Peloton Actress Reacts To Viral Infamy: ‘I Think It Was Just My Face’ | TODAY

100 thoughts on “Peloton Actress Reacts To Viral Infamy: ‘I Think It Was Just My Face’ | TODAY

  1. So they will start making follow up commercials with her until big revile on super bowl

  2. She seams like a good person. I hope things continue to work out for her. Agh. She's gorgeous and talented and awesome – she doesn't need my sympathy. Things will work out for her. Her life is probably way better then mine. My life kinda sucks. I wanna be an actor on TV. : |

  3. Big deal!!! You people are crazy!!! It’s fine this commercial. Give me a break. Go home and keep crying!!!

  4. She is just beautiful!!! Oh, was there a Peloton in this commercial? I didn't notice. Lol💖

  5. People are too sensitive nowadays. They try to create drama out of anything! You can be thin and not healthy. So these people think that if you're thin you do not need to exercise? Get a life people. You have too much time.

  6. Some people workout for intrinsic reasons and that usually causes them to smile more. In the end Peloton will win from all this publicity. By getting offended/butthurt you’re indirectly helping the company 🤣

  7. Only thing wrong was her facial expression b4 1st ride. It didnt register as nervous, but fear. Like what's everyone gonna think if I dont make it thru the whole ride? Not a dumb product or commercial. I never thought the husb was sending a neg message. I'd lov a peleton. Geesh. Just change her expression to nervous excited not fear lol.

  8. Omg that’s Mercedes from ANTM I loved that girl!!!! Haha she’s still beautiful. ( girl with curly hair in aviation commercial) !!

    Also America’s “outrage” culture is so narcissistic. The world doesn’t care about petty opinions from easily bothered twinkies. Cycling promotes heart health!

  9. Some people are really ridiculous. You’re mad because a husband got his wife a exercise bike ?? I would be ecstatic if my wife got me gym gear . Couples should be active together.

  10. Outrage culture. What a pansified time we live in. Media.. Thank you for playing your part.

  11. Some women want a palatine for Christmas. Of course, they’re not fat, over eating, underachieving, lazy people that want to stay in shape and not let themselves go because they got married by tricking someone into marrying them.

  12. So this was the nonsenses about the Peloton commercial.
    I didn’t see anything wrong with it!!!

  13. Oh my word! They're are a thousand worse commercials that I've seen! What is the big deal!? People these days???!

  14. We are definetly living in the last days! Who care about all this.can people find somethimg to do these days? Like this is so important.well is not.ok!

  15. Glad she’s taking it in stride considering how many people were so worked up about it…blame the casters and producers…not the actress.

  16. It's a cultural problem. The Peloton commercial propagandizes the worst kind of unhealthy ideas about exercise. Everyone should of course be encouraged to be a normal, healthy weight and exercise a little (a normal amount!), but the problem is that unhealthy, grotesque "fitness" is so popular. Girls are encouraged to be hard, muscular and strong ( why?! ) and push themselves to the limit which is incredibly unhealthy! Instead of gross green smoothies, have a piece of brioche with butter for breakfast (it has nutrients that human beings can absorb)! Instead of powerlifting and going to spin class 'till you drop, go for a walk, play a little tennis or choose an activity that's actually enjoyable! Aside from all the smoking, French and Italian girls (and bois) are the best people to copy when it comes to diet and exercise 🐱

  17. I think it really was her face. I’ve seen a similar commercial before. The husband hid an exercise bike in the garage and was using it for himself before giving it to his wife. That was all there was in the commercial, and yet, no controversy there.

  18. I wish Monica Ruiz many more success in her acting career good for Ryan for scooping her up for that Gin ad. I might go and buy some Gin lol. 🙂

  19. The idiotic Peloton ad critics are unhinged. Not everyone loves driving to the gym or work around its hours. Btw, skinny does not equal healthy or strength endurance. God forbid a busy woman (or her spouse) can multitask and get more time with family or avoid driving in crap weather. Where did the critics presume that the character in the commercial did not want one? SJWs strike again.

  20. Bruh she is so pretty. The advertisers be knocking on her door now and pay her $$$

  21. This is weird. I saw an ad an hour ago for the peloton. And search up on how much it was. I really wanted it. But it’s so expensive.

    Then now I come across this video on my YouTube feed? Shoot. If my husband got me a peloton I would be the happiest person in the world.

    Peloton. You will be in my dreams tonight. 😴

  22. The ad was a bit cringy, but I don’t understand the “outrage”. I don’t think it was sexist or offensive. Exercise isn’t just about losing weight, everyone should exercise!! Exercise is good for your mental and physical health!

  23. Give people an opportunity to show that they're stupid, and they'll take it and run. #1 It's a commercial. #2 In the commercial, the wife character is already fit, so the husband clearly didn't buy the thing because he thinks she needs to lose weight. #3 She's excited to receive it, so it was something she wanted. #4 Why is wanting to be healthy and live a long life, especially if you have children, a bad thing? #5 She's adorable, and her eyes are made of magic and stardust.

  24. I love how so many people got so offended over the ad, it’s honestly hilarious. like it affects their life in anyway at all. It’s just a commercial, move on with your life

  25. What does she mean she’s a normal human being? What constitutes a normal human being? I’m offended

  26. What’s the big deal?!! There should be no controversy! Anyone who thought the ad was creepy or sexist needs to have their head examined!

  27. Thank You Hoda for just being REAL. Thank You Ryan for tossing out a life line and rescuing this lovely lady. She needed a break from the Divisive America that thinks everything is out of wack cause someone wishes to have someone else Stay HEALTHY. All the negative Nancy's out there, I truly feel empathy for you. It isn't too late to become NICE. Think about it.

  28. this is another example of why this is a decadent society…however, I cannot stop looking at those eyes.

  29. It must be wonderful to have no problems in life, so you get bored, and take your fake anger out on a commercial

  30. OK this is why to stop market is bullship on the h*** does a stop go down because somebody don't like the dam commercial this is crazy what if his wife ask for the dam bike need to stop reading too much into things

  31. 2000$ bike would make anyone happy.. Rich $ew anti-white activasts have a problem with it..

  32. Never thought the commercial was about weight loss. Thought it was about getting into riding a bike.

  33. You use a skinny chick …controversy
    You use a fat chick… controversy
    You use a man for a woman's ad …controversy

    There's no winning.

  34. What society in America has come to! A husband offers a gift that can help maintain or improve his wife's health, no matter her weight, and this all of a sudden becomes sexism and a target for sjws? Ridiculous! Thank god I don't live in such a b&€€%hit society.
    Do this people know gratitude?

  35. I don’t get the anger, yea it was weird but I like that they sort of said being skinny isn’t the same as being healthy. Also not sexism, just being a woman in controversy doesn’t make it sexist, could have been a dude just as well.

  36. Ryan Reynolds is a genius! All this free advertising for Aviation Gin!!! Yeah I see the irony 🙂

  37. The problem is not her, her face or her eyebrows. This is a bad and very sexist ad. The ad is bad, not the acting. But yeah, I get it, she's not going to criticize the hand that feed her. Also, the free publicity is amazing for her career and her agent seems to be clever, so good on her. She should just stop internalizing the mistake as hers and blame herself for it.

  38. The fact that people are getting upset on a stationary workout bike commercial just goes to show that this world is getting sensitive over every little thing more and more every year.

  39. yeah, this is ridiculous but here is the thing, there are thin girls who also feel insecure about how they look, the feeling of insecurity isnt just for overweight people. I dont know though, i think I actually would have liked to see a woman who " overweight" work out and end up thin, because that way those people who think they cant do it , know that they can.. personally I am overweight and have grown up with thin sister, and that has always made me feel a little doubtful of myself, so instead of watching an already thin lady trying to get fit and possibly loose weight…that might make someone like me feel like well there is no hope for me is there? Does this make sense?

  40. Who are the people outraged over this commercial? I really am curious to see what these "offended" humans look like. Unbelievable. We are about to enter a brand new decade, 2020, and we are supposed to be moving toward a higher consciousness. Instead, I live in a world where thousands of people are upset because they are projecting their own insecurities onto fictitious characters in a holiday commercial. It's nearly 2020 and I am living in a world where grown-ups cry and rage over presidential elections and live in a hypocritical loop of double standards without even being aware of it. Forget my miniature violin, I now see the need to hand out diapers to these people: the thick overnight kind.

  41. The thing I took from the ad waa she new the item by it's brand name which means she wanted one. Now my wife would look at me and ask what it was.

    To all those adorable professional crybabies….probe yourself with a stick wrapped with sandpaper. That itch up there must be undoing your sanity.

  42. They should have added a line in the commercial of her saying "Omg! It's exactly what I wanted! Thank you, honey!!" and it wouldn't have even been an issue. Maybe Peloton was gambling with 'making' a scandal and lost

  43. You call a fat person fat, that’s body shaming. But it’s okay to attack any person who wants to be fit and athletic? What is this bizarro world we’re living in.

  44. I love how she is such a great parent too! Having to rush off for her kid's pageant ❤️❤️

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