Nike – Dream With Us

Let’s Go! What’s your dream? To win championships? A scholarship? Do you want to be a bigger
athlete than Serena Williams? Or do you want to be the first
girl to play for the Yankees? Can you be the generation
that ends gender inequality? Or will you show that
champions in your sport can also look like you? Maybe your dream…is to be
the first 13-year-old to go pro. Or to push a sport to accept
everyone just as they are. But the craziest dream of all… is the one that
starts a million more.

100 thoughts on “Nike – Dream With Us

  1. "Can you be the generation that ends gender inequality?" Sure, please Nike start paying your workers, who are mostly female, the wage that they deserve, instead of exploiting them. I have loved your many other ads but this one about ENDING GENDER INEQUALITY is just hypocritical.

  2. When Arlington national cemetery has as many females buried in it as men I’ll change my fucking mind.

  3. They’re not even playing on college teams at UC Berkeley let alone professional. How about the Olympics be gender neutral? Swimming, running, etc.

  4. Hi, I'm a 5'8" jewish guy and I'd like to be a pro basketball player. Are you going to help me?

    Oh, you're talking about helping black people become pro athletes, never mind.

  5. Gender inequality?

    BRUH EVERYTHING ON TV IS GIRLS. All strong girls weak girls who turn out to be strong girls blah blah blah NOTHING IS GUYS ANYMORE. I feel left out because everything is girls and people be mean to you because your a guy. Thats howw most of us feel.

  6. This is beyond hypocrisy!!!
    You guys are refusing to pay and freeze contracts on female athletes when they are pregnant..
    Shame on you nike

  7. Men offende by this: please find a woman ad actually talk to them.

  8. Here’s the summary of the commercial:

    It’s a damn shame that men are alive …. hell, it would just be so much better if men never existed.

    Just think …. no men, no inequality anymore. What a great place the world would be!

  9. "zapatos rotos , zapatos rotos . Quién me los quiere comprar? "

  10. I'm sorry is this a World Cup commercial or an Oppression Olympics commercial?

  11. Looks like the 4chan incels have found the spot. Keep crushing their weak ass Nike.

  12. There will always be gender inequality, there is no such thing as equality, no such thing as perfect, you can try to get as close as possible, but it will never be perfect.

  13. It's so funny to see people saying this is a SJW commercial, and that inequality is not real (or even that women have more rights than men in today's society). While in the meantime a beautiful commercial meant to inspire girls and women (and boys) gets ridiculed by mostly men. How many commercials like this have we seen for and about boys/men.

  14. Girl at the start who said ‘lets go’ used to be in 4 o’clock club

  15. Can you become a generation of last gender inequality? I like this ad

  16. I am sorry bad timing did they say EFF (the South African) at the end

  17. Make Male Pornstars earn the same amount as Female Pornstars there's one Fucking idiots please can all the Lefties just pack up and fuck off to Russia to see how great Socialism is

  18. …And they paid women's athletes less than men for endorsement.

  19. 1:20 why I'm hearing…..

  20. Nike is good company as long as you don't want to start ur family. #worstcompany

  21. This is retarted. Women started gender inequality. They joined boys teams just like i the video. They can have rights but I mean if they can join a boys sports team then why can a boy join a girls team. #BoysNeedRights

  22. Meh American crap, your girls showed they aren't honorable at all at the Thailand game. It reminded me how arrogant Americans really are.

  23. Vayanse a la mierda con su publicidad spameadora putos del orto hijos de su re trola prima

  24. Nike is shit. Fuck you commie cocksuckers. PS no woman will ever play for the Yankees. Jesus you retards

  25. crazy how some people think this is a sjw advert, literally anything with woman in nowadays is automatically classed as sjw it’s pathetic

  26. Women already have the most important job on earth and that is to create life, and they're more productive and intelligent than men, therefore they should be paid more in the work place for equal job.

  27. Nike need to support equal pay for women and aggressively push for it. Love the video… Now put your money where your mouth is

  28. Gender equality….in sports…u f*@$% kidding me…???…

    This shows how off we going…times are changing…I remember back in the day….it was about the sport… now is about $$$$ ….because they get paid less…now there is no equality…well men are stronger and sell more…..(jerseys)(tickets) …..there is no equality in "SPORTS"…if u work (produce)as hard as someone else(performance)or if u sell as much as someone else…yes!!! U should make as that person..not just because u a woman…COME ON!!

  29. Nike please support our country by supporting the history honoring Betsy Ross that was against slavery.

  30. Corporate trash. NIKE takes marching orders from Kaepernick who is a supporter of a New Jersey cop killer.
    Corporate filth.

  31. This is so beautiful. Like I literally cry every time I see this. So inspiring.

  32. This is so beautiful. Like I literally cry every time I see this. So inspiring.

  33. my dream is to be on the us women’s national soccer team. i believe that we will win.

  34. Nike es una buena marca deportiva,algún día vestirán al Real Madrid,River Plate,las selecciones nacionales de fútbol (Argentina,España,Japón,República Checa,Suiza,Paraguay y Uruguay) entre otros.

  35. Fun fact: the woman’s national team lost a game to a bunch of 15 year old boys in Texas 5-2. Lol

  36. And sell products in countries where female rape victims are stoned to death.

  37. Hey nike. how about you pay your factory workers in China equal pay.

  38. Let's be honest. There is a difference between male and female athlletes but that does not diminish the effort and accomplishment of female athletes.

  39. Sure thing Nike. Dream to become a loud ass embarrassment so the world can hate us even more. Go fuck yourself with this bullshit ad.

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  41. Nike was a Greek goddess whom personified victory ,,so when when men are wearing Nike you're not supposed to.. women are supposed to wear Nike . Sorry Fellas!!

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