Online Stock Trading: Coming Back From A Losing Trade Live!

Good morning, this is Keshia here at and this will be a live day trading video daytrading call options. So I’m currently looking at Facebook, I’m looking to buy some Facebook calls I have an order in at 184 Alright, I am now in betrayed about five contracts at 184 I do believe that the price of Facebook is going to continue higher. Let’s see what happens here And you can see here that we have a bit of a spread here on Facebook daytrading call options Which can get a little bit dangerous? We have like over a 10 cent spread for a moment there, so let’s see if Facebook can continue higher So we’re getting a decent move here to the upside, but my target still has not been hit and Looks like we’re encountering some resistance here, so You can see how I was up about sixty or so dollars and then the price Started to pull back here on me daytrading call options So waiting to see if we can get some continuation to the upside Oh Facebook well you can see here Facebook is Coming back down here. We encountered an area of resistance and now the price is coming back down I have a stoploss in mind so if it gets triggered. That’s fine. I Just didn’t break out as quickly and as as Authoritative Lee as I thought it would so let’s see what happens here again. I do have a stop loss in mind If it doesn’t work out. That’s fine. I’ll just jump out but I still like The potential that it adds So I’m gonna try to remain patient here But yeah all we can do is wait and see what happens daytrading call options All right, so I went ahead and jumped out of the tray for a $70 loss Facebook just did not have the momentum that I was hoping for so I’m just gonna wait and see what happens with it. I still think that Facebook has the potential to move higher today my timing was just a little bit off this morning, but I’m gonna wait and see if Facebook can begin to show some strength here And then I may look to re-enter into the trade or I’ll find a different trade altogether, so let’s see what happens daytrading call options All right, so I am back in the trade again The same strike price at 150 750. I bought five contracts here at 189. I’m down Five dollars here, so remember I closed out of the first shirt with a 70 dollar loss so I’m gonna attempt to come back from that 70 dollar loss here I’m down five dollars on this second trade now. I’m down fifteen dollars But let’s see if Facebook can gain some momentum and continue higher daytrading call options All right so Facebook is starting to break out here. I’m up forty five dollars on this second trade I’m trying to overcome that seventy dollar loss that I took on the first trade So let’s see if we can get some more momentum to the upside So far we’re looking pretty good, so We are getting some nice momentum to the upside I’ve already scaled out of one contract here, I’m up Very nicely here, so I’m up $100 right now. Let’s see if Facebook can continue a little bit higher daytrading call options All right, so we had a nice break out here. I have one contract left, and I’m just about to get rid of it my target exit is approaching All right just so that final contract at 2:38, so I am now up 136 dollars on the day now remember The first tree that I took this morning on Facebook. I actually lost $70 so I actually made two hundred and six dollars on this tree and then you have to deduct the seventy dollars that I lost on the first tree so that gives me a profit of 136 dollars so I was able to successfully overcome that daytrding call options First losing trade so as long as you keep your losing trade small you can certainly come back from them so I hope that you enjoyed this video if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and Feel free to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this content of daytrading call options. Thank you so much for watching, and I look forward to seeing you in the next video

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  1. I tried to like your video, but I don't think it registered, so I just want you to know I liked your video, thank you for your candor and the gracious way you took your loss. I'm still a work in progress. Nice video!

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