Oil Heat Commercial (1966)

(humming) Mrs. Schwartz. O-Oh! Excuse me, Mrs. Schwartz. Could you tell us
how you feel about Oil Heat? Oil Heat, oh. Well, uh, I think Oil Heat is wonderful! See, I’m showering in this delightful hot water! All I want, all I can use! And I know for a fact that only Oil Heat can give me so much, so fast! And it’s so dependable! And I got my dishwasher going, my washer going, And there’s still plenty of hot, hot, hot water! Oops, I dropped my soap. You know, everybody, all my friends wouldn’t
think of buying a house unless it was heated by oil. Oh, everybody thinks it’s so dependable. Dependable hot water! And dependable, comfortable heating in every
room in my house! Mrs. Schwartz. Yes. You know, you’re on television. Yes, I know. Oil Heat. You can depend on it.

7 thoughts on “Oil Heat Commercial (1966)

  1. Charlotte Rae was living and working in New York at the time this was filmed, around 1966; veteran radio/TV/voice-over actor Mandel Kramer is the "interviewer".

  2. I would have bet this ad was earlier than 1966. She was also on "Car 54, Where Are You?" as the wife of one of the policemen on the show. She was also on "Thunder In Paradise" with Hulk Hogan, although you probably wouldn't want to see too many clips from that one. The show sucked, and Charlotte did a few scenes in a bathing suit (shudder). She also played "Molly" the mail woman on Sesame Street during 1971 and 1972.

  3. I'm crazy about Ms. Charlotte, and of course about her Facts charecter, Mrs. Garrett… But I never dreamt that I would ever see her like this!!

  4. Sheri…this commercial is about forced hot water (as opposed to hot air) house heating, which also handles the rest of the hot water needs.

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