100 thoughts on “OneRepublic – Connection

  1. Me emocione cuando te escuche en el comercial de coca-cola!! 😜 😋😍😘💋

  2. Прсто Суперский очень люблю эту группу а песня огонь очень заряжает и поднимет настроение 😉👍🔥💞💝💋👄

  3. if this was irl she will never get a connection with an armpit hair that long

  4. How do you get a connection then?? What do you think?? Do you like to look at a person who looks bland, boring and grey, such as my husband now, when he tries to rule my day, and switch my inside off for writing, he´s not cute if he´s born then, and a bland baby don´t at all talk!! He´s trying to do something as good as a woman, always, but he forgets about the struggle that we always have, and does it bland and off too!! He can learn sooner than later, but he´s pissed off now, as I destroyed his plans on the inside, for two whole weeks!! He can´t leave me alone with his cleansing of me, can you halp me out, and he doesn´t care if I get it right or not, what I write here!! Then I don´t want to be with him, that´s the RUDEST THING I´VE EVER SEEN ON!! I SET US ALL FREE HERE, AND HE DOES THIS NOW, WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT!!?? EAGER TO PLEAGER, what do you think?? Help me out here!!! Cheers Jenny, Nike 1

  5. Como é que esse homem consegue ficar cada vez mais lindo meu deus 😮

  6. They are mastermind behind the entire music industry. They are just pretending unpopular.

  7. Nada mejor que escuchar esta canción mientras tomas un vaso frío de coca cola :V

  8. Even though it's kinda knew I would rate this top three best songs for me next to secrets and lets hurt tonight

  9. It suppose to be a good song, if the author would have larger vocabulary and find normal words instead of keep repeating swear words.

  10. One Republic: counting stars 3 billion views.
    Also one Republic: connection 17 million views

  11. i literally hate this song more than any song i’ve heard on the radio. at my work this song plays at least once everyday and every time it does it makes me want to shoot my self in the face.

  12. Everyone makes a joke of this song about wifi, listen to the other lyrics. People can relate because they are alone and don't know where they are going. This maybe is the one song they relate to and you are making fun of it how dare you.

  13. I'm listening to this while cooking. Hope the cookies don't have to much Vanilla

  14. Haha he drinks Lavazza coffee, the one I make at work! And I don't even live near USA!

  15. My crush tries to avoid me

    Me: *can I get a connection, can I get can I get a connection lol

  16. First I thought she is Rita Ora…😅😅😂😂… I was Wrong 🤷🏼‍♂️

  17. "If there's so many people here, then why am I so lonely?"

    This is what I say for about a year. They say women crave for marriage, yet no one wants to meet me. Even though, I think I'm very loyal and a great lover, people don't even bother to listen to me. On top of that I'm too shy and everytime I got rejected or ignored I'm getting more and more timid. Man, that's sad.

  18. I love this song and the video, well-acted. Yes, I feel the same these days especially, where I live.

  19. One Republic+Coldplay+Imagine Dragons+Maroon5+Bastille+Owl City every damn time!

  20. A guy named stenaven is blocking his music saying people is complaining

  21. I need a connection..you got something I need ….I'm marching on

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