Nike Women’s Ad – SNL

100 thoughts on “Nike Women’s Ad – SNL

  1. If nike actually put this commercial you know how much money they’d get (like a lot prob)

  2. What is that supposed to be funny?

    I remember when SNL actually was funny. Now they're just no longer relevant. Also I thought that lesbian woman was leaving the show. Why is she still there.

  3. They should do one about Lululemon yoga mats specifically designed to never leave the trunk of your car.

  4. This is so true because roughy now I’m in my workout clothes laying in the couch watching YouTube

  5. I'm glad I just finished running before I watched this.
    I'm a man, by the way.

  6. oh man i could make the thumbnail caption unfunny in one word




  7. My fit bit says i’m dead🤣🤣, i cant just put my naked butt on the couch

  8. My pitch:

    Nike outta do a Commercial where you just see 2 women's feet wearing Nikes.. kickin back and forth in the air for 30 seconds.. the camera slowly Pans down to show the women's feet are over her head, and shes getting fucked Naked , wearing nothing but Nikes.
    Just Do It.

  9. This is hilarious, but I also just admire Melissa's physique! Gorgeous.

  10. “My fit bed says I’m dead” can that be my year book quote 😂😂

  11. I would buy these leggings if this was the commercial. Dead serious😔

  12. I miss the days when women on tv were sexy now they're all fat ugly and white

  13. This show isn’t funny anymore, I don’t even know why I still give this show a chance 🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. I had a friend who was wearing athletic clothes all the time and when I saw her I would ask coming from the gym? She would say no. Then I would ask oh, are you headed to the gym? She would say no… Then at one point I was like do you ever go to the gym? Next thing I know they’re calling it “leisurewear “LMAO! This is the realist commercial I’ve ever seen!

  15. If I just lay my naked butt on the couch then how am I gonna trap the heat coming out of my butthole?

  16. Going all the way to the door to receive delivery of 1 single bagel. I died right there!☠️☠️☠️👻👻👻

  17. Okay. So am I the only one who plays this every morning b4 doing treadmill? Love to get motivated and laugh!

  18. I'm a man and I wear this kind of skin-tight performance spandex all over my body under my clothes 24/7. Why? Because I'm training to be a superhero vigilante and fight crime by night!

    Right now I'm in the carb-loading stage of my regimen and will be for the foreseeable future. Once I get all the carbs I need, then I'll go to the "Watching YouTube fitness videos" stage of my training. That'll probably take a few years and I'll have to maintain my carbs the whole time. I'll be listening to the theme song from the Mortal Kombat movies most of this time to maintain my fighting spirit – that's an important part of training most would-be-superheroes miss.

    Becoming a superhero is hard work! That's why I need the endurance and napkin-like qualities of Nike Pro-Chiller Leggings!

  19. i've seen people take a college course called "womens studies"…..lolol…..hell, we had that in high school in the 80's…it was called "study of reproductive system" and "home ec".

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