Odoo Sales (Tour)

As a sales manager, closing opportunities with
Odoo Sales is really simple. I selected a predefined quotation for a new product line offer. The products, the service details are already in the quotation. Of course, I can adapt the offer to fit
my client’s needs. The interface is really smooth. I can add references, some catchy phrases, such as closing triggers. For example, “Save $500 if you sign
the quote within 15 days.” I have a beautiful and modern design. This will help me close my
opportunities more easily. Plus, reviewing the offer from
a mobile phone is easy. Really easy! The customer got
a clear quotation with a table of content. He can communicate easily. I identified an up-selling opportunity. So, I adapt the offer by
adding more products. When the offer is ready, the customer just needs to sign it
online in just a few clicks. Odoo Sales is integrated with
major shipping services, such as UPS, FedEx, USPS and more. That’s it! I successfully sold my products
in just a few clicks, thanks to Odoo Sales. Oh, I also have the transaction and communication
history at my fingertips. It’s easy for every stakeholder to clearly know the past interaction. Anytime, I can get an in-depth report
of my sales activity, revenue by sales people
or department, revenue by category of product drilled down to specific products
by quarter or month. I like this report. I can add it to my dashboard
in just a click. Odoo Sales is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, app. At first, I used the sales planner. Thanks to it, I got tips and tricks to boost
my sales performance. Try Odoo Sales now and get beautiful quotations, amazing dashboards and increase your success rate.

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