NOTHING TO EVERY MYSTERY DECAL IN ROCKET LEAGUE! *EP 1* Trading To All Black Market Mystery Decals!

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on a later date what is going on everybody rate Chico here and I am back
with another video hope you guys are having an amazing day and in today’s
video is the start of a brand new series to the channel so as you guys see by the
title we are going to be attempting to trade from this basically nothing so on
nitro create one crate all the way to every single mystery decal in Rocky
League so as of right now all the mystery decals that are in Rockley art
aura Specter slipstream parallax labyrinth text heat wave biomass bubbly
and 20xx um I don’t know like one of the new updates coming out I think September
I don’t want to say anything cuz I don’t know when the updates actually coming
out but if new mystery decals come out I guess wrath to go for them too but yeah
this is going to be the start of a brand new series trying to get every single
mystery decal starting from this nature create so let’s just get straight into
this video okay our first ever trade of the video we are treating a nitro crate
for a Dominus GT I will take that because that’s a little bit of profit
right there so let’s see what we can get with this Dominus GT so for the Dominus
GTE I am getting a show-off breakout typist
um I they’re both like the same amount of crates but this is certified for my
show-off freak out type as I’m getting Q nitro crates in an overdrive crate so
I’ll definitely take that deal I guess the other like an extra one for the show
officer I guess Q nitro crates in an overdrive I’m getting Zombo wheels which
is a little bit of profit we can maybe sell them for a little bit more than
three crates okay I’m getting draco wheels regular
now I’m painted sure it goes for my zombo’s so that’s a little bit of proper
right there for my Draco’s I’m getting a farce being uni which actually was
straights Jake was go for four to six so I guess we’ve got a good deal there okay
I am getting a titanium white tuna goes for my far screaming uni which is a
little bit of profit right there so we can definitely sell these all right
straight off the bat I am getting a purple and titanium white pork pie for
my titanium white tuna goes that’s basically exact price for my purple pork
pie I am getting a pink witch hat and a troika for them yeah thank you I am
getting full crate price for my titanium white pork pie so I’ll definitely take
that deal just straight up for overdrive crates okay this guy said he wanted four
crates just for the sky blue royal crown so maybe we can get one more crate if we
do sell them away so that’s why I’m taking the risk alright so yeah we’re
just getting a crate for troika wheels because that’s what they’re worth one
crate so I can definitely do that thank you okay we are getting full create
profit from this sky-blue royal crown we paid for it for four crates and we’re
getting back five crates for it so yeah I knew I can get that so thank you
pink which hi I’m getting discotheques and a turbo crepe discotheques gopher on
two to three but we can probably get some crates for it okay thank you okay
in this trade I’m trading discotheques for kilos of Ewell’s cables go for two
to four crates the Disco’s go for two to three so that’s why I did it
maybe we can get one more crate profit for the kilos I’m just gonna get three
crates for them now we have to see what we can do with these crates so for my
one crate I’m getting a pixel fire um I don’t know if we can get anything good
for the post fire but it’s better than a crate I did this pixel fire for the
purple cone I did the street cuz they’re both two to three crates so why not I
got these two turbo crates and I’m treating them for looper wheels we can
probably get to recreate for the loopers I’m I want to see for my loopers and
purple traffic cone I am getting a score Trinity in a scoreless okay thank you
both scores sir true let’s and Trinity I’m getting a magic missile and a cobalt
royal crown I know it doesn’t look like a really good deal but I think we can
get stuff with this we’re getting a little bit of profit in this trade for
my magic missile I’m getting a friction boost which is I would say a little bit
of profit and see what we can get with this for my sky blue royal crown I am
getting septums and SOP wheels that’s a pretty decent deal because the sky blue
goes for five crates and then s okay’s r2 and septums a two to three I think we
got a like one crate profit here I’m selling SL keys in a crate for Dom GT
and lightning yellow which I could probably sell for – or lightning yellow
I’m getting a nitro crate in a shock rim which is like a two crate with offer
that’s basically what I’ve been getting for the Lightning yellow though for my
septum wheels I’m getting a break out Type S and a hearts trail you probably
get like two crates for the hearts children maybe but yeah
I’m getting to create each for my Dom GT and a type s so that’s pretty fair deal
right there for chakrams you’re actually getting a go one crate overpay so I’ll
definitely take that okay thank you so for a blazer I’m getting two
OverDrive’s and a striker all CZs are funny book I put them probably get a
really good deal on this decal cuz people like look for strikers on decals
arts true I’m actually doing a fireplug so I’ll definitely take that I usually
get like two crates for a very rare rocky trail
I guess fireplugs it’s worth two to three oh I’m getting purple rat rods and
three crates for a show-off fireplug in a strike or funny book all right thank
you okay I thought the rat rods were gonna be hard to sell but we’re actually
getting SL keys and a magic missile for them so I’ll definitely take that deal
cuz no one will ever all for that he’s an magic missile I am getting a breakout
Type S and two pieces okay yeah thank you I guess you could say we are getting
a little bit of profit for our Type S type buses to crates we are getting
certified Roulettes which go for two to four crates so probably get like three
for that so we are getting actually sky-blue Wildcat years and all I had to
do was out of the crate to the Roulettes so I’ll probably take that and see what
we can get with so for my sky-blue cat ears I’m activating crimson vortex
pillows which go for around five to eight crates so I’m so I’m getting kind
of a little bit of profit right there we are actually getting full profit for
thus crimson vortex who are getting a far screen visor and four crates so I’ll
definitely take that my far screen visor I am getting three crates and a far
screen fruit so yeah definitely take that okay thank you
two crates I am getting Ares yep I’ll take that we got straight up to
crate offer for the fruit hut which is what it’s worth so I’ll definitely do
that because food ads are kind of hard to sell so for three crates I am getting
a cobalt uni which is like a two crate profit right there so maybe we could
sell for a little bit more okay so I’m getting purple SL keys and sky-blue
plasma for my cobalt uni and I first he just did the purple s OK’s but like I
wasn’t sure if I wanted to take that because purple SOPs are part of stuff
but then you had a plasma and he says he could do that so I was like why not
since I don’t know how much sky-blue plasma is worth or how much people are
offering for it I’m gonna get septums in a pink pork pie for it because honestly
I thought that was good enough and we probably sell these four crates pink
pork pie I’m getting a tactician hypernova and fidget spinner wheels okay
thank you purple SL Ches I’m getting volts fireplug in a crate I know that
doesn’t look really that good but diesel keys don’t so alright thank you
I got an exact price for my hypernova I’m getting the Type S and a crate
basically full price right there I’m getting full price for the Type S which
is two crates so I can’t really sell for three crates
unless it’s I guess certified but yeah I got the full price for a voltaic wheels
which is just the recruits so pretty solid deal so we got a little bit of
profit here fidget spin review let’s go for two to three crates we are getting
turbines that go for three to four so I’m gonna see where we could sell these
for we are getting a little bit of an over pay for my Aries you’re getting
magic missle and a cobalt IV cap so yeah we are getting straight up a crate for
our magic missile matching missiles for around one to two I’ll just take one or
two either way thank you someone wanted my cobalt IV kept for three crates so I
definitely took that offer so yeah pretty solid deal for that trade so we
are doing 34 crates for a victor sir power actually I did not know it was
Victor certain till he joined so yeah he was doing the 34 crates for the Victor
Parra so we’re gonna get these Victor which we could probably sell for parrot
and ads maybe but yeah after we do this deal I’m gonna give him the rest of the
crates which is basically all my crates in the trade or in my inventory right
now so when I have to give him these crates I’m giving him nine more I
believe so I’ll be one two three four five six seven eight nine oh no ten
actually oh yeah because yeah so we gave him 24 in the beginning and we’re
getting in ten more for the thirty four crates I owe him for the Victor Parra
and yeah that completes the deal guys I’m probably gonna end the video
here it’s been a long video but yes we got a victor parallax septums fireplugs
in a turbine wheel at the end of our first episode of chain from nothing to
every single mystery decal so we can honestly probably just get power and ads
for this victor power right here and then I don’t know we’ll see where we get
to in the second video if you guys read it liked this video make sure to smash
that like button down below and make sure to smash that like button for this
new series on the channel this is Ray Chico I’ll see you guys in my next video

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  1. Can you make a video for ps4 cus the crate technique doesnt work at all on ps4

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