Online EMini Futures Trading Lessons

Online EMini Futures Trading Lessons good morning everyone today is the 22nd
of October 2015 it’s Thursday morning market just opened here I’ll keep you posted let’s see what’s gonna happen here today ok I just took a short right here
waiting for the market to finish pushing up there for sure right now CFR down she’s gonna go here there’s a lot of pressure up so it’s
going to be sweet quicker on down push continue there for a little bit more
pressure halfway to turn it should be able to do it more almost there alright awesome target is bill three numbers for the
morning and happy camper see ya later have a great weekend bus students sending me their trades I
think they might be anticipating that might be YouTube so proud of these guys
look what they showed me today Adrian here he took a wonderful short at
the open-air little bit late but looks like he was waiting for too much
confirmation but he got his Nuggets out of there to capture like you is at so on 3.2 3.3 for total and here we got Greg Rey goal hero that
spike to the upside which was unexpected but the personality at the open dictated
that you better not pull the trigger right here gregg so lesson learned but
yet you’re 39 votes out of it not a big deal with the end result is a beautiful
country you’re awesome perfect picture perfect entry that you do that it’s out there here’s one from J J took the shorts covered and decided to go long and
checking out nothing wrong with that got us three Nuggets he’s a happy camper there’s Online EMini Futures Trading Lessons key he went for a short also little bit late
but he got a thorn in the side of the beautiful man there’s one from martin call beautiful
entry martin beautiful however and he got brave and went long
and the top here that’s awesome beautiful beautiful from patrick has gone maybe gifts and
waited for the pressure to the upside to kick in and got out with his total of
1.9 recovery here’s one from Richard Richard markets here but when short meeting gift
and when short again 3.1 as he exited here beautiful recovery
richard is one from Scott got also got a little early here gifts when short recovered nicely stop number two awesome beautiful entry man beautiful is you straight into contracts so its 2.1 from Sean got a little bit late also but no harm
no foul at his notes out of the deal and then the same along with a gift here
came back and got him and got it along again so he pulled up 5.1 beautiful beautiful entry where I didn’t get your
3.5 got out call it a day there’s no reason to save your old guys are all the
guys it’s just a matter of waiting for the first opportunity taking it walking
away closing down your choice don’t need to
but you can that’s a great day I will talk to you
later have a great weekend this is Thursday every great weekend Online EMini Futures Trading Lessons

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