One Powerful Trick To Increase Your Sales

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  2. How to do upsell if selling insurance? Please share your thoughts, advice, suggestions. Thank you in advance.

  3. Sir Dan Lok has just inspired me to think differently and I’ve just made my new channel and I am starting to have a recurrent income like him as a millionaire sooner or later!

  4. I love Dan's honesty that's why he's a legend. The closing in the book he has is so true and so worth of value . If we desire success honesty and positive impact should be a must!

  5. Hey Dan,Please how can I market my graphics, photography and video editing business?

  6. Hey Dan, why is everything so cryptic? What I mean is you talk about what gets you to 6 figures wont get you to 7 etc, so why isn’t there a check list available for all the skill needed for each level? Otherwise how can you know what you need to do ? Or is that maybe something you have to pay some one for is that why I cant find such a list?

  7. Hello Dan. I'm Lakshitha from Sri Lanka. Your videos were most valuable when it comes to entrepreneurs. Thank you for these teaching processes. This upsell video just bought me new better ideas in to my sales. Thank you again.

  8. Hey Dan, great video. I sell insurance and auto/and fire is bread and butter. Push as many lines of insurance you can to get them protected properly

  9. Hey Dan, am from Kenya. Your vedios are very informative and does good when i put to application. Excellent explanation, thank you

  10. My top 3 takeaways:

    1) The best time to sell a customer something is right after they have bought because the customer has just bought "buying mode" – power of up-sale;

    2) "Small commitment leads to bigger commitment"; and

    3) The most expensive sales we ever made is our first sale.

  11. Wow. I learn many things about you. Want to meet you someday.
    Thanks for the learning

  12. He genuinly reveals his tricks for us…😄😄 What an amazing person he is

  13. 7 minutes to say "upsell". It's true, but could have been a 15-second bullet-point on a more significant video. Nice Bentley.

  14. Dan
    This is even older than McDonalds. This technique dates back to the deli business when patrons were asked, " Would you like anything else? " It was called " Rounding The Triangle." Exactly as you say, an Upsell.

  15. This is the very powerful sales skill👍🏻 thank you 😊😊 Dan Lok to share with us.

  16. Thank you for this content Dan. Just curious, how do you upsell when your client just bought a big ticket item like a house? If that is already the limit of budget. Thank you

  17. I've been watching a lot of entrepreneurs teach people online and I just wanted to say that you are my favorite hands down.

  18. 睇完真係學到嘢,終於搵到個堅有料嘅youtuber,你嘅水準先至係教學頻道應有嘅標準👍🏼👍🏼
    Btw 5:54 香港人先聽得出嘅X”蚊”dollars

  19. 不如返黎香港開講場talk啦,好多香港生意人需要你嘅知識同經驗。

  20. One great thing about you man is that a lot of these ideas are done intuitively and some times forgotten, you have the capacity to break this down into steps and give a process. I am a fan!
    Well done

  21. Wow!! “Until next time, I’ll see you in my Bentley!!” Incredible!!

  22. Great job!!! As a financial professional 18+yrs previously,
    1st things I learned was the feel felt found and closing techniques very effective your coaching techniques are similar congrats on being a winning coach many others will benefit 👏🏿👌🏽👍🏾👈🏿

  23. This concept is very true because i get more upsells when i do it right after customers just bought something from me. I did it before watching this video and now i understand what i have been doing that works well

  24. Dan: You are the man! I'm in Real Estate, and yes there are many coaches, but they are all teaching the same old stuff, repeating the same old dumb questions you just presented! I would like to make some real money before I totally retire. I wish you set up some kind of coaching system online just for non-producing agents:) And all of a sudden of these RE coaches have turned spiritual? Nothing against Spiritual (I am) but they just added that to their training, making the newcomers believe that they are getting updated training! Thank you for your help!

  25. Hi…my company R.k sportszone….
    We supply cricket dress/football dress/kit bags….
    My upselling idea-leather bat with its grip/bat oil

  26. Hi Mr. Dan, I'm rossa from malaysia. You teach me a lot. Thank you very much. Anyway I still need someone to help me. I have a good product for lady. Its a supplement. Very..very good for lady. I want to get genuine buyer who can market this..any idea? Thx

  27. I Watch you videos every fucking days. Thank you so much sir. I'm from Mozambique in Africa

  28. Hi sir !
    Its Sadique from india….. As u have been my mentor for a months….and your videos help me a lot of time…
    But ???? I wanna ask u something !??? May I ????

  29. The art of upselling when the buyers are in the buying mode!

    Amazing trick! Thank you so much, Sifu, for another great lesson!

  30. F**kin' hell Dan!, where were you all my life ! Your videos are such a motivation AND an education! God speed my man, god speed!✌️

  31. Loafers. 🤣 He told you one pair of shoes would go well with the other pair as if you can wear two pairs at once. Savage.

  32. Hello please I've watched some of your videos and the thing I keep hearing you say is “profit margin” i just started a small business and I don't really know how to price my products and get the right profit margin, I'm kinda new to this and I need your help, pls could you make a video explaining this? Or do you have a book on this?
    Please reply

  33. Always great content. Thank you Dan, greetings from Ecuador

  34. Better late than never ! Nearly a year after this posting, I got the message. Am selling again where I sold yesterday. Wow ! It works.

  35. LOL, this is almost like the James Bond 007 suit, these guys at the store have you pegged 🙂

  36. Bro everything OK. But whenever I come to your channel. One ad is coming [ There one guy is coming up with the big eye glass and trying to sell some useless books lol. Its been a month same ad same]

  37. Upselling, in your case, would be making you buy the shop or better the entire brand or franchise (if it is one), the seller hadn't made his job correctly by not knowing his customers . . .

  38. Hlo boss bro…. your vedios are good and I also want you to watch some vedios of Dr. Vivek bindra

  39. after my customer make a purchase of my service, i'll thank them and offer my other products

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