Native Americans Review Music Festival Fashion

– You have no idea how many times like somebody walk, “Oh my goodnesss, my great-grandma
was a Cherokee princess.” – By the way, we didn’t have princesses. (rock music) – I’m actually a big music festival fan. – I’ve never been to
Coachella or anything like it. Ooh. – Okay, well there he is in his headdress. – Jared, why? Oh my god. I was fully prepared to marry this man. – It’s just kind of so unnecessary. – I don’t know why he has to wear that. – This is not what it’s for. – I will teach you everything
you need to know, Jared baby. You just give me a call. – [Voiceover] Ooh. – [Voiceover] What the heck is this? – This looks like a little
girl playing dress up. – She went all out. Hers is is really trying here. – It’s like five different
cultures going on. – We’ve got these little do-dad things that look like belly dancing. Then we have bead work, which looks like Native American. Then we got the Carnival feathers. Pow-wows are not the Renaissance fair. You don’t just go and show
up and dressed up like that. – She has no idea what she’s representing. – So many people are going to be like, “Whoa, like that’s awesome. “I want that style.” Without kind of really
knowing what it’s about. – Oh no! – Holy sh**! – I would, what is, why? This is like dollar store regalia. – If you’re going to
appropriate my imagery, like do a better job. – Yeah, at least do it well. – This is like the worst Halloween costume in the Halloween store. – If you go to a pow wow, and someone is wearing a
headdress that means something. Every single feather on
there has been blessed. Every single bead has
been meticulously placed. There are symbols on there that
have deep spiritual meaning. – It’s like the drunk moms at a five year old’s birthday party. – That’s what they are. – It was a joke to her, and for us to have fought
for hundreds of years to maintain that identity, and then just to make us a joke like this, it’s hurtful. – Oh my god. – Oh wow. (laughing) – That’s just inappropriate. – I’m very certain this guy’s loin cloth didn’t need to be that long. – It looks like you lost a beg. – It looks like a faulty apron. – Yeah, his Converse does
not match his loin cloth. – You can afford to get a better costume. – The pictures that I’ve seen are why I don’t go to
these music festivals. – We’ve become sort of mythologized, and we’re actually people. – You’re not dressing up
like a 16th century prince. This is still very real to us. – It just makes you feel exodusized. – Not realizing how an
image, like a headdress, can continue to keep an
entire race of people down. – If you have interest in our culture, feel free to ask. I’ll be more than happy to share. – Try to get to know the culture, before just using what
you think looks pretty. – That the way that it makes us feel when we see our spirituality being mocked. It doesn’t feel good. (rock music)

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  1. wait so we cant mix cultures now? Many different kinds of music pulls from other cultures and mixes to make something new 0:52

  2. As a black person, I can relate to this. When people wear our dashikis and our braids it's just downright disrespectful. Our ancestors wore CORNROWS and FRENCH BRAIDS in different patterns to use as a secret escape route around the plantation. It was also a protective style that's great for our hair that we've been bashed for since the beggining. That stuff has meaning for us. I don't care how cute it looks to you, don't appropriate our culture. I could only imagine how the Natives feel bc they had it way worse

  3. I have a question regarding band shirts (from Native American artists) with prints that contain symbols/elements like feathers or traditional patterns. Would it be ok for a non-Native person to wear them?

  4. Headdresses in Indigenous America are sacred and earned. We literally wait for the eagle feathers to fall and for the porcupine quills to drop. We do not pluck the animals; headdresses take time and are ceremonially blessed by elders/chiefs/medicine men. People who wear them are usually dancers or highly revered in our tribal communities. It is offensive to see them used as fashion accessories because our cultures were nearly eradicated. Come to a pow wow with me or come see my cousins dance in their regalia. Come see what it means to be smudged or see a woman's coming of age ceremony. We're not "against" you, we just want to be respected as we are expected respect you.

  5. Okay so you guys can wear jeans that are originally white but we cant wear headdresses im offended you guys are wearing jeans and I'm white

  6. another reason why I don't go to music festivals/ concerts, because some people are stupid

  7. white ppl r honestly embarrassing, yall should b ashamed, dis is exactly how yall appropriate black culture

  8. Hi yes my name is Cecil Highlander, and for years you Americans and other people all over the world have been wearing what you call a "business suit" for years and I think it's time you know that wearing one today is very offensive and disrespectful my ancestors and to British folk such as myself.

    Please consider the fact that you are offending people every time you wear your "business suit"

  9. wow pilygana is looks so messed up😅 I hate to see white people wearing like Indians, their just copying us and I dont like it how they dress🤔😐😞

  10. luckly american dont know the malay/u guys called it indo culture.if u do, u guys will mess it up

  11. just y'know don't go to music festivals with high hopes of people

  12. People need to stop taking themselves and their culture so seriously. That goes for all races.

  13. I hate this like natives don't wear that for nothing the use certain clothing for certain stuff like Ceremonies,powwow,sweats and more we(natives) sings songs that have meanings and we were those dresses for them!! Like it makes me mad seeing non natives in it we aren't costumes when I go to the Halloween stores I know them on the ground cuz it makes me mad and all my friends talk about and how it isn't right it's disrespectful to us as they said when the bead and all that they put prayers in to it!! I can even explain it it makes me mad ughhh like why not just for us natives but for Mexicans and Chinese people cuz they have costumes like there clothing I will never wear that I feel bad!!! Like say u were a traditional person and someone wears your clothing like nahh stop that's just makes us feel mad! Okay some of u might not get what I'm trynna say but I'm native and I hate seeing stuff like this

  14. 1:10 looks like they bought it at the dollar store it is so shallow

  15. What do you guys think about the song "Run to the Hills" from Iron Maiden?

  16. As usual white people steal the culture of another group of people and make a joke about it as if Native Americans don't exist. largely because european colonists tried to kill them off in systematic genocide.

  17. there using the same native american people in every survey. And by the way, southern california has HARDLY any native americans today. Most of them now live in Arizona, New Mexico, and other places like Alaska and Oklahoma. Start doing surveys on different tribes.

  18. 1:12 look like someone stuck some toilet paper and fake feathers together

  19. 99.9 % of those people in the pictures don't even know what a headdress is

  20. I agree 100% I'm Native American and we fought for Hundreds of years. And Caucasian people act like it's a joke!
    If Caucasian people fought a war for decades, Then people of culture running around saying "I'm white!" "Look at me!" I wouldn't be surprised.

    Edit: Guys I'm not racist, I actually HATE racism no matter what culture, but this has been going on for years and I'm sick of seeing costumes, etc of 'Native Americans'

    It's just a mockery..

  21. im native and im not offended by them wearing headdresses im offended by how bad they are


  23. interesting. so if fashion would never have been inspired by other cultures we would still walk around in fur.

  24. What about the cross of Christ becoming a fashion symbol. That Pisces me off. I get confused cause. I ask them what church do they go to. They look at me as if I'm stupid. I'm sorry. Don't wear a rosio beads around your neck then. We don't wear the cross as fashion. It's a representation of our beliefs. And has been for centuries

  25. I wouldn't mind seeing a video done for witchcraft symbols and pagan spirituality since its so on trend right now.

  26. I am a black- native american apart of the Crow Tribe and I have to say this is just sad, some people just want to wear it because it's pretty but you don't know the meaning of those outfits you wear. Some tribes only wore feathers for celebrations or death celebrations. Or you earned the feathers from battle. Like you can't just wear that stuff and then someone walks up to you and say do you know the meaning of this tribal headress and you say no… NO GET Mad you are wearing something that means something to people who ancestors died, and fought for their freedom and rights. AND THEN THE AFRICAN Outfits. -.- You still don't know what it means…. So white people or other race who are ignorant and clueless about cultural appropriation. Please find out the MEANING OF THESE OUTFITS OTHER RACE HAVE WORE FOR CENTURIES AND DON'T BE DISRESPECTFUL.

  27. It's so sad how Westerners Ink them selves with Arabic Calligraphy and doesn't have an idea what it signifies to middle eastern ppl like me

  28. They're seriously complaining about outfits, people r allowed to wear what they want.

  29. Half of these people are just white with a great great grand-uncle that used to hang out with native people

  30. Please have south asian (indian) review music festival fashion because everyone wears a bindi, tikka, jhumar, indian nose ring, and henna as a fashion statement. There's even some youtubers who refuse to not wear a bindi when you, as an indian and hindu tell them not too. Please stop wearing my culture as your fashion accessory. I have the right to say 'no'.

  31. I already know some people are gonna comment that those are white people.
    just because they don't look "Native American" doesn't mean they're not

  32. People get so unnecessarily offended nowadays, seriously no body cares just those that make a big deal about it. It is quite immature in my opinion.

  33. My great great grandmother was a lakota chiefs daughter and we know that for sure!!!!!!!

  34. Everyone in my family says that I’m Native America, but I don’t claim it because I don’t really know if it’s true and I know so many Native Americans who fight for there heritage. And to me since so many people claim it and it’s now true I feel like since I don’t know I shouldn’t claim it.

  35. As someone who is longhaired cherokee, i only wear more modernized style of yhe cherokee culture

  36. I'd like a DNA test done on a few of the "natives" in this video. Also, sharing cultures is beautiful. People have "culturally appropriated" throughout time to evolve into what we are today. You can't just take that away because a few people find it offensive that you're dressing like them. It's childish.

  37. My 2nd cousin’s wife is 25% native and looks like these people (white) and knows her nation’s ways so stop saying crap about their skin color.

  38. I am native american (comanche, chickasaw, choctaw) and white, i have never gotten to experience my native culture but I really want to!!!

  39. I'm not American. No offense but, why do modern day native Americans all look a bit caucasian? I thought their ancestors were from Asia.

  40. Just… WHY. ACTUALLY LEARN ABOUT THIS CRAP, cause the people they’re jokingly “dressing as” (Sarcasm, they don’t even come close to accuracy.), are real people. This video literally says, “Read an actual book. Learn about everything, instead of just taking the nice things or the sacred things and mocking it.” This sucks.

  41. There's a reason why us native Americans are offended, tbh I don't want them stealing what we wear after they stole our land…so please white people who think they know things stfu

  42. Thank you. This video was necessary. I have always been interested in the Native American culture and hate it when people disrespect it. I have Tewa (sp?) Somewhere in my line according to my aunt. And my great x6 grandfather in my step moms side (i call her mom. Shes been there since i was 9 mo. Old) walked the Trail of Tears as Cherokee chief (probably not the best time, but… yea).

  43. I thought Candace was Hispanic? Just wondering because when I saw her in this video, I thought she said in another one that her family is Hispanic. If anyone can clarify this for me, that'd be great 🙂

  44. I have a serious question about cultural appropriation:
    Is wearing an outfit generally worn only in a certain culture or by a certain race necessarily appropriation?
    For instance, I think kimonos and sarees are beautiful and love the way people look wearing them. Could I wear either one without it being weird or disrespectful?

  45. im native american and my own elementary school had the principal dress as an "indian" and now i know that he was taking it as a joke >^<

  46. Cultural appropration is bs nobody should have to be told not to wear something because it will hurt someones feeling

  47. One lady has a blonde streak. My background is European. She is appropriating my culture.
    Also beadwork is not exclusive to Native American tribes…
    Also dreadlocks is a natural process that will happen to anyone's hair (including Caucasian) given the right conditions. Vikings had dreadlocks. Get off your high horses you morons and learn to relax a little. You'll live longer 😉

  48. DINOSAUR REGALIA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. So insulting innocent people for what they're wearing is okay now? Okay Buzzfeed

  50. It's saddening that these kinds of videos exist, us minorities shouldn't have to Spoon feed some of these white people the ins and outs of one's cultural things and why it's not an outfit that you can just wear once a year and then hang it up till your ready to wear it again

  51. I've tried to speak out on this topic before, but I constantly get shut down. My mother is almost fully Native American, while my Dad is almost fully Swedish. I look nothing like my Mom. I have blonde curly hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, while my mom on the other hand had darker skin, straight dark brown hair and dark eyes. I've tried to inform and tell people that what they're doing is highly offensive to me and other native people. I very well know the line of "Well actually, you're not even part of them, so you can't tell me what to do." And all I have to say to that is, please don't look at someone and say that they are not a part of a certain culture. I was raised in a family where I would go to reserves to see family members and also make time for church on sundays. Just, don't shut down people's statements because of the way they look.

  52. You know eventually down the line there will be no "100% …" because people have children with different races. So pretty soon we will all be part of all races.

  53. Same goes for tattooes. I feel hurt when I see Maori, Samoan, Hawaiian tats painted on people's bodies with no clue of what they represent, the history and the meaning behind those drawings and patterns.

  54. Yeah… I don't like typical dollar store fashion in an attempt to imitate us. It's so cheap. Seeing our spirituality mocked really doesn't feel good.

  55. My college was in a town with a substantial Native American population, both students and “townies”. I’ve found that a lot of Native folks of lots of tribes (can’t speak for all of them) are very open to sharing what parts of their culture are all about as long as the questions come from a place of genuine curiosity. There are actually pow-wows and other events put on in the community and on campus and everybody is welcome to go. Admittedly I have a LOT to learn but with the availability of educational resources these days there’s really not much of an excuse for people to still be dressing like this at festivals.

  56. OHHHH!!! I get it! To you it's like if we saw someone going to a music festival in a pope hat and cardinal robe. Fair point.

  57. I I have no idea why people do this at music festivals is this really thought of as honoring us because it's not just to make that clear it's totally not honoring us ,we do not wear costumes we wear regalia

  58. Being offended is just a phase of trauma healing. They should be given space.

  59. Did you know that Mexicans are technacly a type of native American the only difrence is that they originate from Mexico and were descended from Mayas and Aztecs

  60. Funny video of what we deal with everyday, check out our new Indigenous Fashion website at
    See you on the Red Road 🙂

  61. I'm Korean and I don't mind non-Koreans wearing hanbok (traditional dress), I think it's lovely to see. I don't know any Koreans who have a problem with that. But if a lot of indigenous people are NOT okay with non-Natives wearing Native headdresses, then I think it's rude to do so anyway.

  62. Me seeing other people dress like this makes me sick! Soo damn disrespectful to my fellow Native's and my ancestors!!

  63. Dear racist people you don’t own every culture and no you don’t get to wear some of their things that don’t belong
    to you some of you guys are so privileged you feel entitled to everything including other cultures sacred clothing. :/

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