Online Trading Summit 2019 – FREE Event – Learn Trading from 25+ Top Traders

Hey fellow traders, would you like to learn
the ultimate trading knowledge from more than 25 trading experts like Jack Schwager, Peter Brandt and Mike Bellafiore? How about learning directly from them from the comfort of your home? If you like to shorten your learning curve to becoming a proficient and profitable trader, you need to stay on and hear me out. Hi, my name is Philip and I am the CEO of
Traderwave Academy, where we aim to bring the world’s greatest trading experts to
aspiring traders like yourself through initiatives like the Online Trading Summit, possibly Asia’s first virtual trading conference that was attended by over 25,000 traders last year.
This year, we will be organizing Online Trading Summit 2019 from the 4th to the 10th of November and I would like to invite you to join me again in this trading event of the year. In
this upcoming summit, you will be able to hear from international trading experts like Jack Schwager, the author of the Market Wizards series of classic trading books, Peter Brandt, a veteran commodity trader with more than 30 years of market experience and Mike Bellafiore, the author of the “trading classic” One Good Trade and The PlayBook. Other notable regional speakers include Adam Khoo from Singapore, CA Rudramurthy from India, John Christian Bisnar from the Philippines and Louise Bedford from Australia. During this summit, you’ll
benefit greatly from the wide-ranging and interesting trading topics like: The Perfect
Systematic Trading Workflow For Busy Independent Traders. The What, Why And How Of The Prop Trading World. Cryptocurrency Trading From The Perspective Of A Veteran Commodity Trader. Every speaker participating in this summit, will deliver an extensive presentation or
demonstration to share with you their trading strategies, workflow and best practices. As the summit host, I will also conduct an elaborated Q&A segment with all the speakers to seek clarifications on your behalf. Through this summit, you will learn practical tips that
you can immediately apply to your trading business and improve your profitability. So if you are serious about bringing your trading competency to the next higher level, sign
up right now and join tens of thousands of other traders at this not-to-be-missed online trading event. I hope to see you at the summit and I hope you can share this event with your trading community as well!

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