Online Trading Academy: Real Reviews from Real Students

Morning everyone. Hey guys doing this week is going to be Probably unlike many other weeks you’ve ever had. My job as your instructor is to Simplify it as much as I’m able to so let’s go ahead and get started up shall we I understood quite a bit I’ve learned a lot this first day. The first day, my expectations were to be able to get some educational exactly what the market is telling me. Get a plan going to approach this like a business and Not be so emotional the instructions make it clear what to do how to do it to put money in your pocket It’s not just an instructor Who’s teaching you a foundation based on the book But also showing you here’s some of the mistakes that they’ve made So that I won’t have to go and make that same costly mistake All right folks. Let’s go ahead and get into trading here. You got your rule set in place I first want you to go in and identify those supply and demand levels and get to practice in Yeah me don’t be afraid to take profits soon. I mean you’re up more than ten to one. Nice job Jerry what we got here two hunters But I guess I get eight is I set it in two by it’ll look cool back It came down got my fill okay lemon four six eight, okay good Make sure that when you bought this right you’re in here. Go four three two one okay If that turns 40 I would help the sell bond yeah, okay So this is good who came up right there you [get] your [supply] [zone] from over there sale Rallied base base base And now it’s actually dropping down a little bit I’d hit it right there you get a nice profit [there] you go perfect the reason why I was pushing you to do a quick As he helped it when it bounces up and do some profit, but you got it right [on] the loan you bought it there Right think about it. Somebody sold to you down there How do you think they’re feeling it our folks go ahead and exit all positions exit. All positions. Nice job. Good job It was great good stuff very good He had a in a seven to one uh three [to] one Jerry had a he had a you know I know was in 91 [a] special sense made [90] I Did have a couple of winning trades today? You have to be selective minimize your risk [you] do your lines you create your zones then also had a Back-up plan in case it turned the wrong [way] and your heart is just pounding you know everything your adrenaline’s going it’s quite an amazing feeling [I] did a live trade and just hung with it and Ended up trading around [nine] to one and it was a winner. So it was a good feeling [it] was wonderful it was you know I had used the right tools and followed a plan and The trade went very well the strategy worked the stock recovered and bounced up it was a 90 percent [I] didn’t have a solid [foundation] until I got here the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life Yeah, you know, and there’s nothing like it. I can’t wait to get in there [and] do some bar I started out Apprehensive Little Hesitant wasn’t quite sure what its Gonna get myself into here I had all my Concerns put to rest immediately and they got me on course they started teaching me exactly what I was looking for And I’m coming out here with some fantastic information, and some good tools before is [a] little bit out of control But now I can relax more I have more [confidence] [I] feel pretty confident about be able to move forward in the future. It was a great experience [I] definitely feel a lot more confident putting my money on the market any class I’ve taken you know whether it’s now trading or anything else that by far. This was the best You know everyone here was just a real family environment not just from the staff, but everybody here when to help out It’s really beneficial to have an instructor here who can then answer the questions request so you have a better understanding [that] you can take? Back home and apply that everything that you’ve learned I feel wonderful and excited that we all passed it and that I really Loved meeting so many people working with so many people I think I’m going to do well and I plan coming here quite a bit. I’ve already rescheduled to come back and learn more I’m gonna retake I’ve already rescheduled for October, so I think Repetition is a very good idea, and it’s gonna work for me, and I’m looking forward to it. The course is just wonderful I mean it just gave me more confidence It gave me more of a solid foundation. [I] have more proper risk management skills I realize now that it’s a total different way of looking at trading. There is a system There is a way to minimise risk. Which is number one rule and have a very good feeling about it can be very very exciting you

19 thoughts on “Online Trading Academy: Real Reviews from Real Students

  1. I love the video! I also loved how patient the instructors were with the students. I also would love to learn more about the software they were using in class because it looked so easy to use. I am all about learning how the stock market trades.

  2. I really need to spend some time with these guys. One area I wish I knew more was trading.

  3. At about 50 seconds into the video, a guy says "get a plan going, approach this like a business". I think he hit it dead on when it comes to trading. If that's what this academy teaches, I'm definitely interested.

  4. Cool video, it's nice to see inside an actual class, looks like a cool experience.

  5. The instructors are very patient with the students, helpful and are very realistic about how day trading is and can be. They are definitely right, you have to treat it just like a business. I also like how you get to hear students with real live questions, experiences and reviews, and how the instructors respond to each with information that makes it easier to understand.

  6. I've been learning from the Online Trading Academy for almost a year now and what I've learned has been great so far. Everyone is very nice and helpful and will go out of your way to make sure you understand what is going on. I can tell that people really care about what they do their and want to make sure student's get the best training possible.

  7. I'm planning to attend the Online Trading Academy in Ft. Lauderdale, FL can anyone give me some input on courses and instructors.. Thanks.

  8. They give you a great and funny way to get you started trading.
    Even the dvd's are good.(but a bit expencive to be honest) 
    Mike (fromer surfer) is a good tutor. When you advance there is other stuff to expand your learning curve. But this is a verry good start!

  9. Excellent training! Great instructors. You can re-take the course as many times as you want. Helps a lot.

  10. I've been wanting to learn more about online trading, searching for reviews of trading courses, etc, and this is one of the best. The markets are awfully complicated for anyone who doesn't live and breath Wall Street these days. Important for the rest of us to brush up on our skills.

  11. I like the videos of online trading academy excellent videos thankyou for the videos

  12. I want to learn from scratch everything about Trading. I live in Fort Worth, Texas

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