OP-1 05-28-17 (I Need U)

100 thoughts on “OP-1 05-28-17 (I Need U)

  1. Get this track on Bandcamp: https://soundvision.bandcamp.com/album/so-far-so-good-ep
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    Help me I am so tired.
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  2. I'm pretty sure this thing is worth more than my PC alone. FML

  3. Bro the string synth makes me cringe when I listen to it it’s not bad it’s just get me all weird

  4. You should post a tutorial on this instrument asap if you havent allready my man, been wanting to get this ever since i saw your vids for the first time. Keep up the great work!

  5. 20 minute video and you play only 1 riff???? 1? I got so since of hearing it, especially when u slowed the bpm

  6. You need serious help Jeremy, seriously though……bloody good stuff !! but I think that you've got too much time on your hands, should maybe go out and get yourself a job ?? lol

  7. Weird coming back to the very same video that got me to this YouTube channel to begin with. Love your stuff

  8. Can I just ask a simple question was this all made and recorded together on this device only. Is it that easy.

  9. Who knew?
    Its not new, but phew.
    This channel grew.
    While the sub count grew.
    Who knew, I Need U

  10. I cant play a note of any instrument, but that was one entertaining video! Kudos guys!

  11. That ain't no cow… that's two freaky space geckos in a cow suit… Oooh no you don't! I ain't fallin' for it!

    … now stay away from my kidneys you nefarious space geckos! Those are for metabolising my favourite chemicals.

  12. This guy makes music
    This guy edits videos
    This guy draws covers (probably)
    This guy clearly doesn't need anyone

  13. From 00:46 and out, with the strings, it has the same feel as "Крылатые качели". I you speed this one segment up with about 1.5x, it fits vaguely in with the first part of this famous russian song, and you might understand what I mean. Great work- makes my day!

  14. Youtube recommended this for me 3 years ago when it first came out. I listened and loved the style immediately, and so i downloaded the song to my phone. The whole video that is. Not just the final result but the whole editing process too. I listened to this so much and everyone who heard me playing or listening to it at school was always like "wtf is this experimental music" and people thought I was wierd for liking the editing process more than the actual end product, but I digress. This song was my #1 go to in all of highschool. Its a 15min song that i enjoyed, so just listen to it 3-4 times and bam class is over. I love this video so much and i gotta thank you for making my highschool experience 100X better man. 😀

  15. 7:55 i checked link to see if i could get this, then realised holy shit thats a lot of money. just for you to let me know anyway. Great song!

  16. You could actually sell your music for a Heckload of money bro. But I understand if yu just want to do it for entertainment, lol.

  17. Good take on this instrument.
    Vulfpeck has one of their songs using this and it sounds amazing as well. Look it up: It Gets Funkier II – Vulfpeck

  18. I'm eating cookies while listening to this and it's the best feeling ever. Please heart this ily.

  19. that bass line gives me stank face every time. absolute funk and definitely my favorite track of yours.

  20. Is it just me or does one of the patterns on the edge of the circle towards the end of the video look like majora's mask?

  21. Dude !! The entire video is an amazing performance … all of it is musical ! I listened and then watched .. equally amazing !!!

  22. why does everything on the OP-1 sound like its being run through a cheesey crappy tape emulator

  23. Omg I have been listening to this since it came out and i still to this day never get bored of this song.truly amazing I love it

  24. You know that face musicians get when they hear something fire? That stank face. Yeah that’s what my face was listening to this banger.

  25. I stumbled onto this video and it made me smile/ laugh despite having the flu so thanks for that. Love your wit and musical abilities!

  26. I really wish that the part from 11:41 actually made it into the final mix (or was more hearable if it is but I'm too deaf to notice it) cause I absolutely love how it adds a lot of context to the "bahbah bahbah bah bah" part (couldn't find a better way to describe it 🤣)

  27. Call it niche but sounds amazing and looks fun to create and to constantly create over it money sure its 1000$+ equipment but if it gives you what you like you cant go wrong it needs ewe!

  28. Dude you’re a fucking maniac on that that beautiful machine. You inspire me to keep on with my op1

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