Online Romance Imposter Scams | Federal Trade Commission

[MUSIC PLAYING] Looking for love
in all the right places like popular
dating sites, mobile apps, and social networking sites? Ron seems like a
perfect match for you. He’s thoughtful and says
he can’t live without you. He says he’s from the US but
works out of the country. And he says he wants to visit,
but says he can’t afford it. He asks you to send him money. Last month, it was
medical for his sick aunt. This month, he needs
money to fix this car. Next month, who knows. Ron wants your money. Don’t send it. The person pretending
to be Ron is a scammer. He’ll tell you anything to get
you to wire cash right away. He’ll never run out of excuses. If an online love interests
asks you for money, walk away no matter
how compelling story. Report scams at

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