Passive Income Ideas 😴 (11 Proven Ways to Make $1,000+ Per Month)

100 thoughts on “Passive Income Ideas 😴 (11 Proven Ways to Make $1,000+ Per Month)

  1. These are ways to make lunch money, not all are passive. Good ideas on how to make a few bucks though. Thank you.

  2. Betterment and lending club don't work in latinamerica (ask for US address and social security number), Do you know other websites that do? Thank you

  3. Etsy I sell Native American jewelry. Makes about 4k a year. Fairly passive income.

  4. I'm watching this video because of all the negative comments. No weapon formed by the haters will ever reach its intended target

  5. Thanks. This is was very insightful and confirmation for me in regards to launching my online course.

  6. True. I became a CEO at age 18 and now I just started documenting my story on YouTube….. It's worthless to work 9-5, if u wanna make it in this world you have to use your mind not your sweat

  7. The photos one is bad, if you get taken photo of and publish it there, and those pics would become a target to memes, like this japanese woman who accepted to model for a "family pic" and got her career and personal life totally ruined because of all those memes internet community created thanks to that pic… i wouldn't recommand taking risks like that, not so worth

  8. On a 18 month $1M passive income journey now. Will be a challenge but this will help. If anyone is interested, check out my progress on my channel.

  9. Real estate leaving someone else in charge, who is that a total stranger. They may be the biggest unqualified moron in the world. That in itself is risky. Online surveys what non sense.

  10. What is the most effective way to earn passive income with the least amount of risk in any country? A risk might be profitable but at the same time you could lose all your money. I think an investment with little or no money involve would be the best option, why lose anything if you can gain something, this goes against what financial advisers would tell us and it's because it's their job to give you advice, but something is very wrong if you lose more money than that which you invested your money in, be it your own business or a business of another, What is the most effective way to earn passive income? There must be a better way

  11. You can forget about Survey, my time is worth more than doing stupid survey. Survey is a scam, I'm not working for $.50 cent a hour.

  12. I just bought an ATM machine & made a video on my channel showing how it makes me money!!

  13. When you say esrning investing as a passive income do you mean not to reinvest your dividends?

  14. Dude this is shit is the most disrespectful display of fucking sneaky, misleading and I just really…? Really Bro!! All the name dropping or paid shoutouts, most likely both, wrapped in pinterest link hell. Oh and that Patreon bit…ugh

    Congrats though.

  15. Wow out of the box ideas. Not. I'm pretty sure these YouTube finacial guru wannabes are either keeping all the good ideas to themselves. I know I would. Lame.

  16. Then you want my e-mail to allow me to download that pdf file, right? Then you sell my e-mail to those annoying companies that send tons of spans a day! Count that as your 15th passive income. Not with my e-mail!

  17. Hey Jeff . Do any of these company pay you to promote them? Ie. Lending club , prosper?

  18. i tried dl your free pdf i got a missing link. get your email scam dont subscibe!!!

  19. It is good if you add ways to increase income for other parts of the world (developing countries), most of the ideas you discussed seems ideal here!

  20. thanks from your advice !!! my name's jimmy and i m from greece!!

  21. What's the earliest I can invest stock for my son and daughter. There 2 years old and 2 months old. Didn't know if I can put it under my name and give it to them later

  22. What a bs!!???:))) rewards from credit cards? You can lay and relax and then just go to vacation for free??? It is so stupid bs… dear, the best investor in the world, you need first spend $1000000 just to get $1000 in rewards…and it won't be enough for vacation… it looks all you can it's making a videos….and you have no experience and no understanding of investing, especially passive… and it looks like those companies that you advertise, they just paying you to do so… because they also bs. Good luck! Investor!!! Haha!!!

  23. I never knew this was real until I made $5000 within a week through Jeff… Text him on +12486338457 or Whatsapp

  24. Credit card for vacation? Ha! What a joke . When you get back home, you are left with a huge debt plus ridiculous interest. I take my family on vacation with cash, that way when I get home, I have no worries of paying back a credit card debt. If I don't have cash, I won't take a vacation.

  25. Can't help but feel like he was paid to say credit cards arent bad….

  26. Very nice info. For the guys interested in finding a way to bring in extra cash from home this is a good site I personally use: GotBizOpp. com it requires no experience at all. 🏆🏆

  27. Sorry Jeff, but I learned that you must have massive viewer-ship in order to qualify and get paid for your videos via ads. ..

  28. Maybe no need for Break Fast and Dinner, because they're doing intermittent fasting.

  29. i am from india and it is little difficult to implement it over here but i enjoyed each and every ideas of the video

  30. I want to say thank you for sharing your knowledge with us on a regular basis.

  31. Thanks for sharing your passive income ideas. I can use them to generate additional income streams.

  32. About "near in to deer" is like in that joke deear run to fast hard to chach …:)) Thank's for the content

  33. Income is 'passive' when you don't need to apply your labor to generate it. When you gain income by applying your labor, that's 'earned income.' 'Passive income' and 'earned income' are opposites. In Jeff Rose's list below, I indicate 'yes, passive' or 'no, earned' to indicate to you whether these ideas are truly passive.

    1. Investments – Yes, both dividend-yielding stocks and peer-to-peer lending are passive. Stocks need to pay dividends though. Many don't.
    2. Surveys – No, earned. The act of completing surveys is an act of labor, not passive.
    3. Cash-Back Reward Points – No, not even earned. Simply discounting.
    4. Stock Photo Royalties – No, earned. Photography labor required.
    5. Patreon – No, earned. It's simply a payment platform for works you create with your labor.
    6. Write a book (or e-book) – No, earned. It takes hard labor to write and market a book.
    7. Create and sell physical products – No, earned. Creating and selling require labor.
    8. Real Estate – Yes, passive. If you collect rent and run repairs however, then earned.
    9. YouTube channel – No, earned. It takes a lot of labor to create video after video.
    10. Blogging – No, earned. Nothing is more labor-intensive that writing.
    11. Create an online course – No, earned. Writing, filming and marketing a course is hard work.

    Therefore of these 11 ideas, only two are 'passive' and only if the conditions mentioned in 1 and 8 about are met.

    Trust this assists.

  34. Credit cards are a very bad idea, they will only be a good thing if you are a huge spender which defeats the purpose of making money, credit cards have annual fees which for most does not pay for it self.. Stay away from credit cards.. They are also a financial trap…use common sense people.

  35. very interesting video..i love it keep up the good work..make more video for me..thanks

  36. Careful mentioning fundrise. If you read the fine print it can be very hard to access your money and they hold the right to deny it from you for "your best interest"

  37. It's bullshit for him to say you can make a lot of money with survey sites.. rarely happens if ever.. and they're very tedious

  38. Thank you for describing many of these. I’m really interested in investing and doing 2/3 mutuals/etfs and 1/3 trading eventually. Writing a book or ebooks is an interest and a YouTube channel playing & reviewing Legos. I hope to relate autism in some of what I do after I was diagnosed last week. I hope these ventures will help me become more social naturally & make the videos fun.

  39. Hey Jeff, would you recommend monetizing an Instagram account? Great video by the way, feeling inspired

  40. Thank you for these ideas, I will definitely try some of these out.

  41. Jeff!!!!!!

    Thanks for the content!
    Please research and then recommend rather than REITs as your subs actually become members of the LLC and get the true benefits of ownership:
    Amortization Depreciation appreciation leverage tax free refinance, all summed up on an annual K1…

  42. how you are making money from blog, from where revenue is coming you never mentioned?
    thanks for nice informative video.

  43. Thanks for the inspiration… my thing is you've either got to make your money work for you or you've got to make a product work for you.

    My 3 top ways to earn passive income are:

    1). Marketing products I trust and like as an affiliate
    2). Promoting a low-cost ebook on Amazon
    3). Selling a premium-priced digital course

    The key is to spend 80% of your time on the marketing (both messaging AND promotion)

    It requires a lot of work, belief, and research on the front-end.

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  45. I see only the ignorant don't see the value of this man's generous offerings! The key word for passive income is "GENERATE"! If you dont get it you wont have it! Also the banks and credit card companies are not above happily taking your lunch money so enjoy being broke and clueless trolls!

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  48. Making real money always requires innovation. Getting in on the ground floor of many products

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