New York Vlog: Times Square & Shopping for Designer Sales in Soho!

14 hours on a flight. A slice of pizza, a cup of coffee later. I’m here in New York with Angela! We’re reunited! Finally Okay, so where are we going first? We’re going to Reformation. Yes, my favorite, my favorite clothing brand. And guys, Jennie has been wearing a lot of Reformation lately and so I’m like very proud of her because She’s now copying you? No No, she has a stylist. But yeah, we’re gonna go to Reformation. They just opened one up here. Oh, it’s right here. Here we are I’m really liking this star dress so I picked it up. Ooh polka dots This is cute too. Oh, this is a PJ set. I saw this online. That’s cute. Yeah. So cute But long dresses don’t look good on me because I’m not tall. This is the dress that Jennie wore on V Live, V App? V App? V Both, both, both. Yeah, so I’m gonna try this on. Size 0 and 2 So cute! Hopefully it fits me! It will Do not fear, it will. We’ll make it fit. I love Reformation. It’s our favorite brand. It is Be sustainable guys! I know when I saw that, it reminded me of you. It did? Yeah, I walked by it. I was like, oh I feel like she’d wear that. I want everything. (me too Joan lol) This is cute too. It is cute Size zero I’m going to try this one on too. All right, so I’m in the dressing room. It’s not as fancy as the one in LA, but I’m here to try five pieces. So let’s begin number one. So here’s the first. It’s a Patagonia shirt, and it’s very simple in the front but on the back it has a big Patagonia design and it’s really hard to find one in Korea because Patagonia is so in right now. So I think I’m just gonna go ahead and say yes to number one. I think I’m gonna get the same shirt. I don’t know yet Man my lips are dry. Someone bring me chapstick. Are you ready? I’m ready. Oh my god unnie, that’s so cute. Yeah. I really like it. It’s so cute (nomu kyewo) Woah! I like the fit a lot. It fits on your waist perfectly So cute! I did my nails the other day Number three This star dress. It kinda feels… Like (korean) Hmm? Like uh underwear. Oh. Yeah, something like. It’s just like a simple slip. Yea but is it worth a hundred dollars? No. I don’t think so. It’s like cute but like not a must. My first no. But better luck next time! You just love BlackPink so much. Number four I can’t do long, long dresses. This makes you look kinda tall though. Really? It makes you look tall. Okay. This is like a not sure yet. This is a maybe The dress comes in white. But I like red. The red one’s better. My favorite color. Your favorite, yea, I was gonna say your favorite color’s red. $78 It’s not like a must but I like it better than the star one. I do like it better than the star one. This one fits your body really nicely too. All the clothes here fits nicely. It’s true. If you wear this with like a denim jacket, like your denim jacket, yeah It looks so good. This is also a maybe. Yeah, maybe We have one more left. One more. This is the final one. This is cute too! It’s a two-piece. So you can wear them separately too because the skirt is really nice. Yea, it feels really great. Hmm? I like the top too. Yea, I like the top too. Whenever is goes to my face, it’s blurry. Am I just that unlikable? Oh there So I’m gonna go for the last dress that I tried on. I like how it’s two-pieced and I can mix and match with the pieces that I already own. I’m gonna get the dress. You have to. I’m gonna wear it for K-Con. You can’t not. I know. It’s so pretty! It’s so cute! And I’m gonna go for this shirt and so is Angela. She has a black and white one in front of her. And I haven’t picked which one yet. Yay success! I’ll link the ones I chose in the description box if you guys are interested. All right. Time to go. Reformation haul success Success! Success! Okay. Where are we off to now? We’re going to Bloomingdale’s. Yes. I purposely didn’t pack a lot for New York because I wanted to get some shopping done So I actually have no clothes. I just brought – yeah, she saw – I just brought a lot of shoes because I’m gonna to stop myself from buying shoes. Those shorts are really cute. The white ones with the stripes. Oh, yeah, I was looking at those. They’re fun. We’re gonna go to Bloomingdale’s. Haven’t been vlogging but we did some damage at Acne. They were having a sale. It was really good deals. 40% off. Yeah, 40% off and now we’re gonna cross the street and head over to The Gentle Monster. Not to buy anything but to check out the exhibition because Gentle Monster is so extra. Oh-kay. What is this, huh Honestly Gentle Monster could like do anything and pull it off. Look at that! What is the what is the concept here? Biology. Bi-. Cells. Cells. Close up of cells. Oh my gosh. Wait, I didn’t see this one in Korea. Oh That I call it the CD sunglass. Isn’t it very CD? Some real like headgear for braces? Like fashionable headgear. No Gentle Monster can beat the ones in Korea. No Well, actually LA was pretty cool, but the workers did tell us that They’re moving and it’s gonna be better apparently. Better than the LA one. Well, according to them. We’ll see. They told me to come back next year. Oh I didn’t have time to like fix my banks today, like train them in the morning because I was on the plane and then I showered. So I’m gonna be doing a lot of this today. We’re back at Angela’s friend’s apartment. Say hi, Jelena. Say hi! I’m coming. Hi! Her apartment – your apartment is so nice. It’s okay. Yea, the brick wall is everything. Thank you! We’re moving in August though. Noooo! Where are you going? Umm probably like a bigger place, but around the area still. Okay, we can buy it. I wish. New York is so expensive but basically you guys all know what I bought at Reformation but I Didn’t vlog afterwards because it’s so humid today. So I just I just didn’t want to vlog so now that we’re home we thought we would do like a Acne unboxing mm-hmm haul Yeah, everything was like 40% off sale because they’re having like the season off And do you wanna go first? Yours is ready I got this sweater, it’s a long sleeve, and there’s Acne Studios, and it’s a mock neck, and then on the sleeves too! Wa-hoo! And then I got a men’s t-shirt in extra extra small I just really like the design I’m really into this and then when Angela saw it, she was like you have to get it. I was like, okay, but she says that about everything that I cannot I was literally just going to say that I answer that about everything. I know, I was like okay this is not helpful. She touches it. I almost bought a wallet too, but I was like no – I talked you out of that one. No, I talked myself out of it and you were like, you’re right because I was like remember I bought that wallet purse today so yea. I helped though. Yes, she did help though she was a bit helpful with my next purchase especially which is My first pair of Acne shoes and these are also 40% off and I’m so excited because they’re super comfortable. Look! I’ll show you guys. Oh. All these yellow tissue paper. Ashley is shaking. Look at it! It’s so cute Yea. So We bought these items from Acne if you guys were curious Okay, now we’re gonna go get pizza because in New York You have to, right? And then Angela and I are going to change because we are sweaty Swea-ty! Here we are! Whoa looks so good! Looks delicious! Can I get a pepperoni? Go ahead. Good morning, everyone! We are in our Airbnb today and Hello, Angela. Good morning. Good morning. Hi! We would give you a tour of our room, but it is a mess right now Our suitcases have thrown up all over the place I’m excited to eat. Yes, we have to get more pizza. Yes we do! Pizza, pizza, pizza! I curled my bangs today guys. What do you think and my hair, like the rest of my hair? Gotta get my steps in. This is yesterday and then today we walked 2500 already. I don’t really have the best arm for vlogging but Woah! The difference when Angela holds it. You can see the city. You can see so much more. Oh so bright now. Okay, where are we going? We’re going to Dover oh we should see where to go for that. Yeah, so we’re gonna go there. I’m just walking blindly. Okay. Let’s figure out. Okay. While we figure it out, While she figures it out Okay We’re gonna be walking through Korean Town. Korea Town! We just Spent like two hours at Dover Street Market. I didn’t buy anything, but she bought two shirts. From (brand name). One for my friend and one for me! Yes, but I highly recommend you check this out If you’re a huge fan of BlackPink If you’re a Blink. All the brands that they wore for like the music videos, in here. Like they have (brand name) You have Balenciaga (brand name) Yeah, all of it is here, all right! All of it! Okay, lunch time! Here we go. I came here last time with Charlotte and Eddie. 2! They have a lunch special so Angela’s getting this one and I’m getting this. And then for dessert, she’s getting this and I’m getting this one! Right next to each other. We’re back! At the Airbnb! We had a long day. I checked my phone and we have 15,000 steps! That’s a lot of steps. That’s a lot of steps. So we came home to rest up a little bit and then we’re probably gonna go meet up with Sunny in Brooklyn later. Yes we are! So yeah, that’s why we’re back And our place is a mess because of all the shopping we did. Well, I didn’t buy much today But today and yesterday Combined. Combined. It’s like all over the floor right now All right! On our way to Brooklyn! Metro Card So we are here in Brooklyn now. We changed again. I feel like we’re trying our best to get as many outfit shots as possible. And we’re like sharing so I’m wearing Angela’s shirt from yesterday But she’s wearing her Virgo shirt. I’m a Virgo! Here it is guys, the very popular photo spot in Brooklyn Dumbo Everyone is here to take a photo. Oh my gosh. I know this person. Hey, are you Angela? I’m just so bad. My arms. This is good lighting. But now we’re going to walk around Dumbo. Who’s these? Hey My baby We are currently waiting for our Lyft to go karaoke. But that will be saved for Angela’s vlog. So go subscribe to her for that. Yes but subscribe to both of them actually. Sunny has a very great makeup, skincare channel – mostly mostly makeup. Follow her on Twitch Oh yeah She plays games. She’s a gamer girl. No I’m not. She is. I suck at games. Overwatch is passion. Yes that’s true though. NYXL Oh my god. A true fan! I don’t know what they’re saying But I’m gonna end the vlog here. I hope you guys enjoyed watching Here’s the shout out of the day for those of you guys who translated and transcribed this vlog right here. And I will see you guys in the next one! Have a Joan day!
*korean speech*

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