Online traders, consumers may benefit from Reding’s optional EU sales law plan

Viviane Reding on Thursday weathered
the downpour in Brussels to announce a gift worth more than 26 billion euro to celebrate
next year s 20th anniversary of the European single market: An easy-to-use, optional common
sale law for the European Union with a high level of consumer protection, to be used in
crossborder transations. I have conceived this idea, and this putting into practice
an idea, as a gift. A gift to companies and consumers of course, but most of all a gift
for next year s anniversary of the European single market. The present of Europe s justice
commissioner is set to make crossborder business much easier for small and medium-sized services
companies that want to reach out to the entire European market, instead of the 2 countries
that an average European SME targets at the moment. Consumers definitely are put here
in a loose-loose situation. Disadvantaged by a limited choice. And often having to pay
for a higher price on their domestic market. s also a boon to big internet names such as
eBay and Apple. Apple now runs more than 27 different versions of its Itunes store in
Europe; under Reding s proposal, it could opt to create one single iTunes store for
all of Europe. The loss of income in intra-EU trade, per year, based on this problem, is
26 billion euro. Reding said the initial reactions from EU member states are promising. Consumer
and business groups are enthusiastic. If all goes smoothly, this optional common sales
law for Europe could be reality as early as 2013.

2 thoughts on “Online traders, consumers may benefit from Reding’s optional EU sales law plan

  1. They should put much effort into the improvements of the common market since it is about the only thing in the entire EU worth burning billions for. And I would not say that for an unelected commission with absolutist ambitions ("The commission is the government we don't need another" said Barroso himself) or a paper-tiger parliament, or a stability pakt worth less than the paper it is printed on.

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