1. I'm just gonna say your videos make me laugh and help me through tough times. Thank you sm 😁 also bi gang 🏳️‍🌈

  2. The politician in that first video looks like an inbred boiled hot dog that developed sentience after being left under the fridge for too long

  3. the intro was legit a bop mac could probably be in some a capella and no one would even be shocked

  4. When she says “don’t go gay” she says it like it’s a diet like “don’t go vegan”🤣🤣

  5. When that crazy old lady said 'they were roommates ' I instantly thought of this: gasp and they were roommates *

  6. I can’t believe love is equivalent to hanging people from trees now. We really have no hope for humanity.

  7. Look, I'm pan and non-binary in Kentucky. Half the people at my school wanna burn me.

  8. lol every time he says honey I think he's talking to a boyfriend behind the camera lol

  9. Okay but the beginning was AMAZING

    just saying….. can anyone else agree?

  10. 6:45
    Mac~"What grade did you leave highschool from?I I just wanna know."
    Me~ Uhm honey I think I dropped out in 2nd grade, cause THIS BITCH STUPIDDD 🤣

  11. Omg the guys that would drown his children if they were gay…

    What is he is gay

  12. "The LGBT does not protect the gays" first off quick translation of LGBT

  13. I was just chilling with Sam (my friend) and let out the loudest fart ever and she was so grossed out and it smells really bad and I’m really embarrassed


  15. My school has lanyards for the students because of shootings, and these bitches are yelling at us for shit we can't control! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  16. “The point of marriage is to have and raise children” um sis some STRAIGHT couples can’t even do that so we gotta do it for you

  17. I'm sorry but when he started doing the "eeeyyeyeyeyeyeeeyyeee" at the beginning, he sounded like one of those little remote control cars gassing up xD

  18. Okay but can someone put a clapping, laugh track, or slap sound effect to the reactions of the man sitting behind this woman? 9:40 Or just the ‘no’ sound effect

  19. 2079 teachers:Ok that’s today’s history lesson and don’t forget the gays are the closest thing to political terrorisim in 2019.

  20. The bible translation was incorrect. The original says man shall not lay with boy so God is anti paedophile not anti gay

  21. You have the same birthday as pope John the 23rd, now according to zodiac logic does that mean the Pope was gay?

  22. 9:34 whyd she have to spell it though. Like any straight woman would be able to say pen i s fine, thats why my bi ass can only get through half the word.

  23. Today in class we were talking about dress code and because this guy came in one day wearing a shirt that said he was bi my teacher said this I don’t care who you have sex with


  24. But who else thought that singing at the start of the video was bomb asf

    And who else is watching this 3 months later

  25. Youtubers: I can’t swear this is a sponsored video and I want them to sponsor me again!

    Mac: advertises for honey in his usual talk and has the word bitch playing in the background the whole time

  26. So you're not just saying fuck you to gays..
    You saying fuck you to ALL LGBT community

  27. That law maker in the first video said the gays are suppressing the freedom of people that don’t agree with them… yet all homophobic people do is suppress the freedom of gay people because they disagree with them being gay🤔 someone show him the definition of hypocrisy and open him a history book

  28. “Gays rarely live over 40”
    Tell that to a 53 year old gay couple I know BITCH

  29. The only thing I agree with the lawer is to take his dauther to do her nails, shes kinda hot

  30. That politician went blind in a fight with some dudes after telling his friend he doesnt have to apologize for sexually assaulting a girl. Porterfield told the two guys (the girls friend and her cousin) "what the fuck are you going to do about it" and knocked one out. The other grabbed him to stop at which point porterfield BIT HIS FUCKING EAR OFF. The guy with one ear now poked him in the eyes so hard he went blind. The police arrived and he basically told them "fuck you, figure it out" when they asked what happened. Then he tried to sue the bar for not stopping him from starting a fight. How did this mfer get elected?

  31. Should we tell that flickering eye dude that the KKK also hate the LGBT+ people

  32. Probably use but… THE MAC CHOIR! Bro no cap it was a bop. I was lowkey waiting for him to all of a sudden rap or some shit

  33. In that second video the guy behind her was like “wtf is wrong with this women” lol

  34. Yeah if I was straight I’d fear me to, fear my sexuality would be flipped I’m hot as hell!

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