O’Neill Uses Visual Retailing Technology to Transform its Visual Merchandising and Store Planning

Hi. My name is Bjorn Blankert. You’re
at the O’Neill head office in Warmond, Holland. This is the head office for O’Neill Europe. For me visual merchandising means how do I present something to make it look better. Well the MockShop program is a tool
that we run here at O’Neill, and it gives us the possibility to make a visual
merchandise guideline just behind a computer. The most important part of the VM guideline would be how to present certain product, try to make it
as visual, as attractive, for consumer as possible. So we create a guideline here in-house. The guideline is ready, we send out the guideline to a computer and to all
the stores that need it to work with this particular guideline. They print it out and
then they, on their store level, they need to execute according to the
guideline. From there they are going to send back pictures to us that we judge
if it’s being used correctly, yes or no. The solution for stores when they are
getting the guideline they don’t need to think about it they can easily and super
fast just copy what we already did up front to make a consistent
presentation out of it. That means that I only have to think about it once instead
of having 20 people thinking about it 20 times. The benefits of planning a store
is that by just being able to make quick changes within your presentation and even having a quicker communication back and forth between HQ and all the stores that we have,
if we will do that with the ShopShape program then we will have a bigger and a
faster outcome of the whole process. The Visual Retailing program, what I like
most about it, is the quick changes that I can make in a certain
presentation. Instead of me standing in a store making the visual merchandise on store level, that gives me the benefits to help not just one store, but dozens or hundreds. This whole communication is HQ with all of them (stores), and all of them back to HQ. It gives me – already up front – a very straightforward plan on how certain
product needs to be presented on our store level.

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