Overcome Sales Objections by Turning Your Company’s Flaws into Features

– On a recent trip to Minneapolis, my wife and I went to
Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, where we saw this amazing
sign on the wall that read, “These are the worst seats in the house.” (theme music) Now, you know the ones I’m talking about. They’re next to the server, or they’re next to a door, so you feel a draft blow
through every single time, or the worst, they’re by the bathroom, so everyone that walks out
the door has to look at you, and you look at them and wonder
if they washed their hands. Now, in most restaurants, they don’t warn you about these seats when they put you there. They hope you don’t notice, or maybe you’re just nice
enough not to say anything. But not this restaurant. This one told us straight-up, these seats are gonna be terrible. You have to climb into the seats and you might fall out of them. You’re next to the kitchen chaos. The staff is flying by. Now, it’s pretty cool. Think about everything the
restaurant is accomplishing with this brilliant piece of honesty. They tell you up front what you’re gonna eventually discover, and by doing that, they take ownership of the situation. They eliminate any obvious complaints that their customers may have. They take charge of shaping
customer perception. Instead of harboring resentment, they get you to embrace the awfulness of the situation up front, and in fact, they make you feel
extra special for doing so. They even give you a free dessert. Now, as a magician, I’ve used the act of acknowledging what people may be thinking to alleviate their
worries and break the ice. If I’m approaching a group of
people that I’ve never met, if I sense their hesitation in the eyes, they’re probably gonna think I’m gonna be a cheesy or a bad magician, so I’ll say something up front like, “Hello, I’m the magician tonight. “I’m really terrible, “so I have to pay you all to act amazed. “Are $100 bills gonna be okay?” Now, they laugh, because I just said exactly
what they’re thinking, but by saying it first, I take away that negativity from them. Instead of hiding their assumptions, I bring them out into the open so we can acknowledge
them and move past them. How can you use this in your business? Acknowledging what your customers,
clients, patients, guests may be thinking up front creates a more authentic interaction. Now, does your business maybe have a bunch of long steps
leading to the entrance? Hang a plaque at the top
that congratulates them on the number of calories
they’ve burned by getting there. Do you have a parking garage with a couple really tight spots that are difficult to fit in? Put a sign out that says
“Experienced parkers only.” Your office building maybe has
old, embarrassing bathrooms. Okay, put up a sign across
from each toilet saying that, Hey, here’s the documentation of the “History of These Hallowed Stalls.” Is there another kind of
negative reaction or response that you’re hearing from your customers that you want to eliminate? Acknowledge it up front, and you show them that
their entire experience is under your control. If you can make them
laugh while overcoming what would otherwise be
a negative perception, that’s even better. So, kudos to this
restaurant in Minneapolis for acknowledging the awful seats, and for doing it in a fun,
authentic, and memorable way. Now it’s your turn. How are you gonna turn your business flaws into features that your customers will embrace, remember, and talk about? (theme music)

13 thoughts on “Overcome Sales Objections by Turning Your Company’s Flaws into Features

  1. Not a magic trick, but a bit of food-for-thought for any business owner. Thanks for watching!

  2. Wow I really enjoyed this video. As much as I love your performances, I enjoyed this informative video just as much. Hope to see more post like this one in the future. Thanks Kostya!

  3. Love this video Kostya! I hope to see more videos like this in the future. You could become the Gary Vaynerchuk of magic.

  4. Cool…!
    Read: "Never Split the Difference ; Negotiating as if your life depended on it"

    It's awesome, and it's related, and it's funny as well..!

    You're Welcome to Thank Me. 😊

  5. This is what magicians should be doing more of! Coaching and guiding through a trick, instead of teaching the trick itself… Charasmatic Psychology!

  6. Hey Kostya, you may not remember me but you were my counselor at Tannen’s Magic camp years ago, it was amazing seeing you on fool us (Though I think I know how you did it) and I just wanted to say you were the nicest counselor there, and you actually sat down and helped me plan out a routine. Glad to see you’re doing well, you deserve it. Say hi to Harrison if you ever see him still!

  7. It’s been a few years since I ran a business, but man I wish this video was around then. What an excellent concept. Thanks!

  8. Never thought I’d hear about a business consultant magician like Kostya but here we are! Kostya is an amazing guy!

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