Online Trading Education | A Tour of the ClayTrader Trading Freedom Pathway

First off, thank you so
much for your interest in the Trade and Freedom Pathway Program that I offer at this site. My goal with the video is to give you a behind the scenes in unboxing, whatever you want to call it. So that you can see exactly
what you’re going to get as part of the program. First thing first and this
is what I get quite a bit in terms of questions. Hey Clay, what makes
you different compared to insert all these other people? And I don’t know everybody out there but I will say that what I believe makes me the most different. Assuming everybody else
offers great programs. So I’m not gonna bash anybody else. I’m gonna say we all offer great stuff but what still makes me different? Lifetime access, everything
you see here you get for life. There is no monthly payments,
there’s no yearly payments. There is nothing. Once you are in, you are in. So that’s what makes me
different and then like I said. Just keep that in mind as
I go through everything. What you see is what you
get, lifetime access. With all that being said,
if I do leave something out or you’re still unclear on something. Than please, leave a comment down below. Reach out to me on social media. Shoot me an email, [email protected] and I’d be more than
happy to clear up anything that you may have. But overall, let’s get to it and remember. Everything you’re about
to see, lifetime access. Welcome to my desktop. At this point I am assuming that the investment has been made. So you’ve gone through the sign up process and now you are just
simply ready to access all the information and content
that you’ve invested into. And that’s where on the home page there. You’re just gonna go to that login button. So when you click that, this
is where you will be taken. To just enter in your user
name and password here. And as an FYI, this
stuff is everything that you will be creating
during the sign up process. So at this point, it’s just a matter of remembering what it was. And once you get that entered
in, hit the login button. And this is where you are
taken to the dashboard page. And this is the most important thing. I should say when you’re brand new the most important thing being right here. What order should you do the classes? Now of course I want you
to watch the welcome video. And I want you to, you know, just get introduced to everything. But it’s all about the order. It’s all about the structure
because you can have all the greatest content. You can have all the
most accurate content. But if you watch it out of order. If you watch it randomly, then that’s not gonna do you any good. I mean, let’s say you
want to learn about math. Okay and let’s say you have all the right information about math. But then you go and learn about calculus before you learn about
how to add and subtract, divide, multiply. That’s not gonna be a
very pleasant experience. So sequence matters, structure matters. And I want you to know exactly what order you are supposed to be taking
these courses and the classes. So that is what you can do right there. Click there and I’ll have
it all mapped out for you. First do this, then do
this and with kind of some explanations on why the order exists in the way it does. And as from a functionality stand point, just the way everything operates. So if you want to access
ClayTrader University you could either click right there or you could click over here. But like I said, both places or both areas will take you to the same exact place. So let’s just click here
on ClayTrader University and this is where you’re
gonna get all the courses. Once again, can you see
I’m big on sequence. I’m big on structure. So in case you missed it on
the home page right there. It’s again, what order
should you view everything right up there. So as far as the classes are concerned. They are broken down into three areas. You have core principles,
you have expanded markets and then strategy building. And I’ll show each one of those. But by default you start
right here on core principles because these are the one’s that you need to start off taking first. What order do I take these? Well I’m trying to make this as straight forward as possible. So those numbers right
there tell you exactly what order you should be taking
each one of these classes. Now, as far as each class works. So robotic trading is a default. You have the video and
then down below the video you have all the videos within the class. So in this situation and
again, what order do I view the videos in the class? Just follow the numbers, there you go. And as far as how long each video is. Well you have times after each one. So if you’re not quite sure. I don’t know, do I have
enough time to start one more? Well then by just looking
at the time there. That’ll help you gauge that. And then as far as the number of videos. So for example, within the
class of robotic trading there are 27 videos. That video number will
differ and it depends on each class itself. Well after you get done with that. Then you just go through the sequence. After you get through the
core principle sequence. This is where you get a little flexibility and it’s more so up to you. In the sense of you can
really take whatever you want based on your interests. Based on what you’re looking
to do and your situation. So maybe you’re somebody
that’s saying, you know what? I work during the day and
my schedule is pretty rigid. So in this situation
you could theoretically go to the expanded market. And then you could learn
about trading Forex because Forex markets
have markets that are open at various times throughout
the world and the way it works. So that’s just an example
of how it could be. But my point is right
now notice that there are no numbers anymore because this is not a situation of the order you need to take. It’s just a situation of hey,
your personal preference. What are your goals? What do you enjoy? What are you more interested in? So, in this situation if you want to learn about options trading, you could do that. Maybe you’re thinking about
penny stocks, you could do that. Or as I already used an example, the Forex trading right there. So that is the expanded markets. And then strategy building
is more so, all right. Well these are some actual
strategies out there that you could potentially use. So as far as options, once again. Now you’re getting into more
of the advanced strategies and such that you can use options for. And there is the options
trading video diary which is just a complimentary
course to that one over there. And right here you have grow rich. This is my personal plan
that I’m using to invest and that’s gonna make me a millionaire. And I say that because I
have history on my side and I have math on my side. And it’s a situation where yeah. As long as you’re not expecting
it to happen next week or overnight or even next year. Then that strategy has been proven to work time and time again. So that’s what I mean by history. All you got to do is
look back at the history and then all you got to
do is take that history and plug it into the math. And the math says yeah, if you do this. Give it enough time, you
will be a millionaire. But the time part is the
situation where I mean. You just can’t show up to
it expecting it to happen next year or anything like that. I mean it is a retirement, it is an investing long term strategy. So that’s within that course. And then trampoline trading
and volcano trading. Those are just a couple more strategies where I break down kind of
the step by step process of how each of those works. But again, each of these varies in length. So let’s go to the my
investment Grow Rich. So right here we have this. And then of course down here you can see this is a shorter class. Only 13 videos in it
because it’s much more straight forward. It’s just much more. So for example, right
here I just go through the selection process, step by step. And of course as always got
to talk about risk control. So you can get an idea, you
got to know how to manage the process so there’s rules to manage it. And I go through all that step by step. And of course you got to
add fuel to the fire right. So that’ll be but those are the videos that you’ll get within that. And then also some of these classes will come with course materials. Meaning there’s things
that can be downloaded So for example, this one
there is a checklist. So yes, I go over things. And of course you’re more
than welcome to take notes but in situations where there’s rules. So right over here, you know checklist. I’ll just put that stuff together and map that out for you so that you have an exact idea
of what to look for. And then some classes coming
with a living document. Living being the key word
because things change right. Technologies are always changing. Brokers are offering new services or new updates or whatever. So that document is
something that just says hey. As of right now this is what’s best. But if something changes,
let’s just say six months from when I do that. Well then I’ll just go back
in and update that document. So it’s living, meaning
it just stays up to date to what is current. What matters and what is
probably most beneficial and efficient to use
with whatever is going on in regard to a particular thing. So, that is how that works. Not all classes are gonna
have download on material. It just depends on the class itself but on the Grow Rich, yeah. There’s rules, there’s
checklist and all that. So, that is where that
information is coming from. But again, that’s how it works
with the strategy building, expanded markets and core principles. But core principles is definitely
where you’d want to start. So let’s go back to the dashboard and the next part, let’s
just go to this real quick. So inner circle is gonna be
where the live chatroom is and where my personal scans are. But I’m not gonna do a
deep dive into all of that. I just put a video down below and I do a behind the scenes tour of that. Because in theory you could
just invest into that separately and I’ll get into more of
that here in a little bit. But as far as what you
get, what it looks like. Like I said, if you’re curious in that then you can watch that video. But if you’re watching this video you’re probably more so
interested in the classes. You’re so interested
in hey, I want it all. I want everything so
that’s why like I said. You can watch that video if you want but my guess is that
you’re just more into it. You want to see the
classes and all this stuff or content that you get. So let’s now hop over
to the live guidance. And the live guidance is
the area where you have the weekly live webinars. Now the webinars, I’m not
gonna tell you when they are. Well I’ll tell you when
they are as the recording of this video. But I mean if you’re watching this video five years from now. They may not be the
exact same day and time or the structure may change a little bit. But as of right now you
can see that right here. The live sessions, the next
one at least is in three days five hours and nine minutes. Once you sign up, all you got
to do is click register now. And once you get registered
for the webinars. So when I say register I
don’t mean for anything else other than the webinars. That way you’ll get emails and reminders and a link to actually
join each of the classes. But yeah, right now
there on Tuesday evenings at seven p.m. eastern. But that may be questionable. I’m busy at that point
so I can’t make them. Well there’s this other cool
part is if you come over here and you click view more. They’re all recorded and
placed into the archive so that you can go and
view whatever one you want. And the other part that’s very important and I’ll explain in a
second, is this description. Description is important,
well I’ll get to that here in just a second. But overall, right now as of the recording of this video, 243. And each one is at least an hour long, at most probably like
an hour and 10 minutes. But let’s just call it an hour. So, there is at least right
now in webinar content alone 243 hours of content. Now, very big point here. Am I saying that you need
to view every single hour? No, this is all just complimentary stuff to those classes that
we already talked about. These are all just, it’s a support system. None of this is required. If you don’t want to view
any of these, that’s fine. If you never want to attend
one of the live sessions, one of the live webinars. That’s fine. This is all just stuff where it boils down to kind of my business motto. Just really coaching, teaching motto is I never want to give
anybody the possibility to accuse me of hey Clay. You really just didn’t
give enough examples. You really just didn’t
provide enough support. I mean yeah, the classes were great. But it would have been nice to
have some additional support. It would have been nice
to have some additional, just examples. Some additional case studies. So that’s what I’m doing with all of this. It is just support. But by no means is it requirements. So, I’ve had some people that say Clay. I would but that’s, I don’t
have time to go through hundreds of hours of webinar content. And I can totally understand that but that is not a requirement. But it is here for you to
have it as a support system. Or as a guidance system which is why this is all called the live guidance. ‘Cause I want to make sure
that you can’t accuse me of not being able to
offer up enough guidance as you go through those classes. So that is how that all
works and the one big thing and one of the more. One of my favorite parts
about this is there we go. So once in a while we’ll have guests and the guests are just fellow members. And just to show you kind of. So if you were to click on this one. So that’s how it appears but. So for example this one
was an hour and 10 minutes. But when guests come on
they are fellow members and they just talk about their trades. They talk about hey, this
is the strategy I’m using. Hey, this is what I was looking at. And we get a good variety. Sometimes people are showing up and they did some stupid things. But the great part is is we’re just all part of the community. We’re all traders. We’re not trying to be hotshots. We’re not trying to be
something other than we’re not. I mean we just get it. And part of “it is”, we’re human beings. So we do stupid things, we make mistakes. Once in a while emotions get to us and that is one of these
things that is shared here. It is screen sharing so
they’re walking us through what’s going on. And sometimes it’s wow
that’s very motivating ’cause they did a great trade. Other times it’s yeah, you
know I screwed up this part and it costs me some money. And there’s always and
the learning opportunity. ‘Cause I mean and it’s very cost effective for an opportunity right. If I can avoid losing a
certain amount of money because somebody showed me
and shared their experience in very great detail about a situation. I mean that’s a great cost savings. I mean if I can just simply avoid losing money in the
first place by learning from somebody else. That’s a great thing and that’s what these interviews are getting. And they are group interviews because assuming of course you show up live. But if you’re there then
you can type up questions and such and I’ll ask the
majority of the questions. But I’m always watching the
chat box and if questions arise. Then I’ll ask the person I’m interviewing. And that way it truly
becomes a group interview where you are more than
welcome to ask questions. Once again, of course
you’ve got to be there live. But that’s one of the great interviews or that’s one of the great
part of these live webcasts. And you can just go by it. Maybe you’re only interested
in guest interviews. All you got to do is scroll through things and you can find all these which have the guests interview next to them. So let’s go back to the
home page, the dashboard. And now let’s look at my video journal. So really the best way to kind of see what these are about is
just looking at the titles. But to offer up a little context here is maybe you’ve watched my videos on You Tube of me trading and thinking Clay. I mean, why did you do that? What were you thinking? Why are you still holding? Why did you buy? Why did you sell? You don’t tell me any of
that and that’s a fair point. I mean I fully admit that a
lot of the videos on You Tube from the live trade. I mean they are very broad but this is where the
exact opposite is true because in these ones. I go into all the details. And I will tell you Why I’m buying? Why I’m selling? Why did I hold? Why did I think the price was
gonna act in a certain way? And we’ll just click on here. $400 in 10 minutes, all the details. So I’ll illustrate this
right here with this video, 21 minutes. So definitely a good
chunk of time right there. But once again, yeah. They can be longer
videos but that’s because I’m mapping out all my
thoughts, all my theories. All my, I’m pretty sure
it’s gonna act like this. And the reason I think
it’s gonna act like this is because of this that and the other. And because I think
it’s gonna act like this I’m gonna do this. So that’s what I’m going through and that’s why those videos
can tend to be longer because I literally am mapping out all of my thoughts and document of that. And so, here’s another one. $150, explain how long was this one? All right so this one. Shorter, seven minutes. So they all are different in length. I do these just spare of the moment. I mean I can’t say that
I do one every single day or anything like that. But it’s just a matter of oh wow. I think that there’s a good opportunity for a learning lesson here. But you can see all sorts of
other videos via the context. And once again, I mean there
are hundreds of these videos. Once more, does that
mean you need to watch every single one of these? No, in fact you don’t
need to watch any of these if you don’t want to. This is all just a complimentary source. This is something to come along side you and help guide you so that you can see exactly what’s going on. So right here, level 2 games. Good example of how level 2
sometimes there’s some games. So that’s just one of those
situations where I notice something on the level
2s and though oh wow. This would be a great learning opportunity that’s happening in real time. So I get out stuff and I fumble around and I get the video rolling. And I just start talking about it. So a lot of these videos, some of them aren’t the most professional because they’re literally me just hurrying up to get a video rolling. Getting the screen captured so
I can start talking about it. But that’s just kind of what happens in the heat of the moment right. You got to move and you got to move now to capture this stuff. So if you’re looking
for like crisp, precise, professionalism on these. Then some of them,
you’re not gonna get that because like I said. I’m rushing just to get things in play. And I should have mentioned
this at the very start. So I apologize but your name
would actually be up here. So it’s a lot more personal
than just TFP member 1175, welcome to prison. It’s nothing like that. Your name would be there but
this is just a dummy account that I’m using. So that’s just why it says TFP member. I meant to say that at the start but it is definitely personal. I truly do want to get to know you. And you are more than some sort of prison number system to me. So on your screen you would
see your actual name there just as a little clarification point. I don’t want this to seem like you’re just some sort of inmate or anything like that. So that is how those
personal journey videos work and again, as from a
functionality standpoint. You could click on dashboard
and what I’m going to do here is just click up on the logo. And that’ll take you right
back to the same spot. So there you are, back on the dashboard. So let’s see, we’ve gone through those. All right, so let’s go
through the column over here. So, live guidance, we’ve
already talked about that. Those are the webinars. Those are the classes. Inner circle has, I’ve
already talked about. That’s the live chat room
and the newsletter and scans. But if you’re curious on more of the behind the scenes tour of that. You can just watch the video down below. Right here is that weekly newsletter that is part of the inner circle. Here is the journal that
we just went through, all those live trades. There is forum so you can interact. Although the main majority
of the interaction is happening in the inner circle. But there are forums that are still there. I do offer 1-on-1 coaching so that is where you would go to
schedule a time slot. And then the scanner settings guide. This is one that, want to cover. So right here we have the guide and then right here you’re just looking at the table of contents. And this is important,
this is a valuable document because a scanner is
great, don’t get me wrong. But look at a scanner as a GPS system. Okay, yeah you have a GPS. Okay well what happens if you enter in the wrong “settings” to
that GPS, the wrong address. Yeah, the GPS is still gonna work. It’s just gonna take you
to the wrong spot right. So that’s how scanners work. Is that yeah, you can have a scanner. And yeah, a scanner is important. But what are those
settings you’re actually entering into that scanner to
produce results that you want? So that’s what I go through here. I go through all of my
favorite settings and such. Because yeah, a scanner
can get very overwhelming very quickly. ‘Cause you open up a scanner
and you have all these settings and you can do all these
combinations of settings. Like I said, it can literally
get overwhelming in a hurry. But for this, I’ll break down the settings that I’ve learned over my
decade of trading that work and that’ll give you good
solid tradable opportunities within the market. So that is part of that guide
right there that you get. And then the last part
is exclusive discounts. I do have a couple other sites. I have my personal finance site where I do all about more so personal
finances and building wealth. And that’s where I offer my
real estate investing course. And then also offer a
health and fitness course cause I love that stuff. I’m big into all of that. And I offer, so that’s is the personal finance site. And then
is my health and fitness site. But the point here being
that you do get discounts that nobody else gets by
being a member of this. So that is where you would
find all that information. Unfortunately I can’t click on that ’cause that would give
away all the coupon codes. And then down there,
pretty self explanatory. You have manage your account and then if you want to log out. And I’m not quite sure
why I saved this for last but it is what it is. And then we have the search box and this is the most important and probably my favorite part of it. Now the most important
when you’re brand new is making sure that you go
through the right sequence right. We talked about that. But after you figure out what order you’re supposed to take things. The most powerful thing
to use is that chatbox. So for example, there’s a
lot of lingo that is used. And of course this lingo
is coming from the classes. But maybe you hear a bit of lingo. Yeah I’ve heard it but I can’t
quite remember what exactly. There is something we talked
about known as wolf candles. So let’s just say you know what, wolf. Wolf candle, let me just run
a scan for wolf real quick. And what that’s gonna do is
it’s gonna scan the entire site including the free content. But in this situation,
that would have been a little deceiving
’cause that’s not exactly what’s being referred to. But like I said, from your point of view you will know that
right away because well. I mean you’ve been through
the class but right here. It goes through, so right here. Here’s something from the journal. The elusive wolf, so that’s exactly what’s being talked about there. Right here, the elusive wolf. So right there, those
two videos right away. You’re gonna know, will
help refresh your memory on what this wolf candle is. And more specifically in this case, what is the elusive wolf? And then down here you
also have situations where here are all the past webinars. So you could go in and skip
right to well episode 197, talked about a wolf. Episode 217, we talked about a wolf. And the point being that
yes, there’s lots of content. But that search box can quickly,
quickly just weave through all the content and find you exactly what you’re looking for. So maybe you’re saying okay. A lot of people keep talking
about these grandma numbers and how grandma numbers are so important. So let me just run a
scan for grandma number. And once again, that’s gonna
show you all the situations where grandma numbers
have been talked about. So there is something from one of the case study journal videos. You scroll down some
more and you can see that there’s some areas where okay. It was talked about in episode 199. You know it was talked about and you can come down here. There’s lots of places
where grandma numbers have been talked about. And you know you can scroll
all the way down here and there’s dates which
is kind of crazy to think. As of right now, the recording
of this video is 2019 but to think that I was
doing these live webinars back in 2015. So on that note, this is not some sort of fly by night operation. I’ve been around for a long time now and I’m not gonna go anywhere. I love this stuff, it’s fun. But yeah, right there. Kind of crazy, have a little moment here. But yeah, 2015 and I’ve been doing this. The place has been around
since 2013 but yeah. That’s how that works
and very very powerful to have all those features for yourself. You know right at your
fingertips in the sense of just run a scan or run the
search for what you want. And you’re gonna have access
to everything right there. So that is what you get. That is everything that is included. And the one thing as always
that I know I talked about but hey Clay. What makes it different? And what makes it different than insert blank of somebody else? So let’s just do this ’cause I’m not gonna bad mouth any companies. Let’s just assume that the
other person, the other people. The other whatever you’re
looking at, they’re great. They offer a great service and
I also offer a great service. So in other words, we are all great. So we’re all on equal footing there. Okay Clay yeah, everybody’s great. But what makes you different? And what makes me different is everything we just went through, you
get lifetime access to. Nothing expires, there’s
no on going payments. There’s nothing, you get
access to it all for life. And that is what makes me different that I’m not gonna say everybody. ‘Cause I can’t sit here
and say that I know everybody’s pricing structures. But I can say that I know
a lot of pricing structures and I know a lot of people
either offer up yearly charges or monthly charges. And that is just what makes me different. I don’t, everything you just
saw you get access to for life including that inner circle. Now if you were to choose to just do the inner circle separately. There is an ongoing payment because that’s a subscription service. So if all you do is the inner circle then you will have ongoing
payments over and over again. But the inner circle comes with the Trade and Freedom Pathway Program which is what we talked about here. So therefore, the inner circle
subscription service to you becomes a lifetime membership. So that is what makes me different. That is what makes this
entire program different. Is it’s lifetime membership
and you get a bunch of content. And again, you don’t need to
go through all the content because there’s probably by this point. Got to be at least 500 hours of content. But that search box is powerful and the classes, those core principles are the main focal point. And then from there the
majority of other stuff is just there to compliment you. To offer up some guidance as you go. Just as complimentary type functioning. If there are any other questions
or if I missed something. Or you still need something clarified. Then please, just get a hold of me in any way that makes it possible. Social media, reach out
to me through the site. If you’re watching this on You Tube just in the comment section down below. But reach out to me. Ask as many questions as you have. I’d be happy to clarify
anything that you need. And if not then I look
forward to working with you. I look forward to guiding you and let’s get to it, get signed up.

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