Nintendo Switch Lite Sales Reportedly Off to a GREAT Start

What’s 11:1 okay here welcome back to
another video and today we’re gonna be talking about the Nintendo switch light
sales I know a lot of you guys are kind of anticipating to see how this system
is going to do stacked up against the regular og switch and the new model of
course as well which is pretty much the og switch is being phased out for the
new bigger battery or a better battery switch I should say so just to see kind
of how it compares and how things are doing because we are going to get that
then Mitsu sales charts so that is just for Japan only we’ll be getting that on
Wednesday to see how the Nintendo’s switch like did with Lin’s Awakening and
ninokuni and all the different games that launched this past week but when it
comes to America and Europe it’s always hard to get sales numbers outside of
Nintendo just saying overall worldwide sales numbers at the quarterly results
now we do sometimes get like Nintendo of France kind of chiming in and giving us
a little bit of hype when it comes to sales and certain stuff like that and
how they’re doing there because Nintendo has a really strong market when it comes
to the French sales but outside of that we probably aren’t gonna get much from
Nintendo they’re not going to say hey we sold this much in America we sold this
much in Europe just because they haven’t really been doing that at all so what we
do have though is Bengie sales over on twitter who is privy to this knowledge
when it comes to sales numbers and all of that he also made a nice little joke
after what he had to say here about the Nintendo ninja coming after him so let’s
get into what he had to say first about the Nintendo switch light sales compared
to the regular switch sales in the first week here so Nintendo’s switch light
sold more on day one then the standard switch had sold the entire week combined
that’s all I’ll say then once again he did make that joke in Nintendo HQ
looking he wanted to also make sure that he clarified saying I’m only referring
to the current week of sales not the switch launched itself the switch launch
was bigger than light launched by a lot and that’s to be expected because it’s
the launch worldwide of a system so it does seem like he’s tracking what’s
going on here in the USA and that does make sense but still some people felt
that this system might not get off to a good start and if you’re selling more
with the Nintendo switch light than the regular suit sold for the
whole week because remember the switch light didn’t drop till Friday whereas
the regular switch has obviously been available all week and for years now
the fact that the switch light sold more than that for the combined week shows
that it was off to a good start now for those who don’t know that Nintendo
switch is currently the NPD sales leader when it comes to sales for the year and
I’m pretty sure weekly sells pretty much for the most part in Tendo switch was
the top there with Link’s Awakening coming out there’s obviously going to be
a boost ninokuni the games that I talked about that Damon X market and we’ve had
a number of games coming out this month that are helping Nintendo’s switch
continue to be these sales leader when it comes to NPD sales here in the US so
to see that the Nintendo switch light actually sold more than the switch total
there with this week combined that’s actually a pretty good number and I’m
pretty sure that it is a successful launch for the Nintendo switch light and
being above the Nintendo switch like that this is not the prime time or prime
market for it right now where that’s going to be is later in the year because
when the fall season comes and there’s a lot of Christmas shopping and there’s
Black Friday and that’s when a lot of the younger children are able to get
their hottest toy items or hottest tech items for the year that’s when Nintendo
really takes off in sales the first 9 10 months of the year are usually pretty
good for Nintendo with the switch and everything but really those last few
months as where Nintendo absolutely kills it last year they had a monster
year with Super Smash Brothers ultimate and I think they’re gonna have another
monster holiday season with the new better battery Nintendo switch you also
have the intend us which light you have the pokemon sword and shield in Tendo
switch the game of course pokemon sword and shield and a number of other games
coming out like Luigi’s Mansion and more so I do think that this holiday it’s
going to be pretty good for Nintendo and these switch light sales are going to
continue but to see that it outsold the regular or normal switch for the week
combined that’s pretty good considering we’ve only got at the time that I’m
recording this video it is going to Sunday so that’s only a couple days
worth of sales so not bad at all now it’s going to be interesting to see if
the momentum can newse I think that it will just because
of the price factor that’s pretty much the only thing I can sit there and say
the price factor is just so big for people on a budget and on top of that
there was an article that was recently put out I know i retweeted it I know it
was talked about on the spot cast where Nintendo really aggressively fought hard
to get the Nintendo switch down to $200 in terms of certain parts and the
manufacturer and what they’re gonna get on that wholesaling all of it so there’s
no fought hard for that to new dollar price they wanted to make sure if they
were going to be removing a number of those features at the Nintendo switch
light removes from the system that it is going to be a good amount cheaper than
the regular og switch in the better battery source so it makes sense that
the Nintendo switch light did have a good opening here and I think that
really where the big sales and the big numbers gonna come from or the holiday
season when you’re buying a couple switches for the family or for the kids
or whatever it is and you don’t want to spend if you’ve got three kids obviously
buying three switches that’s $1,000 plus but if you buy three Nintendo switch
lights that’s a lot cheaper and a lot more manageable for families on a budget
or if you’ve got two kids – regular og switches that’s going to be about $700
whereas to Nintendo’s switch lights that’s gonna be a lot cheaper about 400
to 500 there so it makes sense for the holiday period and that’s where I see
this really taking off I think Japan’s gonna have a big launch as well like I
said we will get that with the feminine shoe sales numbers but I feel that in
Japan that’s where the Nintendo switch light is really going to skyrocket
because that’s where portable gaming is pretty much Super King there that’s
where so many people for all those years Nintendo 3ds was the system that people
were buying even when the PlayStation 4 was on everything 3ds was the top of the
sales numbers despite not getting anywhere near as much software as the
place before was even getting with Japanese developers and of course it’s
fizzled out since the Nintendo’s switch came and I kind of replaced that but
pretty much Japan they’ve been selling a Dhokla switch in Japan for a while now
on Nintendo’s official store but now they actually have a Nintendo switch
light that’s cheaper and strictly built for portable games so I think Japan’s
really gonna eat that up I picked up a Nintendo switch like
myself I do like the system it feels like
the next evolution of the PS Vita it’s a modular system doesn’t have the moving
parts the buttons and the clicking and all of that of the regular switch and it
does feel good to play portable the light nature of it really makes it in
terms of weight that is makes it really comfortable to play and I enjoy the
matte finish as well too so everything that’s kind of working out for Nintendo
we’ll see how things progress going forward but overall so far so good so
what are you guys as thoughts on the Nintendo switch lighting kind of what’s
going down where do you guys feel the sales are going to be best at what are
you guys predicting in terms of what Nintendo is going to say or maybe even
if omitsu sales numbers what do you guys think about all this I’d love to hear
your thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for
this video here good it’s got the Lin’s inscription below we got Facebook and
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guys for the next one face

21 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Lite Sales Reportedly Off to a GREAT Start

  1. Nintendo showing why they sill are a profit business in 2019. The holidays is going to explode more than last year and maybe even 2017.

  2. I upgraded to the better battery Switch gave my old switch to my older brother with a new physical copy of smash & the fighters pass (unlocked all fighters for him)

    Gave him a year of online all that was for his birthday

  3. My Best Buy had at least 6 of each color just sitting in the display case, Fri morning. I didn't see anyone with them, but several people were asking about the Link's Awakening Amiibo.

  4. I’m waiting for the Zacian and Zamazenta switch lite. I have my og Switch. It still works. No need to go out and spend unnecessarily.

  5. Good video PE Ninja Master. This is great stuff for the Switch Lite. The Switch Lite is gonna be huge in Japan no question guys and I think the Switch Lite overall will outsell the Switch Standard 2-1 for sure maybe even 3-1 but will have too wait n see tho, all I know is, this is good for Nintendo and Switch Brand all round.

  6. The Switch Lite looks delicious in the way DS Lite looked.

    On an unrelated note, that outer-space shot with the guy playing Mario reminded me how much I was Super Mario Galaxy 3!

  7. Switch Lite is a beastly lil system 🔥🎮🔥 I’ve been playing exclusively on the Lite over the weekend and it feels and plays wonderfully ✌🏻🎮❤️- TGNG 🤓

  8. It was good relasing this with Zelda in America and within a week of Dragon Quest 11 S in Japan

  9. Just get the insurance for the lite and once the warranty comes close just spam play splatoon 2 and boom drift trade in🤣

  10. Don't have use for one myself, but I think it's a great idea to release a Lite version! When it's all said and done, it'll have sold way more than the original 💯

  11. I should of waited until release day to get mine instead of preordering online. I won't get it until Tuesday. Funny thing though I got the switch lite case on Saturday. 😠

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