Native American Women Review MAC’s “Vibe Tribe”

(whoosh) (hinge squeaking) (upbeat music) (quick whoosh) (quick whoosh) (quick whoosh) – I don’t know, I feel
like you’d have to have like, a southwestern theme to go with it. Dusty Rose or something. – I’m gonna call it Prairie Rose. Painted Canyon, oh. – I don’t know if I would
have chosen that name. – And there’s actually the Painted Desert which is on the Navajo Nation so … – Hmm, I’m trying to think of something really red in the desert. – I think it’s just red. – Painted Sunset, okay, um. – Okay. (laughs) – Painted Sunset just,
it seems more orange. I’m assuming, it’s probably
painted something, I’m assuming. – Colors of the desert. A name that sounds kind of generic but between the colors and the packaging and the names, the
whole thing as a package is evocative of Southwestern
native tribes, native cultures. – It seems to kind of
feed into that mythical, magical medicine man like persona. – Looks like fiery sunset. – It’s almost like a dark pomegranate red. – Adobe brick is not that color at all. – I’m from New Mexico and that’s
not what adobe looks like. – A common building material used, amongst other uses, by native peoples throughout their history. – Going along with this
whole nature theme, it’s gonna be like desert rose. – Desert blush. Wow, I, that, I’m kind of
speechless about that. (laughs) – The color arrowhead would be
more like a grayish or slate. – Obviously, arrowhead is a
Native American reference. (whoosh) – The names themselves, for the most part, aren’t that offensive, but
when you combine everything, the packaging, the names,
the marketing campaign and the name of the line, it’s very clear that this is all a reference
to Native American culture. – Well any time I hear
tribe, it makes me think of Native Americans. – Just kinda one of those things, like didn’t somebody make sure that this is okay to do right now? – As far as the packaging, them saying it’s not Native American,
just go to any kind of Native American art,
um, museum or festival or anything, and you’ll
see these exact designs repeated over and over again
because it, it is native. (cheerful music) (whoosh) (hinge squeaking)

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