried about the jewelry? Have some shame, man. You are strange. I was saying that if
we could get the diamonds… What? What were you saying? Nothing. Now I just want… I just
want the dawn to come soon. Yes. Wake up! – Yes! Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go, Shakeel Bhai. – Yes. Come on, get up. Come on. Be careful. Watch it. Come on. Come on, come on. Let’s go, Moon. Let’s go. Let’s go, Moon. Get down. You get down first. You are scared, aren’t you? Yes. And there is no guarantee that they’d
let us go after taking the diamonds. Then let’s make a promise. If we survive this ordeal… Then we won’t see each
other’s face henceforth. Let’s go. – Let’s go. Sir, we found the location. We should have had a backup, right? Listen… – Yes? Let’s do one thing. – What? Go guys go inside.
I’ll stay back as backup. – Get in! Hey, I told you guys, let’s go inside. You guys are standing
here and talking. Keep quiet, Shakeel Bhai.
– Get in. Let’s go. Let’s go. – Let’s go. Hello? Where are the diamonds? The girls? Where are the girls? Hey smarty-pants,
you seem to be in quite a hurry. No, actually the thing is, this
poor guy is getting married tomorrow. Then you should have brought
all the guests here itself. I would have made him
take vows around the fire. Where are the diamonds? The diamonds in this, sir. Open it. Actually… We don’t know its code. Really, smarty-pants? It is your locker.
You have kept the diamonds inside. And you don’t know its code? You think we are fools? – No! No! No! No! No! No! We don’t think you are fools. This locker doesn’t
belong to us. – Yes. You scoundrel… I am dead! I am dead! – Shakeel Bhai! I will tell you. I will tell you, man. Give me just two minutes. Just two minutes. I’ll tell you the whole story. No, he will take 10 minutes
to tell his 2 minutes story. Hey, you… you tell us. I? Look, this locker belongs
to his mother-in-law. My mother-in-law.
– And she knows the code. But…but she cannot tell us. Is she mute? – No, no, no. She fainted. She fainted. What? – Yes, she… Bhai (Don)… Let me explain? Go ahead. When we found these diamonds.. ..I thought we should keep
them at a safe place. – Yes. So I gave the diamonds
to my mother-in-law. – Yes. My mother-in-law kept those
diamonds in this locker. – Yes. My mother-in-law didn’t know she
was keeping diamonds in her locker. Because before giving these
diamonds to my mother-in-law.. ..I had put them in a jewelry box. So the diamonds are in the
jewelry box which is in the locker. The box is in the locker
and the diamonds are in the box. My mother-in-law doesn’t know
that the diamonds are in the box. That’s why your diamonds
are safe in the box. So what’s in the locker? Diamonds? But aren’t the diamonds in the box? The diamonds in the box. Then you should have brought the box,
you scoundrels! I told you,
you should let me explain. – Yes. Look, you made him angry. – Sorry. Shall I explain? – Enough. – Sir… Enough. Enough of your drama. Thakre, shoot one of them
and the truth will come out. No! No! No! I want to know the real story. Tell me. You tell me. Thank you, Bhai. Thank you. This locker belongs
to his mother-in-law. His mother-in-law’s mother’s… – No! Bhai! – Bhai! No! – Let me finish. Let me finish what I am saying. Look, belongs to his
mother-in-law. – Yes. And you have kidnapped
her daughter. – Yes. When she learnt that,
she fainted. – Yes. If we would have waited
for her to regain consciousness.. ..then we would be
late to come here. – Yes. So we thought the diamonds
should reach you first. – Right. So we brought this here. – Yes. You guys such experienced goons. You will shoot at it and
its brains will spill out. – Right. Hey! – You are right. I hope you are not
trying to act smart. No. – No, boss. – No. No, no, no. Who would try to act
smart in front of a gun? If you want, I’ll also
keep my phone and wallet here. We are used to this in Karachi. Smarty-pants, what did you think? The police will come out of
the locker as soon as the alarm rings? Right? You mouse! Bhai! Iqbal! We will have to be brave
if we want to live, Shakeel Bhai. We will have to be brave,
Shakeel Bhai. Hey guys, where are the girls? – Yes. Moon, you check over there.
Shakeel Bhai, you check over there. Okay. – I will check over here. Yes, yes. Naina! Pari! Why is there so much
of firing going on? I was supposed to get married! I will die single! Moon! Sorry, Shakeel Bhai. Did you get hurt? Don’t you have any shame?
You are a strange guy. You hit my head so hard!
A bump formed. First, he hit the locker on my foot.
– Shakeel Bhai is talking fine. And now he has hit
the stick on my head. He is not stammering.
– What do you think of yourself? Shakeel Bhai… – Why
can’t I hear the firing? Has everyone gone home? I think Shakeel Bhai
has gone deaf. – Yes. Why are you just moving your lips? Talk! Talk!
Talk! – Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Hey! Hey! Listen… Naina! – Pari! They must be here somewhere. – Naina! Naina! – Naina! – Pari! Moon! – Farhan! Where are you? Naina! – Pari! Farhan! – Moon! Say something, Naina!
– Where are you? Pari! Over here! Shakeel Bhai! – Over here! I heard them over here. – Over here! Naina! Naina! – Over here! Are you alright? – Yes. Open it! – Hurry up! You get down. – Naina! Hurry up and get down. – I am coming. He is coming.
– Not from here. – Then from where? From over there. – Let’s go. Not from here. – Let’s go. Let’s go. – – Let’s go. Yes, from over there.
– Hurry up! – Okay. Hurry up. – We are coming, okay? Okay. Mummy! Shakeel Bhai, you stay here. There is a lot of firing going on. You take care of yourself.
I will be right back. – What? Shakeel Bhai… – Yes? You have to stay here. Okay? We will get the girls
out and come back. There is a lot of firing
going on over here. He is going to pee? He is strange. If you are going to pee
then who will free the girls? We are here. – Farhan! Pari, I have come! Oh sorry, sister-in-law. Move over here. Naina! – Oh Pari! Oh baby! Let’s go! – Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go!
– This looks like a great scene! Let’s go! – Let’s go! Oh by God! Let’s go! Let’s go! Hurry up, Shakeel Bhai! Farhan, Shakeel Bhai! Hurry up, Shakeel Bhai!
– What are you doing, Pari? Let’s go! Let’s go! – Shakeel Bhai! – Hurry up! Come here. – Wait for me. Let’s go. Let’s go, Naina. Let’s go, Shakeel Bhai. Let’s go! Let’s go! Run! – Run! Run! Let’s go. Hurry up, Naina! Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. What happened? It isn’t starting. – What? Who asked you to use
a 1960s car in 2017, idiot? It runs fine in the
fast and the furious. Then make it run! What are you talking about?
– Shut up, deaf man! Wow! – What happened? – It’s started! Drive! – Let’s go! Let’s go! Run, Thakre! F**k you! You got worried unnecessarily. You should stay relaxed. ‘We were laughing together
for the last time.’ ‘Because we had promise
that if we survive..’ ‘..then we will never
see each other’s face again.’ ‘Moon was getting a happy ending.’ ‘And we were going
to land in Pakistan.’ ‘The inauspicious hero
turned everyone into a zero.’ ‘Along with Iqbal Thakre’s bones
their illusions were also broken.’ ‘Police also tortured them
into confessing about the Sheikh.’ ‘Now Sultan Al Baklawa puts
his royal behind not on a golden pot.. ‘..but on a dirty pot in the prison.’ ‘Officer Fredrick is
as stubborn as a mule.’ ‘He will keep looking till
he doesn’t find the diamonds.’ Come here and give it to them. Everything else got stolen. I had forgotten to keep
this box in the locker. Congratulations.
– Shakeel Bhai! – Naina! Congratulations, Shakeel Bhai! We have become rich once again! We have become rich once again,
Shakeel Bhai!

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