Pakistan’s Hidden Predators (Full Documentary) – Real Stories

It’s one of the world’s most important Muslim nations. A nuclear power, ally to the west in the war against terror, and a democracy. But Pakistan is also a country in denial. Turning a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of many thousands of poor and vulnerable children It’s one of the saddest and shameful aspects of our society. I must say that I am totally embarrassed by this. That have not really been able to protect them. It’s going on everywhere, in the big cities or the small cities or towns. Everywhere this is happening. I’ve only had sex [with kids] twice. With two brothers. The first time I sold myself, I didn’t have money. It’s estimated that over 4 million children across Pakistan are forced to work from an early age due to poverty. Of these, up to 1.5 million live on the streets. With no home to go to. For the poorest kids in Peshawar, often the only source of income is picking garbage from gutters and waste dumps for recycling. Working up to 14 hours a day for a pittance. Aqeeb is 9 years old. Playing in a dirty, polluted canal might seem danger enough, But for boys like Aqeeb and his friends, there are other hazards they must face, every day.

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  1. When you see this documentary, and how bus drivers, abuse boys to be specific, some as young as 8,on then as those kids grow up they might end up doing the same to other boys, it*s sad, disgusting. Sickening to see how these boys, are raped, eventhough it*s illegal to commit such heinous crime.

  2. For all the Naeem*s who are saved how many will die, so they don*t identify the adults who did it to them.

  3. It is so sad, that the people have to live that way, I am praying to Jesus to help Pakistan. No one should live like that especially children.

  4. "One time i had a child sleeping with me and a man came and took him from me", sounds like you're offender #1 buddy.

  5. The majority of these people are Afghans, when the situation in Afghanistan worsens, they enter Pakistan in large numbers.
    And in our Pakistan, Afghans spread drugs and weapons۔ The real Pakistani is against this dirty work۔
    But we send a curse on those people who allowed Afghans to use Pakistan's land for money. And we ask the government of Pakistan to send the Afghans back to their homeland…..

  6. I am happy that Allah guided him at the end May Allah guide all those who want to be guided and save all those who need to be saved Ameen.

  7. Let me give you hug naeem hope you wll get out of that freaking place..
    The only thing I can helo you is to pray your future hoping someday you wll find the brightness in this world

  8. I feel sorry for the lady if he gets married and God forbid they have kids!!! It’s too late for this guy … he’s become a child molester … tainted. 😢. Sad but everyone has a choice…. he made his.

  9. I want to bring that boy here and keep him safe and love him and give him a good life this is the most incredibly horrific and heartbreaking thing I have ever watched on YouTube 😢💔

  10. This is really heart breaking and true that most of the people are in denial of this issue

  11. I'm sorry, I couldn't bring myself to finish watching this documentary. it is way too heartbreaking.

  12. 😢😢😢 how can anyone do that to children.. they should be castrated.. so sad.. 😭

  13. Why give life if you can't protect it ,I am angry ,may God punish those who oppress innocent people .

  14. Democrats plan for america….vote ANYTHING over socialism and authoritarianism…Trump, me, yourself, this guy over here…anyone but progressive left

  15. my heart ripped so badly. this is so hard to watch, especially when you think meanwhile this country has more nuclear weapons than India… unbelievable… i hope these kids will flee out or grow up safely at least. i feel so sad.

  16. i almost feel bad for everyone shown in this video, Naeem, his brother, the rapers, the ignorant bus drivers, the women…man what a land of sorrow and depression…

  17. Tm Sab indians ki maa Ka bhosra mene to hinduyon ko mati se bana bhagwan Ka rape krte bhi dekha hai bc

  18. of course the world turn blind eyes, the victims are male… liberals n feminist dont care, men dont need help…

  19. Your cops are on the payroll. I figured you were too. I guess your a powerless leader then. How sad for the Pakistanis.

  20. My God, man. Why are you not trying to get foreign corporations to invest in your country try, and then build an infrastructure?

  21. open our borders …. we need this behavior here….Open those borders …stop vhetting ……NOT

  22. You should post the charitable organizations with these videos. A few dollars can go a lot further there.

  23. In my dreams I wear all the day I mother these boys and protect them and shelter night I quietly move through the darkness,hearing a young boy cry as an older man takes him by force..without a noise at all I’m behind the man,turning his head quickly;snapping it…sigh.The things we do in dreams that we can’t do in real life 😔 I wish there was a vigilante that did this until everyone was too scared to hurt the children and they were safe 😞 I hate being so ineffective and useless in this world 🌍

  24. These are the land where life is cheap, the rich n powerful trample on the poor n weak. Nothing matters to anyone, they corrupt, kill, rape, rob, do drug,
    it doesn't matter. They only emphasize their religion, how stupid could they be. These happenings are being repeat in other muslim countries like Banglalese, Nigeria, Indonesia.

  25. One more reason for free birth control. Poor people should not have children if they don't want to. Children are our most vulnerable people. When they are born poor, they are often exploited.

  26. Adult people are doing that just because in Muslims countries woman/girls are too expensive if you want to get married.most of them cannot afford coz of POVERTY and most of the girls/woman are keep at home all the time.Many cases that esp in Arab world nor Middleast.

  27. Being a Pakistani I m ashamed of this dirty practice in my country.
    In my opinion 1st of all we should control child birth 2 or 3 max to whome which we can take care and 2ndly parents should have a life ensurance policy as well to protect their children's future.

  28. So these people marry their first cousins, rape young boys, and kill their own women. God, please help these children and women.

  29. Islamic countries ist should learn to control population- all muslim countries are rapidly producing like mosquitoes. Secondly, stop practcing or entertining radical islam! otherwise these countries will beocme shitpot and that will become a major problem for the world. But that is how the radicals want to spread ISLAM world over. Produce in millions , fight brutally and massacre there own few millions ( all sponsored Saudi arabia and other muslim kingdoms where the king and his family are looting the nation). Create a desperate scene for world wide attention, especially the western world- seek asylum, emigrate millions legally or illegally and then spread ISLAM in those migrated places/countries. And that has been the modus operandi and still are continuing! We just saw Syria/iraq/Afghanistan! Now it will be Nigeria/Central african/north african countries. Soon one will see a strife torn europe… by 2025 onwards European countries will become shitpots. wake up you western morons!

  30. well mr imran khan have u made any changes now that u r prime minister naya pakistan we expect u to live up to that slogan

  31. The Rope , no body trying to do nothing , the reporter showed you only one area of Peshawar and also at the bus station and she kept on saying whole country , are you kidding , even now pm said the same thing in this video that the number she’s mentioning was exaggerated and of course no one want that heinous crime in their society and also a society as Pakistan who take such crimes very seriously so I’m not buying the way it’s been portrayed in this video , kinda looks like on some agenda of maligning the country , if it was true where is are the other parts , Pakistan is way bigger than just bus station of that city called Peshawar, even Peshawar is bigger than London city and you also saw they had very good system and a great clean place for rehabilitation in Karachi and also worth pointing is they’re talking about homeless poor street kids and not the regular kids of the country but the intention seem like or at least the video tried its best as if everyone in Pakistan is in danger , so please be very specific and honest before making such videos .

  32. As an Indian Muslim i am proud that my grandparents chose India instead of Pakistan. May Allah bless these children.

  33. This is crazy – it's hard to believe it's so prevalent. This is beyond nightmare horrible.

  34. This is the problem in pakistan nd afganistan but some people are even accussing India for it bcz of their media shows it as problem of Asian continent.
    India has it's problem of rape, but paedophilia is not a problem in India.
    We hv problems we r dealing with them but accussing for wrong is wrong.

  35. This is so sad 😞 I can’t imagine the suffering that these children go through 😑

  36. My heart is bleeding for these boys,for the girls and for all the children who have NO 1 to fight for them/love them/care for them-how do you do this to innocent vulnerable little people.??Horrifying stories

  37. Why dont the musjid open themselves at night for the kids?This way they will be safe.

  38. GOD forgive me for all complaints I’ve made🙏🏻 my childhood was heavens 🙏🏻

  39. Now I came to know how they produce dedicated terrorist… Pick up kids and train them..In the name of so called Alla

  40. When crimes are normalize, its difficult to eradicate it, unless they use fear and order(the good type)

  41. PS – and to add to my previous comments, I want to watch this video, the angrier I’m getting! I wish to God I had money to help these poor kids, unfortunately because of cancer and Crohn’s disease, four years ago at the age of 46 I had to quit my job and go on permanent long-term disability, but there must be something we can do together to help these poor kids. I live in Toronto, for those that don’t know, that’s in Canada, between my country in the United States, there has got to be some type of charities they can help these poor children. We to have homeless children, but it’s incredibly rare, and while I’m sure the sexual abuse does happen here as well, you rarely ever hear about it, because our laws and our society do everything we can to protect our children, and by that I mean all children, not just our own. The rational side of me is desperate to help these kids, the irrational side of me wants to hop on a plane with a machete, and chop off every single one of those bastards dicks! Sorry for the vulgarity, but they deserve no less than that, it is the most vile evil act anyone could ever do to a child. With all that said, does anybody know of a charity within North America that can help these children? If not perhaps they should start one, because if their own government isn’t going to act, then it’s up to us to get the international community involved, and save these poor children, who unfortunately exist in almost every single impoverished country on earth, and try to give them a better future. I have one son, and I thought of anyone hurting him?, I can’t even tell you what I would do to that person, they wouldn’t live to do it again, we need to hold these evil monsters responsible for their wicked actions, and make the punishment fit the crime! I know that’s not very democratic of me, but when it comes to a child suffering, I lose all rational thought, and just want to tear apart those bastards, while at the same time taking these poor kids in, keeping them safe, and giving them a life they deserve. How would you feel if someone did that to your son or daughter? So please, I beg anyone who knows anything about this, let’s try to get some type of charity going to help these kids, we need to get the UN involved, the Pakistani government will only act if pressured by other nations that are far more wealthy, and influential, like the United States, or my country, Canada. If they refuse to do anything about it, then we, the international community, must act to save these poor kids, because it just breaks everything inside me to even think about what they have to go through!

  42. I suspect Naeem wouldn't have been in such a bad place if it wasn't for his abusive brother with the borderline IQ

  43. Better for them had a millstone had been fastened to their necks and they had been cast into the sea……. where are all of these so called charities and who's??? Some International forces need to go in there and provide safe places for them.

  44. Thanks for the documentary. Sending love to children around the world that are suffering today.

  45. What was your intention that you made this documentary on Pakistan? If there are two bad people in Pakistan, there are good people too. You should not make such videos.

  46. This happens all over the world. In Thailand, boys as young as 8 and 9 years-old are sexually harassed and raped by men on a daily basis. Even well-respected businessmen abuse and harass young boys.

  47. What do you expect when all the women are confined to their houses only. There's literally no women out in the open

  48. I am from Pakistan but i am quite wealthy i live in Dubai have ice cars my grandma has a big house there and like eight cars my family owns like 6 companies and. Feel very lucky

    But i am so grateful because this could be me and i just got blessed every one reading this is luckier then more then a billion who cant read or use the internet

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