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I think I saw myself. Aye Let’s go! Aye Turn up! Hey guys Ranz Kyle here and I’m with Niana! and welcome to Ranz and Niana vlog season 2. Aye! What’s up you guys? Today is gonna be a great day because today is something special for the family. because today Natalia’s gonna be shooting her first ever commercial! Yes guys! You heard it right. So we had our commercial before, the Milo one. I had my commercial before. The Mybro and now It’s Natalia’s turn. Not just Natalia but my mom too. Aye yeah guys! Natalia is here with us right here. She just went outside. Say hi to the vlog. Yeah she’s been shooting since morning right? Good luck baby Natalia. You’re looking pretty. So guys right now, we’re in the middle of the shooting. because I woke up late. Yeah — I didn’t get to like you know, shoot everything. vlog everything even Niana but we have you know, our camera guy, Gab who took some behind the scenes So we have some footages from awhile ago where I wasn’t vlogging yet. and Niana wasn’t vlogging yet. Where we can show you guys what happened. So check this footage out while he was still sleeping. and Natalia shooting with mom. Let’s go! 3! 2! 1! and! Let’s check how active Natalia is. You can do it! Yo guys! I kinda just woke up. and as you know They’ve been shooting outside th house since morning. I didn’t get to vlog. while they’re shooting because I wanna complete my sleep. but now that I am awake I’ll start vlogging and you know show you guys around Natalia’s commercial. Let’s go outside. Oh hi! Today, it’s 2pm. We we’re up since 8 am or 9 in the morning. because I didn’t get to vlog everything because I was so caught in the moment and I am so proud of Natalia. Imma tell you why because she’s gonna have a commercial. There’s a production here, everywhere and I will show you the set here in the house. I’m not joining the commercial but I’m supporting her. So yeah this is the set. and yeah this is the mini room. Say hi to the vlog! Hi! and when you go inside They’re actually cleaning everything and this is the set. It was the beautiful sala. and yeah. Let’s see what everything goes out later. So yeah. What will you do? I’m drinking milk. Stop! Say hi to the vlog! Up here, up here. I will shoot again. for my commercial. Is this your first commercial? Hey guys! Elcid here and I’m with Natalia and welcome to Mommy and Natalia vlog Season 1. Okay I’m out of my room. This is the first time seeing the house. So this is like a make up thing right here. and this is lights, I think Natalia is getting groomed here. So this is the area where they did the scene awhile ago. It’s done now. It was here, was right there awhile ago right? yup and now they’re gonna shoot outside at least we got something. So we will look at Natalia. So let’s see. in the house. That’s really like a set right here. Yo, this is crazy! Crazy to think that Natalia will have her own commercial. at a young age There’s Natalia. So Natalia is right there. Mommy is so beautiful. Oh my god Kyle. Natalia! Congratulations for your first commercial. How did you do? I’m good. You like the milk? Is it good? yeah Are you going to shoot now? Okay good luck! Kiss Good luck Natalia. Let’s see how they shoot this commercial thing. Okay shooting time. There they are. They’re just small but yeah. Acting time! Okay guys, as you can see they are acting right now. Natalia! You should learn from your brother. I’m such a good actor. Oh my god! I didn’t know Natalia’s acting here I thought she’s just gonna drink milk. Natalia come here! That was nice! You really know how to act already? How did you learn that? Where did you learned acting from? Kuya Who’s the best actor? Me! We’re done with the scene. and then we’re gonna go to the grocery. That’s a good thing then. Hey Natalia! Are you ready to go to your next location shoot? Grocery! What will you buy? What will you buy? Lactum 3+ Lactum! Interview 101 with Natalia. How does it feel drinking milk? Okay Mom, how was it filming? I’m tired It’s your first commercial right? Wow an actress! Was it hard acting? Yes or are you used to it because you’re always acts in our Vlog? When? With the Knorr, with the delicious thing. Do you have a lively Mommy? yes Natalia did you drank the milk? How did you drink it? Can you show me how? Like that? Okay Natalia. Can you do it again? In 3! 2! 1! Action! Look how I do it. Look at kuya 3! 2! 1! Action! Ooh! Milk, is this yummy? Hmm, Delicious! Yey! Like that. Okay guys, now — It’s time for me to take over. Niana is gonna take over, they’re going already they’re going to the van. Okay, enter the van. Bye Natalia. Bye bye. Good luck! Okay guys we’re on the way to the mall where the next location is — Just gonna chill for a second, it’s like a one hour drive. So, let’s go! We’re gonna do, arm wrestling. 1, 2, 3! Let’s see! Oh! 1, 2, 3! Lactum made her strong. Come on. Try mom, try mom. Who do you want to win? — I win! And drink Lactum. Momy is active! So yeah, we’re just chilling and we’ll update you guys when we go in. Okay, it’s time to go, let’s go! Are you ready Natalia? Yes! We’re going to that supermarket! One last scene. Ooh! It’s pretty cold. We’re gonna be shooting in one of those isles. We’re gonna pick an isle. Natalia putting on her mic. Hello Natalia! Director — are you ready? Yeah! Okay now, we’re gonna shoot inside the grocery. I’m gonna be guiding her, supporting her. Okay, they’re gonna put a mini camera on her, for the scene. Yeah! Okay, I’m gonna guide her, let’s go! Turn left! Let’s go! I’m trying to stay behind the camera. As much as I can. Because it’s hard, because you don’t know where they’re going. I’m so distracted with all of these Ice Cream It’s so good, I want — Is that the last scene? yeah. Are you sure? No. How are you? good. Good job! You did good there. Natalia, Chicken noodle soup. 5, 6, 7, 8. Chicken noodle soup Chicken noodle soup Chicken noodle soup Put the sauce on the side Say bye Those shouts are — — don’t leave me hanging again, Aye! Good job! She did great mom. — this is so cute. Aye! Guys! Good tape! Good Job! Natalia Natalia, 1 woah for this And yeah guys, that is it. I think it’s a wrap, I think we’re gonna eat And Natalia good job! I’m gonna go to you later. So, yeah. Let’s see what we’re gonna do next. So yeah — Okay guys, so now it’s raining but Natalia’s commercial just got released as you can see right there And we haven’t watched it yet. We’re gonna watch it all at the same time. We pulled over in a We pulled over in a gasoline station, but yeah, let’s watch it now. Okay guys, now we’re about to watch Natalia is sleeping right now. So, — Let us go! Oy! This is Natalia. The active 4 year old famous blogger. Can she handle the grocery challenge? Let’s try — Can you help mommy? Can you do the grocery today? Can you do the grocery — Can Natalia handle it? — Yeah! Grocery Challenge accepted. With Lactum 3+, she’s ready! Here are the things she needs to buy. I think I saw myself. Good luck Natalia. You can do it! Oy, she’s actually going watch. Mommy is already worried. Oh my god. Looks like she’s lost. — Can she reach that? Yeah, you — Go baby! Go, Natalia, Go! Go! 1 more left. You can do it Natalia. — Yes — So kind. Yes! We’re done. Good Job Natalia! Mommy — is a winner. Natalia was able to complete the challenge with the help of Lactum 3+ — Immunity And bones. A little winner today, a champion of life! Yey! Okay guys, they’re watching it again. That was nice! Congratulations for your commercial. So yeah guys, That’s the end of the Vlog. The commercial just got released and you guys will be seeing it on TV and online If ever you guys see it, comment, film it, and then tag us, tag Natalia and everyone in the fam So, I think that’s the Vlog for today. So, give this video a like, Share, subscribe! And turn on our post notification for a shout out Shout out to — Natalia So guys, we will see you guys on the next Vlog. Peace! Peace! Natalia congrats! Yeah!

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